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What is ChiroMassage?

What is ChiroMassage?

Surely you have already heard about chiromassage, and you may have some doubt about it about what exactly this technique consists of. The ChiroMassage integrates techniques of various types of manual massages together with a series of novel manipulations, it serves to relax, stimulate or decontract the soft tissues.

The origin…

The term Quiromassage was invented by Dr. Ferrándiz, who studied naturopathy and was the first to develop this technique in Spain. Chiromassage is the set of techniques that are used with the hands to treat the patient with different ailments, and that is sometimes complemented by other therapies: acupuncture, aromatherapy, homeopathy, etc.

Manual massages have been practiced for thousands of years, but its evolution is what has triggered chiromassage.

What does the ChiroMassage consist of?

ChiroMassage is based on the mechanical action of the hands on the skin with movements – which we call manipulations – performed with a certain rhythm and speed, and which have their most immediate effect on the skin. , the nervous system, the circulatory system or the musculoskeletal system, among others.

Massage the soft tissues in order to decontract, relax or stimulate them. The manipulations that the specialist will perform will depend on the objective of the massage.

Direct effects

ChiroMassage is a technique that provides great well-being to the body, generally these direct effects are:

  • Stimulation of blood circulation
  • Lymphatic circulation stimulation
  • Eliminates soft tissue adhesions
  • Promotes the peristaltic movement of the colon
  • Blood oxygenation
  • Stimulation or relaxation of muscles and tendons (depending on the technique)
  • Central nervous system relaxation
  • Increases the permeability of tissues
  • It favors the production of enzymes
  • Promotes the mood

The chiropractor

The ChiroMassage therapist is a natural health professional, who must have a training where he must learn the different oriental and western massage techniques, anatomy, physiology, injuries, contraindications, sports massage, reflex techniques …

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