Why Your Deposit In The Bank Is Not Showing Up?

Why Your Deposit In The Bank Is Not Showing Up?

Instructions in the event that a deposit is not posted

A customer wants to know, “Why hasn’t my deposit been credited to my Firi account yet?” This is by far the most popular inquiry we get in support and on our social media platforms. In this article, we will discuss bank transfers in further detail and share our top recommendations for making deposits.

Open banking is ’ most efficient deposit method.

These funds originate from direct bank deposits made with us via a Neonomics-provided payment mechanism. Our open banking solution requires support from your financial institution. You can do a search for your bank under Deposits to verify this. Getting Here:

Money Movements > Bank Transactions > Deposits > Go on a bank hunt

How long does it generally take to receive a deposit?

Direct bank deposits made through a Neonomics payment service will often reach us within one business day. However, the speed with which you get your deposit depends on factors such as the day and time you make the deposit. The various possibilities are summarized below:

If you make a deposit on a weekday before 14:00, you should see it the following business day.

If you deposit after 14:00 on a weekday:
Typically, the deposit will be received the morning of the second business day. If you deposit money at 16:00 on a Monday, it will often show up in your account the following Wednesday at 9:00 am.
On the weekend, between Friday and Sunday, you deposit:
In most cases, the deposit is received on the following Tuesday.
You deposit funds on a Monday (the second day of Easter) despite it being a holiday:
On Wednesday mornings is when the deposit is typically received.
Your transaction will be reflected in our system instantly, however the monetary settlement may take some time to process. This is due to the fact that various banks conduct x number of settlements per business day, and your payment will not be processed until the following settlement. Once your bank has completed its end of the transaction, our bank will handle the transfer and issue a deposit to your account.

Pay by hand with a bank transfer.

If your financial institution does not participate in our open banking service, you can still send money via traditional means. Here, you’ll be prompted to enter your online banking information so that recurring payments can be sent to Firi. In the “Manual transfer” section, you’ll discover Firi’s account details:

Payments > Bank Transfer > Deposits > Hand-Carried Payments

When compared to our open banking system, why does this typically take a little longer?

When you manually transfer, unlike when you use our open banking solution, we do not immediately receive transaction details. This data is not available until we receive it from your bank, which normally happens the next business day after you deposit funds. The deposit will be sent to you as soon as our bank processes the data.

In what way is our open banking solution not acceptable to your bank?

Unfortunately, the PSD2 Directive * is still being implemented by some banks and is not currently supported by all accounts. If you’re curious about whether or not your bank will offer this feature, feel free to ask them..

Here are some of our best recommendations for making a deposit.

Please consider implementing our open banking solution. If this is not something your bank offers, you should ask about setting it up.
There will be a delay in processing deposits made on Friday afternoon compared to the rest of the week. Due to the weekend bank holiday, we won’t know the status of deposits made between Friday and Sunday until we hear back from the banks on Tuesday.
Always double check that funds from your private bank account are being deposited into your private account with us.

Make that all business account deposits are coming from the business bank account.
We are aware of the value of instant deposits to our clientele and are striving to implement a new payment option that will further expedite the process. Take note!
What not to do while making a deposit, according to us
Don’t pay up right now. Our bank has updated the way that data related to instantaneous transfers is made public. This means that the time it takes to receive the required data for most instant payments has increased.

Stay away from credit card and Nordnet deposits - Our conditions stipulate that all deposits must come from an account in our very own name. Customers of Nordnet and a variety of credit card companies share a single account. This necessitates a great deal of time spent manually processing deposits and tracing their origins. Several days are needed for this.
Never use a different person’s bank account to transmit money. If this occurs, per our agreements, the money will be refunded over the course of several days.


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