Why To Get A Watch That Tracks Your Blood Pressure And Our Top Picks

Why To Get A Watch That Tracks Your Blood Pressure And Our Top Picks

We all expect a lot more from our smartwatches as technology advances. Furthermore, when it comes to our health, we prefer to know that all of our information is collected and analysed in one location. This allows us to gain a better understanding of our health and may encourage us to make improvements. There are various options open to us when it comes to blood pressure and our hearts.

What Is Blood Pressure and What Does It Tell Us?

Blood pressure is something we’ve all heard about. But do you know what blood pressure is, why it’s vital to keep track of it, and what it might tell you?The amount of effort required by your heart to pump blood around your body is measured by blood pressure. As you can see from that explanation, having a higher blood pressure indicates your heart is under greater stress because it takes more force to pump your blood.

Blood pressure is measured in two ways: systolic pressure, which measures the pressure when your heart pumps blood out, and diastolic pressure, which measures the pressure when your heart pumps blood in. Diastolic pressure refers to the pressure in the intervals between heartbeats. Blood pressure can be used to determine how healthy your heart is when these measurements are used together. Blood pressure might be excessively high, excessively low, or perfect. As a result, it’s critical to keep track of your blood pressure.

Which Smartwatches Have Blood Pressure Monitoring?

There are a few smartwatches to select from if you want to physically monitor your blood pressure. The watches on this list range from those that can manually record your blood pressure to those that can take an exact reading.

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It’s evident that Apple has prioritized health since the launch of the original Apple Watch. They’ve launched a number of USPs centered on the wearer’s health. Apple was the first company to create a heart monitor that could measure and track a person’s heart rate. Following this achievement, Apple added an ECG function to the iPhone. It’s apparent that this isn’t a substitute for medical treatment or seeing a doctor. It does, however, give the wearer an idea of whether or not their heart is in trouble.

Blood pressure monitoring is also accessible on Apple Watch, if you want to take it a step further. However, not as part of their health-related app package. Apps like Qardio can be downloaded from the App Store.It is apparent that Apple has prioritized health since the launch of the original Apple Watch. They have a number of USPs that are centered on the wearer’s health. When it comes to the heart, Apple was the first to release a heart monitor that could track and measure a person’s heart rate. Following this achievement, Apple added an ECG feature. It’s evident that this isn’t a substitute for medical attention or a visit to the doctor. It does, however, provide the person an indication of whether or not they have a heart problem.

Blood pressure monitoring is also available on Apple Watch. But not as part of their health app suite. Apps such as Qardio can be downloaded from the App Store.


Another brand connected with fitness trackers is Garmin. It’s no surprise, then, that they also include heart rate settings. To acquire an accurate readout, Garmin smartwatch users have to wear a connected heart rate chest strap. The heart rate monitor was eventually included inside the watch as technology progressed.

Garmin uses heart rate data in a variety of ways to help you understand your health and fitness, as well as how to make your workouts more successful. Blood pressure sensors are not yet available on Garmin smartwatches. However, you can download apps to keep track of your blood pressure and heart rate data digitally, allowing you to monitor any changes.


Fitbit is another smartwatch brand that focuses on fitness. Fitbit watches are available to meet a wide range of fitness needs. As a result, it’s only logical that most of the newer models include heart monitoring as a regular feature. If you choose the Fitbit Sense, you’ll also get an ECG monitor, similar to the Apple Watch.

Blood pressure monitoring is not incorporated in the watch itself, as it is with the others, however third-party apps exist that allow you to record and monitor your blood pressure. Fitbit is doing a blood pressure study for its Fitbit Sense, according to recent reports.

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HeartGuide by Omron

The Omron HeartGuide is your only option if you want more than just monitoring from your smartwatch. With the unique inflatable wrist strap that allows the watch to collect precise readings, this watch can correctly monitor your blood pressure throughout the day.

Many of the functionality that you may expect from a smartwatch are absent from this device. You can keep track of your blood pressure, activity, and sleep, and you can get notifications when you get a new text, phone, or email. If you want to do more, however, you’ll need to pick up your phone.

What is the best device to use?

This is dependent on your expectations from your smartwatch. The Omron is the gadget to use if you want to accurately measure your blood pressure. If you want a watch with more features, are willing to manually enter your blood pressure data into an app, or have a smart blood pressure monitor, you might be better off with one of the larger brands.

Apple boasts the most functionality, including built-in heart rate tracking and ECG, as well as the option to monitor blood pressure through third-party apps.

Garmin provides excellent heart rate data analysis and lets you download apps that monitor your blood pressure for you. Garmin watches, on the other hand, do not currently include ECG capabilities.

Fitbit watches also have excellent heart rate tracking capabilities, and the Fitbit Sense has ECG capabilities. Fitbit, on the other hand, lacks the broader capability of a smartwatch and the number of apps accessible to download and use to monitor your blood pressure.

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Should I Invest in a Blood Pressure-Monitoring Smartwatch?

Understanding your blood pressure is one of the keys to maintaining a healthy heart and will provide you with immediate feedback on how well your heart is handling various scenarios.

It’s simple to remain on top of your health and keep an eye on probable hypertension by choosing a smartwatch with blood pressure monitoring and recording features. In other words, whatever accurate information about your blood pressure that your smartwatch can keep should be embraced and used to successfully monitor your health.

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