When Will the Apple Watch Series 4 Be Available for Purchase?

According to the most recent news, there is a good chance that Apple will soon show off the next generation of its smartwatch line.

As is customary, it is anticipated that the device will represent significant progress over its predecessor. Even though nothing has been officially confirmed as of yet, there is a lot of talk about what might be going on.

The rumoured increase or decrease in size is said to be the most significant alteration, at least in terms of the design. The display on the Apple Watch, which will be released this year, should be approximately 15% larger. One approach that may be used to accomplish this would be to reduce the size of the bezels. These two pictures in the article show what this might look like on a real-world device.

It is also expected that the Series 4 device will have increased computing power, improved activity tracking, and, who knows, maybe even longer battery life. It couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

There have been a total of three incarnations and four types of Apple Watches introduced up until this point. Every new series after the first one came out in September, except for the first one, which came out in April.

When, exactly, will Apple unveil everything?

At this point in time, it appears like the most likely debut date for Series 4 will take place on Wednesday, September 12th, 2018. Put a note in your calendar about this date. Alongside the watch, the Cupertino company will unveil three new iPhones, one of which is a more affordable model with fewer features and a smaller display than the iPhone X Plus.

A variety of independent sources have agreed that today is the day in question. One of these is BGR, which has communicated with a large number of Apple partners and third-party accessory manufacturers and learned that they have been instructed to release embargoes on their products on the 12th. The schedule makes perfect sense, taking into consideration that Apple has a history of holding the event within the first or second week of September 2018, with pre-orders beginning on the following Friday.

To be fair, Apple has not provided any comment as of yet. The invitations to the event are not sent out by the corporation until late afternoon, which is really unfortunate. So it looks like it will be at least a week before we get a definitive answer.

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