If you dream about scorpions, it is quite distressing, as they are quite dangerous insects. They are to be feared since they are of poisons that leave them stuck in the body of people or other living beings. You may have fears and that is why they are reflected through this chilling dream. This dream may also be related to sharp comments that are disturbing you. Fear is imminent and you are experiencing it for something. Scorpions are synonymous with death and also pain. They are warnings. You must do something in your life right now. You talk too much and this tells you to control your expressions. Revenge and betrayal are really very common affairs that are linked with this animal in dreams. They are people who attack others in a very stubborn way where the attacked person does not notice it. It is difficult to pin down who the attacker is and what he is planning. Scorpio in dreams can also mean your enemies, especially those who want to destroy and harm you. There are friends who appear to be. You must do dramatized acts to create atmospheres of trust. They are not legit people but they know how to act in the shade. It is possible that your dream is a warning to leave the past behind because you must move forward. You may be on the wrong track and sleep alerts you to go in the right direction. You may be linked to serious judicial order problems. Check your feelings towards someone, you could be harboring destructive ideas that are not good for you.

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Let's see various interpretations below:

What it means to dream about scorpions of a specific color

You must pay attention in your dream to the color of the animal, as this has several important connotations.

What it means to dream about a yellow scorpion

It has to do with money. You are thinking about how to improve your finances, looking for strategies to earn more and get out of very pressing situations and debt. If you kill the scorpion in the dream, you will obtain very important profits in a business. Take the risk to invest, as everything will be well underway. Be careful as your fortune has dangerous enemies.

Dreaming about black scorpions

This is one of the dreams that we might think is very negative and on the contrary it is not. It is associated with salary increases, reconciliations with friends, family, partner. It may even be that you receive a fortune that you did not have.

What it means to dream about white scorpions

You are a person with good fortune, you have the benefit of being able to count on your relatives when you need their help. They will always be by your side supporting you.

What it means to dream about red scorpions

You are a person who seeks to achieve their goals and dreams and does so. It is dangerous sometimes because it is associated that if you wanted to hurt others, you could do it, because your blood turns cold. It is also related to greed which can be one of your most hidden characteristics.

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What it means to dream about blue scorpions

This dream reflects that you need peace in your life. The problems are being very recurrent and you think you can solve them soon. There is a hope in you to achieve it.

What it means to dream about scorpion in quantity

The number of them in your dream implies the number of problems you face.

Dream about many scorpions

If you see many around you it means that you are exposed to the attack of many people who perhaps act in a group with the intention of causing you harm. This can happen interchangeably in your home, work, or neighborhood.

Dreaming of one or very few scorpions

The panorama is less problematic, since the enemy is close and it will be easy to recognize and defeat it. You will be able to disarm their attack strategy since it will practically be an even one-on-one fight.

Dream about the size of scorpion or scorpion

This is associated with the size of your difficulties or your success if you can overcome adversity.

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Dream scorpions or small scorpions

Something that is disturbing you is really tiny and you could just let it go. It is important that you do not dismiss it however small it may be.

Dream about scorpion in specific place

The way this is presented will be of great interest in an interpretation. Think carefully about where and how this animal was in your dream.

Dreaming of scorpion floating in the water

You are about to leave behind painful matters that have caused you much harm. You must move on soon. It will not be easy you will have to go through various facets of this process, but you will succeed.

Dreaming of a scorpion or scorpions in the sand

You will know who is hurting you or wishing you badly. Will easily see the reasons that are encouraging him to hurt you. You will be very attentive to be able to defeat their intentions. You are skilled and therefore you are not allowing abuse or insolence of other people. On the other hand, if there is someone who has traveled away, he is currently missing you very much. Make him a call. Write to him.

What it means to dream about scorpion in your shoes

It is terrible because you have problems related to the steps you are taking in your life. It is sure that you are making serious mistakes in your decisions.

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Dream about scorpion in your purse or bag

Your finances are at total risk, have many forecasts as of this moment. Do not risk your money, do not invest, because you are going to leave very badly stopped.

Dream about scorpion or scorpions on your plate or cup

Have a little control with what you are eating or taking, you are risking your health with bad eating habits.

What it means to dream about scorpion tattooed on your body

It means that you are a person with a lot of decision-making power, that you know how to identify problems and decide to face them exposing your body if necessary, that is, that you do not fear anything.

Dream about scorpion or scorpions in your hands

You are the owner of the decision of your problems. They are punishing you but you already have them under control, they are perfectly visible and identified, so you can know what to do and how to proceed.

Dreaming of scorpion or scorpions in a charm or ornament

If you have been able to place an ornament with these animals it means that you are not afraid of anything and you can even have the problem and observe it, appreciate it before solving it, to find the most appropriate solution.

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What it means to dream about scorpion on your walls

This dream indicates that you are very tormented by rigid matters that surround you. The issues are varied and they are overwhelming you. You need to cross the barriers that you are setting as obstacles to the resolution of certain important issues.

Dream about scorpion or scorpions in the mouth

They are your remorse for bad actions. You lied or offended and now you want to make up for this mistake. Don't delay.

What it means to dream about scorpion or scorpions in your bed .

The enemy you have is in your own house. Or at most among the closest neighbors. Be alert and observe behaviors so you need to know where the attack may come from. You have fears of externalizing something very yours. You want to keep that a secret because you fear criticism. It is something dark about you that you prefer to hide.

Dreaming of a scorpion or scorched scorpion

This is a sign that you are about to defeat your enemies. It is a good sign, You have been very persecuted and tormented by bad actions of some people, in the workplace or neighborhood and it turns out that you are coming out on top of everyone.

Dream about scorpion or scorpions that ignores you

Those who you think are your friends are not. One of them betrays you from behind, another from the front. Be very careful with this dream and pinpoint where those supposed friends are.

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Dream that you run away from scorpion or scorpions

You are being a coward in the face of adversities and conflicts that you are experiencing You should review your silly attitude and be a little more adult and face this issue with courage.

What it means to dreaming of scorpions associated with death

Dream that you kill scorpion

You are ready to defeat your enemies and feel the victory. It is only fair that this happens, because these people have hurt you in a very brutal way. They have caused you damage that is unfortunate. It is time for you to get rid of them. You are literally getting rid of negative, gossipy and very bad cultural customs, who like gossip and encourage it. Don't trust people who seem very charming.

Dream about seeing scorpion killing prey

This is a bad omen. There are unfortunate events to come. The death of a loved one could occur in the next few days. You will be at a funeral.

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Dreaming of scorpions associated with attacks

Dream about being stung by scorpion or scorpion

Surely you have not finished a job that has been assigned to you and this has you very upset, in your work everyone notices the lack and makes you see it. You are feeling on a daily basis that you should take this matter out of your life but you cannot find the right way out. You don't have the solution to the problem. This dream is also associated with very serious illnesses that you must attend to. Someone close to you will betray you, it could also be that your partner is unfaithful. Or a coworker is betraying you to keep your position.

What it means to dream about scorpions that stings itself

You are a very demanding and critical person, that is not bad, but sometimes you put too much pressure on yourself and that generates a lot of anguish. You want to do and give more than you can humanly.

Dreaming that you pluck the scorpion stinger or scorpion

You will be able to solve your difficulties and exterminate them from your life and will be very happy about it. You have a good pulse and a good eye to pinpoint where the problem is and you are going to solve it with all certainty.

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