When You Meditate, the Flowtime Headband Encourages Deeper Exploration of Both Your Mind and Your Body

One of the most popular reasons people meditate is to help reduce their levels of stress. But in addition to that, there are a few other advantages. A lot of people use it to stay grounded, become more aware, increase their attention span, prevent age-related memory loss, control their anxiety, fight addictions, and do many other things.

It is undeniably beneficial to your health. However, just as you start to become excited about the benefits to your health, difficulties start to appear, such as restless thinking, tiredness, and physical aches. This is especially true for those who are just starting out. Who would have imagined that simply sitting still and practising mindfulness could prove to be so challenging?

Move with the Flowtime. By delivering insights into both your mind and body, the smart headband is designed to make this task far simpler. It was recently funded on Kickstarter and has the capability of monitoring and displaying your brainwaves as well as your pulse rate in real-time while you are in meditation.

This is accomplished via the headband through the utilization of a two-channel EEG system as well as heart rate sensors. You just need to put it on your head when you get into the zone for your session. Your alpha, beta, theta, and gamma waves, as well as your heart rate and heart-rate variability, are all seen and analyzed by the device.

The companion mobile application will illustrate all of this information for you, providing you with a comprehensive perspective of the processes taking place in both your brain and your body. Those individuals who struggle to tune out distracting stimuli and overcome mental blockages may benefit most from this in particular. The software includes guided and unguided meditation modes, so it is suitable for users of all experience levels, including those who are just starting out. Because Flowtime and Mobio Interactive, Inc. work together, the University of Toronto and St. Elizabeth Healthcare have scientifically confirmed the lessons in the Flowtime app.

Flowtime has a design that is extremely thin and weighs only 25 grams in total. You may use it for jogging meditation as well as yoga meditation because it has a flexible rubber band in the rear that holds it securely in place and allows you to use it for both activities.

It is recommended that you take a glance at this Kickstarter campaign if you are searching for a fresh approach to comprehending what is occurring in both your mind and body as you practice meditation. The typical caveats regarding crowdfunding are also listed.

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