What Is Kundalini Reiki Used For And What Are Its Benefits?

Many of the people who have heard of Kundalini reiki have a misconception of this energy system, because they believe that it only serves to awaken the Kundalini energy. I have been hearing this for a long time and the people I inform about Kundalini reiki are left, more than amazed, stupefied, when they find out about all the uses that this fantastic system has.

With Kundalini reiki, we heal all those blocks that keep us unable to achieve our goals and what the Universe has for us.

I always say that the “gifts” and gifts of the Universe are for everyone equally, but there are some people who stand out from the others, getting everything and other people who hardly get anything… and why does this happen?

Because between us and what the Universe has prepared for us, there is a great wall, which we must know how to cross and there are people who can cross the wall without effort, because they realize the obstacles to be eliminated, instead, other people, They don’t even realize what they have to “correct” so that everything flows and they can undo that wall…

This is easy to do, if you know what the wall is made of, what kind of material it is made of, but if you don’t know what the wall is made of, it is very unlikely that you will know how to break it and make a hole for everything flow towards you…

What I call a “wall” is made up of huge blockages that don’t let you move forward in your day-to-day life. Most of these blocks, that you don’t even know you have, are not yours, they are problems inherited from your ancestors, that they have not solved throughout their lives and that have been imposed on you, inherited to solve them during your life, this life… and if for whatever reason you don’t resolve them, they will be passed on to your descendants, so they can resolve them, and so they go from family to family.

It is the simplest way to explain why children usually inherit the problems of their parents and repeat what happened to them and also to explain the addictions that a child suffers, because their alcoholic father, for example, has not managed to overcome that addiction. . These blockages can be eliminated with Kundalini reiki, with daily and constant work, yes, it’s like everything: if you don’t practice it doesn’t work…

Kundalini Reiki, is a very fast system and so simple that it does not need symbols, but so strong that a level 1 of Kundalini reiki is comparable, energetically speaking, to Usui reiki level 3 and I am not saying it, you can look for it in the original manual of Ole Gabrielsen, the original Kundalini Reiki channeler.

Blockages will begin to heal during the self-treatment and you will need to keep practicing daily, but don’t panic! It’s just 5 minutes of practice, since, as I said before, Kundalini reiki is the fastest and most powerful system!

With just 5 minutes a day, these blockages are removed and kept at bay.

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