With 5.7 million smartwatches sold in the second quarter, Apple maintains its dominance in the global market

Apple’s dominance as the world’s leading maker of smartwatches has been bolstered by recent developments. During the second quarter of 2019, the tech giant was responsible for over half of all of these devices that were shipped worldwide.

These numbers were taken from a research that was compiled by Strategy Analytics called Global Smartwatch Vendor Market Share by Region. This demonstrates that the number of smartwatches that were shipped all over the world climbed to 12.3 million in the second quarter of 2019, up from 8.6 million in the same time of the previous year. A rise of a significant magnitude in the span of a year’s time.

The growth was mostly driven by the success of sales of Apple’s Watch product. The Cupertino company shipped over 5.7 million smartphones all over the world, an increase from the 3.8 million units shipped in the second quarter of 2018. This accounted for 46.4% of the whole, an increase of almost 2% compared to the previous year.

This substantial growth in the number of products being sold shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Apple announced last week that their revenue for the most recent quarter was very robust. In point of fact, with a total of $53.8 billion, it was the largest June quarter in history. The majority of the expansion may be attributed to the rise in demand for services and wearables, which increased by 13% and 48%, respectively.


Global Smartwatch Vendor Shipments and Market Share in Q2 2019
Global Smartwatch Vendor Shipments (Millions of Units) Q2 ’18 Q2 ’19
Apple 3.8 5.7
Samsung 0.9 2.0
Fitbit 1.3 1.2
Others 2.6 3.4
Total 8.6 12.3
Global Smartwatch Vendor Market Share (% share) Q2 ’18 Q2 ’19
Apple 44.4 46.4
Samsung 10.5 15.9
Fitbit 15.2 9.8
Others 29.8 27.9
YOY growth (%) 55.4 43.6
Source: Strategy Analytics

Other than the top three manufacturers of smartwatches, Samsung was the only other one to have a successful quarter. The business shipped approximately 2 million units, which was assisted in no little part by the debut of the Galaxy Watch Active in March and the Galaxy Watch toward the end of last year. Year-on-year, Samsung’s quarterly market share went from 10.5 percent to 15.9 percent, reflecting a significant gain.

The company made the announcement concerning the newest version of its Galaxy Watch Active a few days ago. The product includes a built-in ECG in addition to other features like as a touch-sensitive bezel, various size options, an LTE version, and more. The most recent introduction ought to assist it in further expanding its market share worldwide.

On the other hand, Fitbit appears to be having trouble. The unsatisfactory performance of the Versa Lite in terms of sales was reflected in the company’s bad financial results for the June fiscal quarter. The product was released earlier this year as a more budget-friendly alternative to the company’s best-selling smartwatch; nevertheless, it appears that users are more prepared to pay for the entire thing.

In the second quarter of 2019, Fitbit shipped around 1.2 million units, which is lower than the 1.3 million units shipped during the same period of time in 2018. The company’s share of global smartwatch shipments plummeted to 9.8 percent from 15.2 percent after the announcement of its earnings, mirroring the company’s stock price after the news was released.

It is possible that the San Francisco band is now placing its hopes in Versa 2 to help it turn its fortunes around. The introduction of the soon-to-be-released wearable device should not be too far off, as the first photographs of the device have been made public.

It should be emphasized that some of the data provided by Strategy Analytics are only estimations. For instance, Apple does not divulge information regarding the total number of smartwatches that it has sold. Instead, it places the statistics in the Accessories, Wearables, and Home Goods categories respectively.

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