With the Fitbit OS 5.3 Software Update, Status Indications are Now Available on the Versa 3 and Sense

With the Fitbit OS 5.3 Software Update, Status Indications are Now Available on the Versa 3 and Sense

An update to the software that runs on the Fitbit Versa 3 and Sense wearables is presently being distributed to their respective owners. It adds a few more training modes and several status indicators to the interface.

The deployment is happening in stages, and the company claims that some devices have already been affected by it. This is the approach that Fitbit will take in order to smooth out any kinks in the system before the update is rolled out to too many users.

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That being said, the update should start appearing on your device very soon if you haven’t already seen it. Use the application on your smartphone, and you will be notified immediately whether the update is now available in your area. You have the ability to perform a manual check by selecting the symbol that represents your profile within the smartphone app, tapping the Fitbit device on which you desire to perform the update, and selecting the option to Update Tracker Software.

The update to the operating system software version 5.3 does not introduce any significant new features. However, there have been some helpful additions that should ease your life a little bit simpler.

The first of these now is that there are state indications on the wristwatch that will let customers know if their Versa 3 or Sense battery is relatively low. These signals will let you understand if your energy life is getting dangerously low. Additionally, the indicators reveal whether or not you have activated the “do not disturb” or “sleep mode” settings on your device and whether your watch is linked to your smartphone. The purpose of this feature, which Fitbit offers, is to place all of this data at your disposal so that you wouldn’t have to search for it.

The following graphic visually represents how the status indications appear on Sense. When the screen first wakes up, the icons remain visible for approximately three seconds before vanishing again. Slide to the right to see the symbols at the head of the quick options menu if you want to see them again. You can disable the function of the status indicators by going to the settings page and making the appropriate selection.

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Fitbit OS 5.3 adds a few new activity modes and fixes the typical bugs that have been present since previous versions. These include hobbies like canoeing, skiing, and many others that take place outside.

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