What is build.Prop and how can you improve your Android with it

What is build.Prop and how can you improve your Android with it

As you know, in our Android devices we have the possibility to change the ROM, the kernel, the recovery ... Everything you can imagine is accessible, as long as you know what you are modifying. Today, we will go a little further, and we will teach you to modify some internal parameters already written on your device .

Touch to talk about Build.Prop, one of the most important files on your phone, where the values that make it work the way it does are stored. If you learn to modify the Build.Prop, you will learn to modify the performance of your terminal , so pay close attention.

What is build.Prop

Whenever we talk about customizing an Android terminal, we usually talk about changing the ROM and some kernel parameters. The build.prop, despite being even more modifiable than the one mentioned above, is one of the great forgotten. This buil.prop, is a file that contains properties and configurations of the compilation of our Android . Some parameters are added by the manufacturer, and others depend on the hardware of your device and the Android base itself.

As you can imagine, to modify a file of such caliber requires root permissions , and that is that write permissions are necessary. By default, the build.prop comes only in read mode, so that we don’t modify anything by mistake. With any root browser, we can access the build.prop from the system folder of your device . Once here, you can change the values of the build.prop to get everything we are going to show you below . These modifications are reversible, and if you want to return to the previous values, you just have to edit the lines that you have changed and leave them as they were.

How to modify your phone with the build.prop

To the mess. By modifying the build.prop we can do everything, and when we say everything, we mean everything. You can even make Play Store believe that your Alcatel Pixi is a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 , so imagine the control we can have over the system. We leave you without further delay, with the list of main Tweaks for this build.prop file.

When you silence the terminal, the camera will also be silenced:

ro.camera.sound.forced = 0

Disable bootanimation to speed up the ignition:

debug.sf.nobootanimation = 1

Increase Dalvik cache to avoid some FC:

dalvik.vm.heapsize = 64m

Increase performance:

debug.performance.tuning = 1

Increase battery life with deeper deep sleep:

ro.ril.disable.power.collapse = 1

pm.sleep_mode = 1

Tweaks for mobile networks (theoretically optimizes signal quality)

ro.ril.hsxpa = 2

ro.ril.gprsclass = 10

ro.ril.hep = 1

ro.ril.enable.dtm = 1

ro.ril.hsdpa.category = 10

ro.ril.enable.a53 = 1

ro.ril.enable.3g.prefix = 1

ro.ril.htcmaskw1.bitmask = 4294967295

ro.ril.htcmaskw1 = 14449

ro.ril.hsupa.category = 5

To increase the buffer size of Internet connections and improve speed:

net.tcp.buffersize.default = 4096,87380,256960,4096, 16384,256960

net.tcp.buffersize.wifi = 4096,87380.2556960,4096,163 84.256960

net.tcp.buffersize.umts = 4096,87380,256960,4096,163 84.256960

net.tcp.buffersize.gprs = 4096,87380,256960,4096,163 84.256960

net.tcp.buffersize.edge = 4096,87380,256960,4096,163 84.256960

For the Wi-Fi to scan networks less frequently, improving the battery:

wifi.supplicant_scan_interval = 180

Force launcher into memory (always keep the launcher in memory allowing it to return to it from applications faster)


100% jpeg quality improvement

ro.media.enc.jpeg.quality = 100

Increase of virtual ram memory

dalvik.vm.heapsize = 36m

change to: dalvik.vm.heapsize = 48m

Render the system interface with the GPU:

debug.sf.hw = 1

Decrease call delay:

ro.telephony.call_ring.delay = 0

Scroll Scroll Enhancement (you can edit a little higher or lower value according to tastes):

windowsmgr.max_events_per_sec = 150

Remove the USB Debugging icon in the status bar:

persist.adb.notify = 0

Improve screen response:

debug.performance.tuning = 1

video.accelerate.hw = 1

100% image and video quality improvement

ro.media.dec.jpeg.memcap = 8000000

ro.media.enc.hprof.vid.bps = 8000000

Avoid black screen at the end of the call

ro.lge.proximity.delay = 25

mot.proximity.delay = 25

Troubleshoot some applications (closures)

ro.kernel.android.checkjni = 0

Terminal display will not turn on when pressing volume button

ro.config.hwfeature_wakeupkey = 0

Rename mobile

ro.product.model = (put the model number of the mobile you want, Play Store will detect that you have that model)


As you can see, you can radically improve the performance of your terminal , as well as some extra functions that we have shown you. Be careful when changing the values, if you make a mistake and delete any line that you should not, your mobile could be in bootloop , so always make sure you are doing well.

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