Within the Connect app, Garmin makes it simpler to communicate and collaborate with other users

The Connect app from Garmin has just received some minor updates that make it far simpler to like and comment on the actions of other users.

A few updates are released for the Garmin Connect app on a regular basis. And even when they do arrive, they are almost always related to fixing bugs, which means that you will almost never see any discernible difference. This most recent update to the app does, in fact, bring about some noticeable, though subtle, changes. The majority of them are for the newsfeed.

The newsfeed for Garmin Connect

A tab for activities and another for steps were used to make up the previous iteration of the Garmin Connect newsfeed. This gave you the ability to examine the step counts and activities of both yourself and your friends. The Steps tab has been removed from the Garmin app as of recently. You are thus only able to access the activity stream.

As was the case previously, this may be modified. If you go to the upper right corner of the screen and tap on the symbol that looks like a filter, you will be given the option to filter by Activity Type as well as by People. The several types of activities that make up the Activity Type are as follows: running, cycling, using gym and exercise equipment, swimming, walking, hiking, diving, winter sports, and “other.” “All,” “My Connections,” and “Only me” are the three options available for the People filter.

If you press the three dots that are located below the filter symbol, you will have the option to adjust the privacy settings for each of your actions. Individual attention is given in this respect. It is not necessary for everyone to know that your most recent race did not meet expectations. There are many options available for you to choose from, including “Only Me,” “My Connections,” “My Groups and Connections,” and “Everyone.”

The most recent version includes a graphical modification in the form of like and comment buttons that are now placed underneath each action. This enables you to engage in conversation with other users without ever leaving the Connect app. As previously explained, the functionality was already there; the only difference is a change in appearance that takes the shape of icons.

This operates quite similarly to a Facebook feed. If you like a particular activity, clicking the heart button will add your likes to the ongoing count of likes for that activity. If you have anything to say, you can leave a comment by clicking the comment button. After that, others will be able to react to or like your remark. Simply said, it’s as simple as that!

The Garmin Connect Newsfeed teaches you how to make new acquaintances.

Additionally, the Garmin Connections page has undergone some minor revisions as well. You may access this area by selecting “Connections” after clicking on the More option that is located near the bottom of the page.

Adding new contacts to your existing Garmin account is now much easier than before.

On the Connections tab, you have the option to connect with other users using Facebook, Google, or contacts that you have stored in the phone contacts part of your account.

You will be prompted to enter your password for your Google Mail account as well as your Facebook account (by logging into the account).

After that, give your blessing to the Garmin Connect connection. This is a one-time occurrence only. After that moment, Garmin Connect will have the appropriate rights to interact with the other account you have.

You will be presented with a list of all of your friends who also have accounts on Garmin Connect.

Select the Connect option after tapping on a specific individual. This will cause a request to be sent to the account of this individual.

They will then have the opportunity to agree to or decline that request.

That is the extent of the matter. As soon as your friend accepts your request to connect, their activities will begin to surface in your activity feed, and your own activities will begin to appear in their feed. After that, you may start competing with each other while also supporting one another.

Gamification and social ties, according to research, are two factors that help raise exercise levels. A recent study, for example, discovered that families who played games increased their daily step counts by nearly one mile per day and completed their daily fitness objectives 27 per cent more often than families who did not play games. Because of this, a large number of companies that create wearable goods are making an attempt to incorporate functionality that makes it possible to communicate with other people.

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