Fitbit Luxe vs Fitbit Charge 4 vs Inspire 2 Review: Detailed Comparison

Fitbit Luxe vs Fitbit Charge 4 vs Inspire 2 Review: Detailed Comparison

In spite of Google’s acquisition of Fitbit, the company is carrying on as usual, as evidenced by the constant release of new products. The brand-new feature that will debut in 2021 is called Luxe, and it offers a stylish spin on the general idea of fitness trackers.

The maker of wearables has just released an even wider variety of fitness bands for consumers to choose from. Other fantastic possibilities are the Charge 4, which has been selling really well, and the Inspire 2, which is more low-key.

Which one of these options do you feel best fits your needs? It is my hope that this essay can be of use.

Fitbit Luxe vs. Charge 4 vs. Inspire 2: Specifications

There is no room for confusion here; all of these gadgets give off the impression of being standard activity bands. If you are looking for an experience with a smartwatch, it is preferable to go elsewhere. It seems like verse 3 would be an excellent place to begin. However, returning to the activity bands

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The design of the Charge 4 is carried over from the generation before it, despite the fact that it is slightly more cumbersome. The gadget is constructed out of highly lightweight materials, such as an aerospace-grade aluminum case, among other things. We had high hopes that Fitbit would give it a more contemporary appearance this time around, but the firm has decided to maintain the same design that has been so successful in the past.

The Inspire 2 has rounded corners and a more narrow band, giving it a significantly more streamlined appearance. It is constructed out of plastic.

Both of these trackers have bands made of rubberized material that are buckled at the ends. Wristbands are easy to switch out, so you can make them look different to match a wide range of outfits and styles.

Because the Inspire 2 is compatible with a clip-on accessory, the tracker can be removed from the strap and fastened directly to the user’s clothing. However, it will not measure your heart rate while you are in this posture.

Luxe is the one that stands out as having the most contemporary appearance of the three. The device has a metal housing that is composed of stainless steel that has been polished. This can be worn with a variety of straps, including some that are rather elegant in appearance. Additionally, there is a Special Edition Gorjana Soft Gold Stainless Steel Parker Link Bracelet available to purchase.

The actual dimensions of the Charge 4 core unit are 42.7 millimeters by 28.8 millimeters, and it has a depth of 12.5 millimeters. The dimensions of the Inspire 2 are 37.0 mm, 16.2 mm, and 12.6 mm. The Luxe model is the smallest of the three, measuring 33.5 x 17.5 millimeters. It is also the tiniest, coming in at only 10.1 millimeters in thickness.

Displays, physical buttons, and resistance to water are all included

Both the Charge 4 and the Inspire 2 have the same touchscreen, which is grayscale and has a single button on the side to assist with navigation. In addition to that, they have an inductive button.

Their screens are turned off by default, but may be activated with a flick of the wrist or tap of the finger. Because of its larger screen, the Charge 4 is the easier of the two to read.

Although there are no physical buttons on the Luxe, it does include a beautiful touchscreen display that can be used to browse through the many options. Its 0.76-inch AMOLED display has a resolution of 124 x 206 pixels and a pixel density of 326 PPI. That’s a quality on par with Sense and Versa 3; it’s really quite impressive.

The ability to resist water is unaffected in any way by any of these three options. You can swim freely with them, and they will keep track of the amount of time you spend in the water.

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Sensors and the life of the battery

It should come as no surprise that the more expensive Charge 4 and Luxe models feature a significantly greater number of sensors. There is an optical heart rate tracker, a three-axis accelerometer, and a vibration motor that are shared by all three. The pulseOx, which allows you to take measurements of your blood oxygen levels during the night, and a temperature sensor are the additional features that come with the Charge 4 and Luxe models. In addition to that, Luxe is able to carry out stress readings. The Charge 4 is the only one of the three that has an altimeter, a built-in GPS, and an NFC version that can be bought as an extra for making payments without touching the phone.

Regardless of whatever fitness band you go with, the amount of time a band may stay charged is satisfactory. Charge 4 has a runtime of approximately one week between charges and five hours with the GPS function activated. The most recent iteration of the Inspire is good for approximately 10 days before the battery needs to be replaced. The battery life of the Luxe lags behind a little bit at only 5 days.

For your convenience, the specifications are broken down into a table.

  Luxe Charge 4 Inspire 2
Material Housing is made of stainless steel. Band is made of silicone and fastens with an anodised metal buckle and tang. The limited edition gorjana Parker Link Bracelet is constructed of stainless steel and a peony silicone band. Constructed with materials that contribute to a reduction in overall weight, such as an aerospace-grade aluminum housing and a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 display.The housing and buckle are made of anodized aluminum. The housing is plastic. The buckle on the classic band is made of anodized aluminum, and the band itself is composed of a premium, soft silicone that is comparable to the silicone found in many sport watches.
Dimensions 33.5 x 17.5 mm 35.8 x 22.7 mm 37.0 x 16.2 mm 
Depth 10.1 mm 12.5 mm 12.6 mm
Display type AMOLED OLED full touchscreen, TFT, Grayscale OLED full touchscreen, TFT, Grayscale
Battery life up to 5 days up to 7 days, 5 hours with GPS switched on up to 10 days
Water resistance up to 50 meters (swim-proof) – 5 ATM up to 50 meters (swim-proof) – 5 ATM up to 50 meters (swim-proof) – 5 ATM
Weight   30g 20g
Sensors 3-axis accelerometer, optical heart rate monitor, vibration motor, red and infrared sensors for oxygen saturation (SpO2) monitoring, temperature sensor; these are the main features of this wearable device. Optical heart rate tracker, 3-axis accelerometer, altimeter, SpO2, vibration motor, temperature sensor Optical heart rate tracker, 3-axis
GPS Connected GPS Built-in GPS Connected GPS
NFC No Yes No
RRP $150 $150 $100

Comparing the Fitbit Luxe, Charge 4, and Inspire 2 in Terms of Their Functionality

Wearables made by Fitbit should be your first choice if you are looking for a fitness tracker. There is a good reason why the organization has established a strong reputation in this field. This does not imply that there isn’t any respectable competition. There are other choices, but for the average consumer, the Fitbit is still one of the best.

When it comes to tracking your heart rate, steps, distance, active minutes, calories, and sleep, in addition to other fundamental health statistics, you will be covered around the clock with all three of these. It also has automatic activity recognition, guided breathing, tracking for female health, a mode for several sports, reminders to move, and some more advanced performance indicators like cardio fitness level and active zone minutes.

However, Charge 4 and Luxe provide additional benefits

The incorporation of a GPS chip into Charge 4 is the most valuable additional feature that this product offers. Because it has built-in GPS, you may go for a run or go cycling without taking your phone with you, and you will still be able to access precise statistics and a map of your path. Those who often exercise outside will find this to be particularly relevant.

As both the Inspire 2 and the Luxe have Connected GPS, they require the use of a smartphone in order to provide comprehensive workout statistics. It is important to highlight the fact that the Charge 4’s larger display also makes it appropriate for reading your numbers when you are on the move.

The Inspire 2 and the Luxe both lack an altimeter, which is the next significant distinction between the two models. Using data on the surrounding air pressure, the sensor can determine the location’s height. On the fourth charge, the total number of flights of stairs you have been climbing will be added up and used as a factor in the calculation of how many calories you have burned. Your calorie output will be more accurate as a result of this.

Both the Charge 4 and the Luxe come equipped with a pulseOx sensor. This checks the oxygen saturation levels in your blood. You will discover a chart waiting for you in the morning that details the changes that occurred throughout the previous night. Low fluctuations are a positive indicator. However, significant shifts may be an indication of a potential problem.

The ability to take readings of the user’s skin temperature is another feature that is available on the Charge 4 and Luxe but not on the Inspire 2. In the Fitbit smartphone app, you will be able to view them in a more immediate context. If you want to see patterns over a longer period of time and get more information overall, you will need to upgrade to a premium subscription.

The Luxe plan is the only one that includes data on your stress and recuperation, while the other plans only provide data on your heart rate. This is quite a helpful metric, and the Sense watch provides access to it as well. Fitbit has announced that an upcoming software update will bring stress tracking to the Charge 4 and the Inspire 2.

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Luxe Charge 4 Inspire 2  
Built-in GPS No Yes No
Floors climbed No Yes No
Skin temperature Yes Yes No
Stress & recovery Yes Coming via software update Coming via software update
Blood oxygen Yes Yes No
NFC No Yes No
Smart features Call notifications Text, calendar, app alerts Call notifications Text, calendar, app alerts Quick replies Spotify Control Fitbit Pay Call notifications Text, calendar, app alerts

Intelligent functionalities

When it comes to features that aren’t related to fitness, the Inspire 2 doesn’t have a lot to offer. You may set it up to receive alerts for incoming calls, texts, calendar events, and app notifications. But that’s the last we heard of it. When it comes to Luxe, things can’t get much better.

In addition to the NFC iteration for payments made on the fly, which was discussed before, Charge 4 takes things one step further with its Quick Replies feature. This is something that will make a difference for those who use Fitbit Pay, but it won’t make even the slightest amount of a difference at all for those who don’t use it.

The last of the additional features that come with Charge 4 is the capability to use Spotify on your mobile device. Because of this, you won’t need to reach for your phone in order to play, stop, shuffle, or skip tracks.

The comparison between the Fitbit Luxe, Charge 4, and Inspire 2: the bottom line

There isn’t a single one of these tools that will let you down. All three track your fitness levels well around the clock and use the tried-and-true software environment that Fitbit offers.

If you want a vaping experience that is less bulky and more covert, the Inspire 2 or the Luxe are the devices you should go with. The first is an affordable choice that has a great assortment of features, while the second provides even more.

In point of fact, Luxe is quite comparable to Charge 4 in terms of their respective health metrics. When you add this feature to the tracker’s beautiful OLED screen, you have a strong case for spending the money.

Even while it does not appear to be of the same high quality as Luxe, the Charge 4 comes with the same price tag. The fact that it has a built-in GPS, an altimeter that counts the number of floors ascended, and NFC that enables contactless payments are all things that work in its favor. Additionally, its battery life is superior to that of the Luxe.

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Choose the Inspire 2 if tracking your most fundamental fitness and health stats is your primary concern. It has a suggested retail price that is approximately $50 lower than the other two. If you want more, you’ll have to figure out which aspects of your life are the most essential to you. The stunning appearance and display of the Luxe, as well as the built-in GPS and longer battery life that come with the Charge 4 model,

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