With the Introduction of its First Full-Touch Smartwatch, Kate Spade Mixes Fashion and Functionality

With the Introduction of its First Full-Touch Smartwatch, Kate Spade Mixes Fashion and Functionality

The first ever feminine smartwatch from Kate Spade New York was introduced at CES 2018 and mixes fashion with functionality.

The Scallop touchscreen watch, which is driven by Android Wear 2.0, is available in three different aesthetic iterations. The first one features a black leather band and a gold case. The other two rose gold cases each have a polished stainless steel or pink leather five-link bracelet to complement the case. All of them have a scalloped border that goes around the watch’s face, and the crown of the watch has the company logo etched on it.

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The watch features both charming novelty dials and traditional 41mm display dials, so you may choose the one that best complements your style. The Scallop not only displays the time but also provides notifications, and updates from social media, and has some very cool animations. The 1.2-inch AMOLED display allows users to not only personalize the look of their watch but also view information such as the current weather.

“There is never a dull moment in the life of a Kate Spade New York girl. According to Mary Beech, executive vice president and chief marketing officer of Kate Spade New York, “And now, with our ‘choose your look’ watch app, she has access to the most feminine, fashion-forward, and personalized smartwatch capabilities to date.”

“Whether she’s wearing pink, stripes, or dots, our scallop touchscreen smartwatch will match her outfit and add a unique Kate Spade New York twist to her style,” you can say about the watch.

You receive some basic fitness monitoring features, but there is no heart rate tracking included. Other features include: The watch comes equipped with its own microphone, which enables you to use Google Assistant and also allows you to play music from your smartphone. The battery life lasts for about twenty-four hours.

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With the introduction of its first full-touch smartwatch, Kate Spade mixes fashion and functionality.

On the Kate Spade website, the price of the Scallop can range anywhere from $295 to $325, depending on the design. You may also buy it on Amazon, if you want (check price).

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