This is a dream that means something positive good luck , peace, well-being, comfort and relaxation. It reflects your creativity, your innate sensuality and inner power, which guides you constantly.

Dreaming of a cat means that you are a wise person, you know how to live, you know how to resolve in your daily life every issue that comes your way, no matter how difficult it may be and represents your spiritual side. Human beings have a wild side, this dream puts you in front of this aspect that may be very guarded in you. There is an intuitive part that awakens in each one of us and if you dream of this feline, it means that this characteristic is about to emerge. Being intuitive is extraordinary, because it takes you to infinite possibilities, because flexibility of thought is present. Cats are very beautiful, elegant in their walk, fierce and very free, they are also characterized by their loyalty and sincerity, dreaming of a cat puts you in front of your true nature . It is possible that in your workplace, sometimes you repress yourself, with your family or partner and this dream frees you from this, it is the warning that you must jump and be more free and authentic. Also Read About: Dream About Throwing Up – Spiritual And Biblical Meaning The cat has also been associated with femininity. If a man soles with cats his inner sexual desires are revealed. Another association is that cats emit a purr that means placidity, which indicates that the dreamer is at peace. Let's see below several very interesting interpretations about the dream with cats.

Dream about aggressive cats

Cats are sometimes very surly and if disturbed they can show aggressive behavior. If in dreams they appear showing any attitude of this type, you should know what this can mean in your life. Let's see some meanings:

Dreaming of attacking cats 

You are very worried and scared. You have real enemies that you must discover, many fears haunt you.

Dreaming of cats that submit you

If the cat submits you, you are being very lax in your ways of behaving. You are not persistent in your affairs

Dreaming of cats that beat you

Your courage is in question, it is possible that in situations you are very cowardly. This attitude does not benefit you.

Dreaming of scratching cats

It is a  fight against someone , from your close environment, you have an inner fight with that person. Something about her has been bothering you, it will be very healthy for you to go to meet her and raise your situation

Dreaming of cats fighting

It can represent irrational fear.  You think you can deceive yourself but in reality you are fearful and therefore you are stuck in various planes of your life. You need to dissolve this harmful way of being yourself.

Dream about wild cats

You feel overwhelmed, everyday life fills you up, you are in great need of making significant changes in your life. The dream asks you to do it immediately. Further Read: Dream About Ticks – Spiritual And Biblical Meaning

Dream about bad cats

It is a bad omen. There may be some decline in economic matters that will affect you significantly. You must prepare with some way of saving.

Dreaming of cats that bite you

In your environment there are people who want to attack you. They have not yet achieved it, but you must be very alert because their energy is not healthy. Try to identify where the attacks are coming from in order to neutralize them before they attack you.

Dreaming of a cat where its size stands out

The size of a cat can mean a lot in your dream. It is important that you specify what the size of it was and thus make the corresponding interpretation

Dreaming of a small cat

There are signs that you want to get hold of something that does not belong to you . Possibly a material object, or even a couple. You must be very careful with these types of thoughts in no way positive. This dream indicates a betrayal that you are thinking of committing.

Dream of newborn cats

Your fears of not being reciprocated in an emotional or loving relationship affect you too much. Try to free yourself from this, because everything will happen as it should. You should not force situations in your favor. Let everything flow and accept any answer as the best.

Dream about baby cats

You want to protect someone else's child, a friend or a neighbor. Etc. is a good action, do not stop doing it, because this person will appreciate it, because they need it.

Dreaming of cats where their color stands out

This has very interesting meanings that you should check out. If it is black, its meaning is not very good, but if it is light or white, its meaning benefits you

Dreaming of a black cat

It is a hidden threat in yourself . Many fears surround you and you give them space. They are insecurities that keep you very restless. You are avoiding facing important issues. This complicates your life in every way, because you do not advance. You try to ignore everything to protect yourself but that path is not the right one.

Dreaming of a white cat

You are thinking of utopias and you cling to them . You can be very disappointed because of it. You cannot live in fantasy constantly. It's time to hit the ground. This attitude brings you some inconveniences, because you are expecting more than what is really given. Additional Reading: Dream About Chicken (Hen) – Spiritual And Biblical Meaning

Dream about colored cats

In your professional field, an indiscretion could occur that affects you a lot. You are radical in your ways of acting and this is not healthy in some cases. A bit of flexibility would do you good.

Dreaming of a pinto or yellow cat

Someone in your environment acts in a way that causes you harm. His intrigues affect you emotionally . His intentions are not healthy.

Dreaming of cats with whom you have good treatment

If you interact with a cat in the dream and you feel comfortable, it is a good sign. However, it depends on what contact you have with him.

Dreaming that you are petting a cat

This dream is related to your sexual world . Many repressed desires haunt you. You must try to quench this stream of desires in the best way. You are attracted to someone and this person makes you have these kinds of feelings. Channel this vital energy.

Dreaming of a cat that you feed it

You are in for some somewhat fragile wanderings, adventures, and shaky relationships. You are not focusing on anything serious, your interest is purely sexual. You are feeding ideas of having something with a person who is already committed. It may be that this unleashes a desire to be unfaithful to your partner. Be very careful with this it is very risky.

Dreaming that a cat is rubbing against your legs

You are very confident and that's not bad, but you can't help but think that there are some hypocritical people around you . Try to detect who it is and stay away from that bad influence.

Dreaming of cats in bed

You could be successful in a project. Everything is given so that you are correct in your decisions. It is a good time for you to consider plans, trips, promotions, business.

Dreaming of cats with other animals

It will be significant that you analyze which animal the cat was with in your dream, that will determine the interpretation. Associating two animals in a dream has interesting connotations. If it is a cat in relation to another animal, the characteristics of both should be reviewed very well, such as who performs a sum to find a result

Dream about cats and dogs

They are uncomfortable and negative situations . You are always showing insecurity in public. This withdraws you from others and does not make you feel good. You must be more poised in your actions and not doubt yourself. Further Reading: Dream About Lice or Nits – Spiritual And Biblical Meaning

Dream about rats and cats

They are losses and a bad omen . This is not the time to start any project. Stop for a while and analyze the landscape you are currently in and make important changes in your favor.

Dream about cats and snakes

Fears haunt you . You are helpless and trapped. You must think more about your potentialities and stop being in this negative attitude. Push yourself towards something that confirms you as a capable person.

Dreaming of cats in your intimate space

If the cat is entering your house or is snooping in your belongings you should know how to interpret this dream

Dreaming of a cat entering your house

Someone is envying something you possess, an object or a personal virtue. This person wants to take this strength away from you. If in the dream the cat breaks in without permission, it is because you are allowing others to rummage in your privacy. You must set limits so that respect is established in your life

Dreaming of a cat looking at you through the window

They are watching you very closely. Your steps are of interest to someone in your neighborhood or coworker. Take forecasts, change your routines and destabilize it

Dreaming that you see or hear a cat scratching the door 

You have enemies who are on the hunt. Try to get into orbit and visualize very well who is with bad intentions and voila, do not allow any unfair person to harm you out of envy.

Dreaming of a certain number of cats, many few or an exact number

Dream of many cats 

You will have good fortune in your project plans. Try to prioritize your issues and list them so that you can start to act. It is the ideal time for you

Dream of 7 cats

It is a sign of good luck , there are 7 lives you have. Try to see well what hidden message is in this dream, where the cats were etc. This will give you an indication of the environment where you will have various opportunities to amend and move forward

Dreaming of kittens

Someone in your environment requires your protection, give that support, because it will be very healthy and in the end you will obtain spiritual benefits for having acted in a good way.

Dreaming of cats that are in poor condition

If they appear beaten, dead, sick, you must be very alert to this dream Additional Reading: Dream About Toads And Frogs – Spiritual And Biblical Meaning

Dream about dead cats

It has a negative interpretation. It is personal exhaustion. Some unpleasant event will happen near you and you will witness it.

Dreaming you meet a dirty cat

Bad news will come to you. You must move to resolve an issue that is not pleasant, perhaps a death, not necessarily of a relative, but of someone who involves you. They are errands

Dreaming that you kill a cat

Those in danger but you will be the winner of the situation. Do not fear for it. Be confident that everything will have an excellent start.

Dreaming of a sick cat

There is some problem related to your health. A medical check-up is the most recommended at this time.

Other dreams with cats

Cats appear in many ways in dreams and the way they send us such successful messages is very striking. Let's see another list of dreams with cats below.

Dreaming that you hear a cat meow

They are criticisms you get from people you care about. This hurts you a lot. Review your actions to see if the criticism is founded or not

Dream of cats in the water

You can achieve what you want you are a person with good luck, everything in your life flows without difficulty. Sometimes you feel very drowned but you have confidence in yourself and know that you are capable of solving your issues

Dream of cat eyes

Your vision is sharpened and you will be able to visualize different solutions to an issue that worries you. It is a way of living with clarity of what is to come, according to how you are acting in the present. It is projection in the medium and long term.

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