A robbery from all points of view is a bad action, so dreaming about this topic, surely implies something unpleasant in your life . You must specify where the center or possible scenario is where the tension issues occurred or occur.

It is time to make provisions , as a robbery implies violation and violence. So after dreaming of robbery, you should not remain very calm, you must observe everything and what spy, try to point out the possible failure. This can be yours or others. In the same way, the dream points towards loss, not only in the order of the material, but also of the spiritual, work, sentimental, etc.

The violent acts in your life must identify and transcend them . You require respect from those around you. You cannot allow them to exert force on you. Respect yourself so that they respect you. It is the best thing you should do for yourself. You already know by all accounts that this dream is an urgent call to see what impact some of your actions or those of those close to you can have on your life.

Here we leave you several very useful interpretations so that you can make your conscientious analysis of this important dream.

They rob you 

Dream that something you hold dear is stolen

This dream puts you in an embarrassing situation, and feeling robbed is terrible because being violated implies many tensions and anguishes. Someone from your environment is breaking into your life and violates you with their presence.

You don't know how to neutralize its energy. Sometimes other people try to enter your world, generating a lot of conflict in it, they make decisions for you, they disavow you and this makes you extremely uncomfortable. It is time that you need this type of energy from people outside of you, in your very personal affairs. They can cause you serious problems.

This dream has an additional element and that is that what is stolen from you is something very dear. In this case, in addition to the above, you must take care of something like, your job, your partner, that is, something beyond the material, they may be wanting to snatch you away.

Dream that your wallet is stolen

In your wallet you always have small things that you need to be in other places away from home. In it you keep your documents, money, checks, credit card, a piece of paper with addresses. There are men's races that only have what is necessary for their use, and women's races, on the other hand, contain more objects.

In either case, the portfolio loss situation points to high risk. Losing documents that identify you always indicates a high risk. The portfolio seems to be, the micro summary of your life.

In this sense, dreaming that your wallet is stolen confronts you that you must be very careful with very personal matters, related to your identity, your name may be in question or at stake, in some context. You cannot be so trusting, safeguard matters that are only your concern. They don't concern anyone else.

Do not allow others to access information of your confidentiality. In addition to this, the dream tells you that you will have to take legal steps, where your signature will be important.

Dreaming that someone you know steals something of value

This dream is very unpleasant, knowing that in your environment there is someone who is aware of what you have , whether in the material order or in matters related to your achievements, for example a position, or a good family or family relationship. couple, it is not easy to digest.

This dream warns you, for this reason you should always be very alert of some people who have circumstantially entered your life. A new friend or colleague, who you do not fully know. You don't know what their values are.

This person may be stalking your steps, you are very interested in him, he is struck by how you live, how you relate, how you project yourself, and that does not please him, perhaps he is not as lucky as you. So he plans to annoy you by taking you out of the game, for him to take your place and be recognized. Careful take care of what it has cost you so much to earn.

Dream that your cell phone is stolen

This dream has to do with communication. The cell phone today is the source of communication par excellence. It is the way to have access to the world, if we wish. Being incommunicado limits you. Today, life is no longer conceived without this object. All of us, in general, depend on him.

Dreaming that your cell phone is stolen then means an irruption in the communication channels in your environment . There is a communication fracture with someone or with a group of people. It is like turning away from a person or group, because of something that affects you.

You must be very vigilant about how your family communication is, in the workplace or the couple. A person-to-person connection gap will occur. This matter will bring you much concern and regret, because you need these people and they need you. Try now, to restore any kind of impasse to avoid breaks.

Dream that your vehicle is stolen

You were thinking of moving somewhere . Whichever is. The point is that it was not some routine place, but one that involved planning your eventual displacement. It could be a short trip or not.

This event is limited by something . You will not be able to attend, perhaps it was not convenient for you to do it, everything will depend on how you react to the theft in your dream. If the theft of the car gives you a lot of anger, rage, sadness, then this trip or visit to a certain place is not convenient for you and the dream announces it.

If, on the other hand, I assume the loss of the car with serenity, it is because you were very aware that making this transfer does not bring you benefits and you decide to stop doing it yourself.

Dream that your house is stolen

This dream is a fairly important alert. The house is everything. It is the container of your life. Letting someone violate this space is very serious. You must become aware of this dream. It represents very significant losses in your life . This matter is not to be missed. The dream is making you an important wake-up call.

You're risking something that could make you lose everything. Example gambling, loans with interest that put you against the sword and the wall, where you can not find how to pay off the debt, because it grows and grows.

It is a moment of reflection without a doubt. Your responsibility is the only one that can prevent such losses and disaster. Also the dream can be related to some association with another person that makes you lose energy, time and money. In any case, material loss is imminent and you must take precautions.

The house also symbolizes the family, the couple, the very close friends. Therefore, it is recommended that you treasure your loved ones, they are vulnerable to some impact generated by the bad intention of others.

Dream that your clothes are stolen

This dream puts you in the face of nudity . You need to make many provisions regarding how you handle yourself in spaces in which your participation is important. You could make mistakes of any kind, that put you in evidence or publicly naked.

Be very careful with what you say or how you go dressed to the places. Also take care of your vocabulary, your ways of behaving, perhaps you are sinning too spontaneously and that reduces your seriousness before the group.

It may be that you have something you wanted to hide there, but someone has been watching you and knows your weak side. This person can take advantage of a public occasion to lay you bare and reveal your secrets.

Dream that your jewelry is stolen

The jewels have more value than the money itself, because they are objects that we keep for family affections, for stories with the past or because we like to wear them to be elegant on special occasions and positively draw attention to us.

If your dreams have been stolen, it is an indication that you should take care of your finances and precious matters. There is a latent risk, to lose important positions in your life. Try to take a good look around you to pinpoint what's going wrong. There is some imbalance in your environment that is worth gold.

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You're the one who steals

Dream that you steal

Something is not right in your personal life. You have evident emotional deficiencies and loneliness . You have been comparing your life with that of others, and you evaluate that yours is not going well. This makes you suffer a little, because you are realizing, because this happens. Surely you have not cultivated what others have.

You have wasted a lot of time in your career or training. Today you are regretting it and you want to restore what was lost. You are envying what others have accomplished . You must reflect deeply on this. You cannot think that it is late to start a process. The important thing is that the dream has made it clear to you.

Take this opportunity to start your own original projects, very yours. You do not need to steal ideas from others, you are capable but first you must believe it.

Dream that you are accused of theft

It is a delicate dream. You are not doing something correctly in your environment. You are not successful in your actions and you make mistakes that directly affect the environment in which you find yourself. It can be the workspace, for example. You need to review this matter and the dream alerts you to make certain important decisions regarding how you conduct yourself.

For this reason you will feel singled out by others. Evaluated and corrected. Keep in mind that this dream, although it seems bad, is very positive, because it encourages you to improve what you are not really doing well. Sometimes an evaluation can be annoying, but it is certainly necessary.

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You see robberies

Dreaming that you accuse someone of theft

You are a person who likes the right thing and someone around you is acting in an unacceptable way. You are a person who will put an end to this behavior. It is a risky action because people generally turn a blind eye to not get involved in other people's affairs. But there is something called justice and you know that well.

You will not allow this person to affect others with their wrong actions. You will be the one to expose it. This commits you but at the same time puts you in front of a good action. Those who believe in sin say that the sin of omission should not be committed, so you are correct, if you know of something that is very badly done, you must denounce it publicly.

Dream that you see others steal

This situation is uncomfortable for you, because you will be facing an unpleasant event. Observing one wrongdoing of another. An unacceptable action that puts you in a compromise. You will wonder what to do about this.

You could remain silent and pretend that the other does not know that you have seen him, so you do not get involved in this matter. Everything will depend on your values and what you can risk in the face of such a decision.

Try to reflect on this point and see well what repercussions this person's action can have. That will give you an idea of how long you can stay "in the shade" and that this person does not know that you have grasped his deviant intentions.

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