One of the many tasks that the mind does, apart from always being in action, is to create dream scenes that involve the desires of the subconscious. Before going to sleep, like all human beings, we usually think about what happened of the day or the most relevant of the week, since it made a great impression on us.

For this reason, everything that worries you, worries you or motivates you, is reflected in the dreams that occur at night, although most are not remembered, those that are composed of a lot of meaning for the present and the future. immediate future.

If you are someone who considers dreams as something interesting, then you should know what they tell you or what meaning they give to your life, since they can be the solution to the feelings you have at the moment or reveal some important event.

If you now have the concern of why white doves appear in your dreams, then in this article you will find the most common meanings regarding dreaming of white doves and the message that they want to give you and that may vary depending on the development of the dream, on the one hand They can represent peace and tranquility and, on the other hand, appear negatively. 

If nothing strange happens in the dream then you don't have to feel worried. The color white is known all over the world as a sign of joy, friendship and well-being, so dreaming about this animal can have many interpretations, but they are usually positive.

You and the Pigeons

white dove dream meaning islam

Dream that you see a dove

To dream of a dove, it means that you will make peace with someone who had distanced himself from you because of something you committed, but if this is not your case because you do not suffer from a confrontation with someone, then the meaning is much more complex.

It will then have to do with the unexpected news of a business that you are about to do that will bring prosperity to your home or that a surprise that your partner is about to give you will fall like a glove.

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This last case has to do with the luck you longed to have and the appearance of the dove is a warning that this will be the way things will flow calmly to improve aspects in your day to day that were suffocated by monotony

Dreaming that you have a dove in your hands and it cannot fly

To dream that you have a dove in your hands and it cannot fly, means that lately you have formed several insecurities that were not there or that you were not able to imagine what would happen to you and the main one has to do with the fear of expressing your feelings or points. out of sight to those around you. It is necessary that you learn to overcome them so as not to suffer for it causing others to decide to move away.

Dreaming that you observe pigeons walking

Dreaming that you observe pigeons walking, also has to do with something positive that will happen . What can happen is that your environment becomes more enjoyable that makes the positive energy flow that had a long time that did not occur due to the conflicts generated by discussions.

You will be able to have a good connection with your partner again and do not mistrust his promise of fidelity. It is a dream to inspire you trust not only with your partner but with the people with whom you recently bond.

Dreaming that you feel that a dove is on your shoulder

To dream that you feel that the white dove is on your shoulder, means you are looking forward to the arrival of a new relative to the house . This person is not annoying to you, you will like his arrival and stay. You may need to make certain changes to accommodate your time and space. You will surely know how to do it with pleasure.

Dreaming that pigeons defecate you 

Dreaming of white doves shitting you seems like an unpleasant and bad dream, but it isn't. It is said that, due to the excrement of the pigeons in two subjects, two magnificent Popes emerged from them, which are Pope Peter and Pope Fabian.

It is said that during their elections they were brutally affected by attacks from these birds that in the end they associated with happiness. In this way, these feces are associated with abundance and the appearance of wealth or good news .

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Dreaming that you hurt the pigeons 

Dreaming that you hurt pigeons has to do with something tragic that will affect you greatly. This dream represents the arrival of unpleasant news, so it is better that you prepare to be stronger and wait for anything so that at least whatever it is, it does not catch you off guard.

It is important that you strengthen yourself with your religious practices or with the company of your loved ones. The situation that you could live will weaken you and this dream is to be appreciated, because it warns you of what you may experience.

Dreaming that pigeons attack you

To dream that white doves attack you, is a sign that bad news is coming. It is because one of the best known jobs of pigeons is sending and delivering messages that used to contain important information.

To prevent it, it is better to be vigilant, since the reason for this is that someone wants to betray you or is talking behind your back causing rumors for no reason. Although, it can also be related to a small inconvenience in finances or in the possible investments that you have previously made.

Dreaming that you kill a pigeon 

To dream that you kill a white dove, indicates that the harmony that exists in you is going to destroy it. This may not be rebellious, but a bad action carries this type of feelings. Therefore, you will suffer the consequences. It is an announcement that you must anticipate certain situations that confuse you and take you out of control. You must know yourself internally to know how to control yourself. 

White dove

Dream that white doves, but it changes to light gray

To dream that the dove is white, but changes to light gray, now has to do with a different sense of negative moments. This change is associated with sadness and its sudden transformation is the alert that you stop feeling pain and worry about finding the solution. The situation you are experiencing must be faced with courage.

Dreaming of white doves that are dead

Dreaming of white doves that are dead, is the loving separation that you have with your partner, but caused by you. It is not an advertisement to dream of this animal in such conditions, but rather it is about what happens mentally in order to process what happened plus the resignation process.

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Your subconscious tries to tell you that what happened you already knew was going to happen a few days or much earlier, because it was not turning out as you expected and it made you feel locked in because the feelings were not the same, so you were already considering finish everything and find a way to bring the balance of your emotions back to its normal state.

Dreaming that you see a white dove flying

To dream that you see a white dove flying, and it soars through the air high in the sky is also related to something positive that will happen to you. You should feel proud that you are surrounded by the right people who express affection towards you unconditionally. These people are constructive, cheerful, noble, etc.

Another detail is that you will receive pleasant news soon, it can be a promotion that guarantees more money or if you are unemployed, the one indicated for you will appear. And if this is not what the arrival of a new member of the family is about.

Dreaming that you see a white dove that cannot fly

To dream that you see a pigeon that cannot fly, has to do with the lack of planning that you had in mind for a project and you let it fall due to events that you could not avoid or say no to. You are disorganized and this brings you consequences, you must establish priorities so that everything materializes in your favor.

Dreaming that a white dove is injured 

To dream that a white dove is injured, has to do with the heartbreaking feeling of having given everything to someone and that they have let you down, for example, with your ex-partner. All those experiences marked you deeply, hurting your emotions. It is time to seek healing and return to your center. Make the company of good friends for it.

Dreaming that a white dove flies towards you, but fails

To dream that a white dove flies towards you, but fails, then it has to do with a wrong attitude that you are taking about something important that involves dear people, for example, at home, at work or in friendship groups. Rethink every action you have taken in the last few days, perhaps you haven't realized what you have generated. Amendment, you are on time the dream is announcing it.

Dreaming that pigeons appear as babies and without the protection of the mother

To dream that the pigeons appear as babies and without the protection of the mother, has the meaning that lately you need with a desire to be protected because you are in a difficult moment and you do not want to be alone. You need someone to take care of you and be empathic with your situation or it can be totally the other way around and you are the one requested to pay attention.

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Where do you see the pigeons 

Pigeon Islamic Interpretations and Meanings

Dreaming that you observe pigeons in the house

To dream that you see white doves in the house, is a sign that you must finish the things that you started and have forgotten or that you carry out a quick remodeling of the house that needs it. This dream indicates a need for renewal . So check out what stagnant aspect there is in your life and decide to take a turn.

Dreaming that you see pigeons inside a dovecote

To dream that you see pigeons inside a loft has a meaning of success for you, since you will be able to overcome the anguish of past events that made you sad and upset. It means reaffirming your strength to act. Pigeons like dovecotes, you are in a pleasant moment where you can undertake projects from that shelter that your home gives you.

Dreaming that you see pigeons in your window

It is a good omen, they bring good news and come to you fluently . These days something new will happen and you will be a happy person for it.

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