Withings Go's Heart-Rate-Capable Replacement Device is Released by the FCC

Withings Go's Heart-Rate-Capable Replacement Device is Released by the FCC

The Withings Go fitness tracker will soon have a new iteration. The low-cost wearable is getting a substantial makeover, according to its FCC listing.

For those who don’t know, the waterproof Withings (previously Nokia) Go is made to make activity monitoring more accessible to everyone. It has an e-Ink screen that displays activities and may be used as a watch when necessary.

Walking, running, and swimming are automatically tracked around-the-clock, and several daily activities are also recognised. Go can differentiate between light and deep sleep cycles at night to help you better understand your sleep habits.

The 88 segments used to display a user’s progress change from a stick person to a star when your daily objective is reached. The tracker changes to a typical watch display when you press the center of the screen.

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If the FCC file is any indication, the little tracker will undergo a dramatic redesign. To start, Pulse HR is the name given to it in the documentation. That gives us pretty good reason to believe heart rate monitoring will be included in the package. From its FCC label, we can tell that it is a newer model of the Withings Go. It has the model number WAM03, as opposed to the previous version’s WAM02 model number.

The FCC receives a new Withings Go fitness tracker.

The wearable will undergo a considerable redesign in addition to the new sensor. The new Go will likely have a rectangular appearance as opposed to the circular face of its predecessor, as seen in the image above. Perhaps the redesign was required to make room for the heart rate sensor. Of course, in order to take measures, the wearable must be in close proximity to the skin.

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The battery is another modification. A 110mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery is included with the Pulse HR. The previous model had a coin-cell battery that could power the small device for eight months.

Fans of affordable fitness trackers may soon have a Withings Go replacement that is up to the task. We’ll undoubtedly keep a watch out for any additional information and leaks

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