What Is Holistic Kinesiology?

Holistic kinesiology is a diagnostic tool, which responds or works by a stimulus, through which the body gives information.

This information is given by a shortening of one of the muscle chains, which in the field of kinesiology is known as AR (Arc Reflex).

What does muscular chain mean?

A muscle chain is understood as a group of muscles and fasciae, which work together, for example the arms or legs.

Both arms of a person measure practically the same, I say practically because we all know that we are not completely symmetrical, but the difference is millimeter; when the AR response is given you can see a difference in length of more than a centimeter, in some people, maybe more.

This is how, through the appropriate stimuli, the AR gives all the necessary information to know or diagnose:

  • what happen,
  • how it happens
  • why it happens and
  • what is the solution to everything that happens.

Kinesiology with a holistic view

In holistic kinesiology you work with four fields all involved with each other.

These are the fields:

  • Energetic,
  • Emotional,
  • chemical and
  • Structural

What does this mean?

Well, because of an emotional decompensation (for example) an energetic, emotional or structural dysfunction or decompensation can occur… any of the other three and vice versa.

Therefore, through this tool we can find many pathologies or dysfunctions and help heal them.

Each field works on several levels or rather one could say that each field has its own tools of help and liberation.

In the energy field, energy dysfunctions and geopathies can be diagnosed, for which we can find help in therapies such as: auriculotherapy, the technique of the 5 elements ( acupuncture ), chromotherapy, music, foot reflexology.

In the emotional field we can diagnose emotional blockages caused by a blow or trauma, as well as alterations of the central nervous system, depressions either caused by the outside (exogenous) or caused by internal dysfunctions (endogenous). We can find help in treatments such as the integration of emotions, Bach Flowers, tapping, regression.

In the structural field we can locate or diagnose if any of our vertebrae are rotated or blocked, which can also alter the organism at a physiological level. Structural treatment would be osteopathic or chiropractic manipulation .

In the chemical field we can know and find what happens to our body , the reason for alterations and dysfunctions, pathologies… basing the study, mainly, on the alterations of the intestinal flora, which is, in most cases, the cause of many pathologies and physiological inflammations.

At the intestinal and digestive level we can find many inflammatory pathologies, we can find intestinal dysbacteriosis, candida, parasites… which unbalance our flora and produce intestinal toxins. This toxemia will later be aggravated by food intolerances, which will also end up producing toxemia and filtration of body fluids, thus altering the body’s homeostasis and resulting in different pathologies.

In the chemical field we can find treatment in phytotherapy, oligotherapy, vitamin therapy, as well as in a correct diet to be able to regulate the problem created and heal it. In short, a naturist and food base.

This is how holistic kinesiology finds a solution for each and every one of the dysfunctions that we may have, but only with the help of our body, since it is he who has, only, the answers of what he needs and when he needs.

Having said all this, it is not only important to know where we have the problem and how to solve it, but also to be truly aware and constant with a treatment, which in the medium or long term can heal autoimmune pathologies, intestinal problems (diarrhoea, constipation, altered digestion, candida, intestinal parasites…) circulatory problems, edema… even weight problems and obesity, often caused by food intolerances not taken into account, which produce intestinal toxicity and toxic sources in body fluids, homeostatic imbalance, as we have said before.

This is how holistic kinesiology becomes a very important diagnostic tool that can help everyone.

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