One of the most discussed topics is the consumption of cigarettes and how it affects society. Of course, for many this is a daily habit but for some it is seen and perceived as unpleasant to health, due to the damage it causes to the lungs and the odor that is not easily removed.

Now, when it comes to dreaming , these are built in the transit through life while we fulfill certain interests or think about the most intimate desires. However, we tend to overlook certain details that are beyond what we see or perceive because they are lodged in the unconscious. They are usually things that affect us but we cannot see clearly to be able to reflect and, of course, make the respective modifications.

It is the dreams that are responsible for noticing important aspects, but, everything will depend on the interest we have in carrying out the work of deciphering them. Each of them reflects the life and customs that you are adopting little by little, if you take into account every detail you will manage to have some explanation, despite the fact that most of the time you will not remember them accurately, but you should know that each human being goes through that when sleeping .

For example, it often happens that when dreaming of cigarettes or dreaming of smoking, the elements that we see there can be of very general meanings and of different points of view. It can occur if you are a frequent smoker or if you only live with people who do it daily, as well as sporadically.

The cigarette as a habit

Dreaming that you smoke cigarettes regularly

Dreaming that you smoke cigarettes on a recurring basis means that you are likely to have a rhythm of life that disturbs you. They are usually close people who can make you feel this way, that is, oppressed, with low self-esteem. This indicates that not everything is as it seems and that includes people we meet in different circumstances.

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Look carefully every time you meet someone, look at their attitude, their actions and draw conclusions. Discover the truth and do not try to justify it, if someone is not good for you, dismiss it and avoid a bigger problem.

Dreaming of cigarettes without smoking them

Finding yourself in the presence of this utensil in the dream can only be the reflection of the day to day, only if it is something you do frequently. As it is also a very frequent trait in people who usually smoke and want to feel the sensation it produces when they are not consuming it.

Another possible observation is to consider that it is related to a childhood emotional event. Usually this is a stage where you feel more rebellious towards society, mainly because of the friends with whom you usually share.

Dream about smoking cigarettes 

Dreaming about smoking a cigarette has to do with emotions. Perhaps, you feel suddenly empowered by something that happened recently that gave you confidence at the same time, so you can make decisions without feeling like you're making a mistake. If you are in a work environment where your professionalism is reflected, this dream will have a better impact.

Although, if you are going through a moment where you feel dependent, the time has come to assume it. Risks are part of life and you must be willing to face them.

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Dream about lighting a cigarette

Dreaming about lighting a cigarette is linked with the presence of an attitude of generosity for those who do not expect or perceive some bad behavior from someone you consider close and incapable of doing harm, until in the end something unexpected happens that of course will surprise you. .

Cigarette smoking 

Dream that we sell cigarettes

Dreaming about selling cigarettes is an indication that in your social environment you do not feel completely comfortable with the people around you and at the same time you feel dissatisfied with yourself while you share with them. It is normal that there are differences of opinion, since we are human beings with their own characteristics or values, but sometimes it happens that there are comments that we do not support and we feel excluded.

Dream about going out to buy a cigarette

If you dream that you buy a cigarette , it is likely that you have addiction problems with the consumption of this substance or that you are prone to excess, to the point of needing something with too much requirement in an exaggerated way and harmful to your tranquility and those around you.

Here, you must become aware and analyze if you deserve certain events in your life. There may be unnecessary things around you and they will affect you little by little until they are too evident, that's why you should change as soon as you know how to focus the problem.

Dreaming of smoking one cigarette after another

This type of dream, of smoking one cigarette after another as it will not affect, has to do with seeing that you are going through a moment in your life that makes you feel emotional exhaustion. Tiredness is something that touches us all for different situations but you must do something about it, anguish is not good for the heart or to have a pleasant mood.

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The cigarette as something out of the ordinary

Dream about the cigarette being off

Dreaming of the cigarette while it is off implies that some obstacle exists in your life. It often happens that obstacles are always present or arise as you progress within society, that is why, you must be aware of what is happening and solve it as soon as possible to remove that weight from yourself and not let yourself be dragged for unnecessary provocations.

Dream about cigarettes if you are not a smoker

If you dream of cigarettes not being a smoker, they will most likely guarantee your contempt for this habit. It may be totally unpleasant the smell or hanging around people who smoke around you, since you consider it as something terrible for health.

What you should keep in mind is that the dream may be a warning for you to see with magnifying glass the details of your life that may be affecting negatively, and most likely it is for health.

Dreaming that a person offers you a cigarette

Dreaming that someone gives you or offers you a cigarette is an indication of bad company or harmful influences that do not bring good things. The most recommended is that you analyze who you want to be with so that your life takes a significant turn. It is normal for this type of thing to happen, there are people who can take you on paths that you do not deserve.

The cigar and the color

Dream about seeing a golden cigar box

Dreaming of a gold-colored cigar box represents an abundance of money. Now, if you have any problems, keep in mind that this will happen soon and then you are worthy of a good vacation to relax and enjoy loved ones or someone special.

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Having cigarettes around

Dreaming of observing the ashes of the cigars

Dreaming about observing the ashes of cigarettes means that you must be aware of worries and give them a place in your priorities to solve them. Take the necessary steps to have a life full of peace without feeling sudden drowning.

Dreaming of looking at the ashes of the cigars in the window

Dreaming that we observe cigarette ashes in the window has to do with waiting or seeing a future come without clear objectives. It is common that uncertainty afflicts the human being, which sooner or later brings us concerns about not foreseeing certain things in life, since we normally act on impulse without thinking about what it may affect.

Cigarette and social events

Dreaming that you smoke in company

Dreaming that you smoke in the company of people means that you are calm, without any worries that harm the moment.

Dream that you see your ex partner smoking cigarette

Dreaming that you see your ex smoking and makes smoke with him without concern, has to do with confusions that are awakening, mainly from him or her. In this case the space is the best solution, so you will let the ideas become clear, if they must be together that will happen alone without the need to look for it or force things.

Dreaming that you see someone else smoking a cigar

To dream that you see someone smoking , is to observe that that person deserves distractions that make them disconnect from day to day, vacations would not be bad for them.

The cigarette and its eventualities

Dreaming that you smoke a cigarette but that no smoke comes out

Dreaming that you smoke a cigarette but no smoke comes out is an indication that you have trouble forgetting a moment in your life that involves an object or a person. To return the healthiest days it is better to let go of everything that affects us so that other things or people arrive without interruptions.

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Dream that we have a wet cigar nearby

Dreaming that you see a wet cigarette , this can mean problems to carry out the daily routines because you have not rested the adequate hours to render everything you want.

Dreaming that you steal a box of cigarettes

Dreaming that you steal a box of cigarettes , is because you must make the decision to focus on your activities without taking vacations or leading your life without distractions that lead you to nothing or to some goal that will help you.

Dreaming of a single cigarette butt

Dreaming of a cigarette butt around you , is the warning that you must have a greater cleanliness in the environment. Being in a clean space makes the activities you want to do, for example at home, flow much better.

The cigar advances in technology

Dream about having some electric cigarettes

Dreaming that you have an electronic cigarette is because you try to prevent your life from suddenly getting complicated, so you try to avoid sporadic or long-term problems.

Dreaming you see someone smoking with an electronic cigarette

If you dream of someone who has an electronic cigarette , then that person is the one who needs to avoid complications in their life that affect their days.

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