Best Cheap Hosting For High Traffic WordPress Websites In USA

Best Cheap Hosting For High Traffic WordPress Websites In USA

Premium Managed WordPress Hosting

Type: Managed WordPress Hosting

Cost:  Mostly between $ 6 and $ 60 per month

Suitable for: Small to medium and/or low to moderately low-traffic websites and blogs that are looking for hosting that meets or exceeds WordPress requirements and offers, among other things, automatic platform installation and upgrade.

Level of difficulty: Easy

Overall rating:  There are plans of all types and prices. Some options restrict advanced settings while others are geared toward area professionals.

1. HostSoch Managed WordPress Hosting Review

HostSoch ADVANCED Plan for example

  • 1 Click WordPress Installation
  • Unlimited Space & Bandwidth
  • Free .IN/.COM Domain for Lifetime
  • At the same time, Unlimited Email IDs & FTP Accounts
  • Supports: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Php, cPanel

Price/Month Rs 99.00

2. Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting Review

Bluehost WP Standard Plan for instance

  • Also, Official WordPress Partner
  • Wordpress Technical Support
  • 100 Million Traffic & 30GB Space
  • Host 1 Domain
  • At the same time, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free SiteLock Pro & SSL

Price/Month $ 19.99

3. InMotion Managed WordPress Hosting Review

InMotion LAUNCH WP Hosting Plan for example

  • WordPress Optimised hosting
  • Unlimited Disk space & Bandwidth
  • Also, you can Host 2 Domains
  • Free domain name
  • At the same time, 90 days money back guarantee
  • Supports: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Php, cPanel

Price/Month $ 3.49

4. HostPapa Managed WordPress Hosting Review

HostPapa WP Starter Plan for instance

  • Easy 1 click WordPress Installation
  • WordPress Optimized Plans
  • WordPress Super Caching Server
  • Also, you can Host 2 WordPress Sites
  • Free Domain & SSL Certificate
  • At the same time, 30 days Money Back Guarantee

Price/Month Rs 199.00

5. ResellerClub Managed WordPress Hosting Review

ResellerClub STARTER LITE Plan for example

  • Supports 25,000 visits/mo
  • Host Single Website
  • 2 GB RAM & 2 Cores
  • Automatic WordPress updates
  • Also, WP Database is Optimized
  • At the same time, Jetpack plugin is pre-installed

Price/Month Rs 160.00

6. Hostinger Managed WordPress Hosting Review

Hostinger SINGLE WEB HOSTING Plan for instance

  • Fully Optimized and Managed WordPress hosting
  • 10 GB Space & 100 GB Bandwidth
  • Host 1 Website
  • Also, you get Free Domain & SSL Certificate
  • At the same time, 30 days Money Back Guarantee

Price/Month Rs 129.00

7. A2Hosting Managed WordPress Hosting Review LITE Plan for example

  • WordPress Optimized Hosting
  • Unlimited Space & Bandwidth
  • Turbo Servers (up to 20X faster)
  • Free SSL & SSD Space
  • Also, you get anytime Money Back Guarantee
  • 99.9% Uptime Commitment
  • Free Account Migration
  • At the same time they Supports: Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Magento, Php

Price/Month Rs 251.01

8. BigRock Managed WordPress Hosting Review

BigRock Shared Wordpress Hosting Plan for instance

  • 1 click WordPress Installation
  • 500 MB Space & 2 GB Transfer
  • Host 1 Website
  • At the same time, 30 day money back guarantee
  • Also Supports: Drupal, Joomla, Php, cPanel

Price/Month Rs 119.00

9. iPage Managed WordPress Hosting Review

iPage WP Starter Plan for example

  • Wordpress Optimised Hosting
  • Pre-Installed Themes & Plugins
  • Unlimited Space & Bandwidth
  • Free domain name
  • Host Unlimited Domains
  • At the same time, 30 days money back guarantee
  • Supports: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Php, cPanel

Price/Month $ 3.75

10. Znetlive Managed WordPress Hosting Review

Znetlive Managed WordPress Hosting Gold Plan for instance

  • WordPress Optimized Hosting
  • 290 GB Space & Bandwidth
  • In addition, can Host 3 domains
  • 30 days Money back guarantee
  • At the same time they Supports: WordPress, Drupal, Php, cPanel

Price/Month Rs 195.00


Who owns a WordPress website needs to ensure that it is hosted in a trustworthy and quality company that provides the necessary resources to ensure the site performance, stability and security.

If you are looking for Best Managed WordPress hosting, know that you have to take into account several aspects, ranging from the minimum requirements of WordPress to special features for those who use this platform.

Here are the top things you should take into consideration when choosing your Managed WordPress hosting.


The WordPress needs some basic features to work as a PHP hosting (preferably Linux) and a MySQL database. However, this is not enough for your WordPress site. You need to ensure that the hosting will have extra features that meet or even exceed the specific requirements of WordPress.

Luckily there are some companies that exceed these minimum requirements by offering specific plans for WordPress hosting. These plans usually include items such as:


Automatic WordPress Update - As a new WordPress update is released every three months, this feature is a “hand in hand” for those who do not want to worry about the technical part of maintaining their website.

Daily backups - A convenience that gives much more security to your WordPress.

Unique Themes - Some companies develop themes for their customers.

Another benefit to WordPress while being in an optimized platform is that pages tend to be loaded faster than if they were in a standard web hosting.

In addition, some companies have a specialized support team. In this case, in addition to technical help for hosting items, it will be valuable to have a team of WordPress experts who can help you solve day-to-day problems such as installing plugins and unexpected errors.

Last, but not least, are the performance and stability, which should be considered when choosing your Managed WordPress hosting. Below we list the companies that offer Managed WordPress hosting, and which are among the best in the world.

Wordpress Inner content image

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free web tool that allows anyone to create a website, blog or application. Also known as CMS (Content Management System), WordPress is considered to be the largest content management platform in the world with more than 60 million users. Its popularity is due to its versatility, ease of use and the thousands of plugins and themes that make website creation easier and more professional.

WordPress basically works as follows: once installed, you choose your preferred theme, insert content and images, and then customize the look and functionality of your site with the plugins made available to WordPress. With thousands of themes offered for WordPress, it is possible to create any type of website, e-commerce, and blog, with ease, speed, and quality.


The installation can be done through a free download on the website or through the one-click installation feature, made available in the control panel of various hosting companies. You can also choose a manual installation if you have any technical knowledge or if the hosting company offers you this type of support. In both cases, the installation is relatively fast.

You can also get a free hosting for your WordPress directly through, but keep in mind that you will have limited control over the installation, theme options, and plugins unless you upgrade the plan or buy additional services.



  • Free tool
  • Intuitive interface and in Mostly all the languages
  • Easy to install
  • Works in virtually all hosting plans
  • It is scalable
  • It is constantly evolving


  • Some paid themes can be “heavy” and slow your site down
  • Plugins and images consume bandwidth and can overwhelm your hosting
  • Free themes can be used by many people
  • There is no automatic backup, except by companies offering this service

How much?

The WordPress application is free and can be used on almost all hosting plans as long as they meet the minimum requirements. WordPress also provides free themes and plugins for you to customize your site, meaning you can create your site without spending anything other than time. If you’re starting now, you can start with free themes and plugins, so you can test and better understand what works on your site. Subsequently, with the growth of the site, you can migrate to more advanced options, with themes and paid plugins for your WordPress.

Already the WordPress hosting is paid, but only for the hosting itself, since the tool is free. As we have seen, the cost of basic lodging ranges from $ 9.99 to more than $ 70, for the hosting paid in dollars. Only the themes and advanced plugins are charged, or even hiring a domain for your website. However, it is important to consider that with the growth of the site, you may need to migrate to a more robust plan. This is because inserting images and plugins tend to consume more features of the plan, such as bandwidth.

So if your site is an e-commerce, or you have a large gallery of photos or images to download, take this into consideration when hiring a WooCommerce hosting. For those who are starting out, a common (shared) hosting plan is often enough, but remember that when your site grows, you’ll probably need to upgrade.


Unless you have a free blog hosted on, run away from companies that offer free web hosting. In addition, some companies offer free hosting plans as a way to get more customers and try to sell paid plans later. On the contrary, this type of hosting usually leaves a craving for performance and stability, as explained above. In addition, support will also be weak or nonexistent, as in many free services we find out there.

Even if you’re not willing to pay for a specialized WordPress plan, it’s perfectly possible to have your WordPress site installed on a shared hosting and still get good server performance, both in speed and stability. So, consider paying a hosting company as a necessary investment.

With this issue resolved, the next step will be to decide how much to spend and which hosting plan to choose.


The next step to hiring the hosting is to set up the hosting environment to get your new site. Of course, this setting may vary, depending on your situation. The following is a compilation of the most common situations to help you in this process. Check what situation you fit in and get to work!


A new installation of WordPress is always the easiest to manage, since installing WordPress is easy and fast. In addition, you will not have to deal with possible compatibilities. If so, you should:

  • Point the domain to your new hosting
  • Install WordPress (if not installed with the hosting)
  • Customize your new site (installing themes and plugins)

Tip: If you do not want to leave your site exposed while it is being built, install WordPress in a folder outside the domain root, such as So, who access your domain will not view the site that is under construction. After setting everything up, you can keep WordPress in this same directory, but remove it from the URL, leaving the final address as only. To do this, follow the steps in this article.


In this scenario, the most comfortable situation is when the company you hired offers the migration service. So you just need to provide access data to the old hosting, and the migration team will make every effort to get your site up and running in the new environment. If this service is not available, you must migrate on your own, which will require code editing and deal with specialized programs. Although if you are not a specialist, I recommend hiring one, so that you do not have any issues with this migration.

If the company offers the migration service, you should:

  • Request the migration of the site (providing the necessary access to the new hosting company)
  • Point domain DNS for the new hosting (only after the migration is complete)

If you want to do the process manually, you should:

  • Important: The step-by-step described below should only be performed by someone who has the necessary technical knowledge. If the terms described below are new to you, do not migrate on your own. Instead, hire a professional or trigger the support of the new company.
  • Export your WordPress database
  • Create a MySQL database in your new hosting
  • Import the database to the database you just created
  • Make a copy of all the files on your old server (from the WordPress you want to migrate)
  • Edit the wp-config.php file by entering the credentials of the new database
  • Via FTP, publish the files on the server of your new hosting (only after making sure everything is in order)


The migration from to WordPress installed has some limitations. While it is possible to migrate all content from the site/blog, on the contrary, you cannot migrate the theme and plugins. Still, it is an important step to be taken for those who are seeking more autonomy and control for their site.

As a result, you will have to:

  1. Install WordPress on your new hosting (if it does not come installed)
  2. Export your blog content to
  3. Import content to your new WordPress
  4. Customize your new site (installing themes and plugins)


Consequently, WordPress has two versions that, even though they share many features are distinct from each other: the and Both have been created and are maintained by the same company (Automattic), however they have a fundamental difference: is maintained by Automattic on its own servers, while is offered free of charge to be installed and customized to the user’s liking, Besides having a great community that collaborates with the creation of plugins, themes and with the evolution of the system.

The version offered on works as a more restricted service where the site owner (you) does not have access to the source code but also does not have to worry about any details related to the hosting or updates. For this reason, this option is offered for free and you will have to pay if you want extra services, such as setting up a domain of your own or installing special features.

Because the version provided by, the site owner has full access to the system source code and has complete freedom of installation, configuration, and customization of the site/blog. Hence, this is the recommended option for those who wish to undertake on the internet and have their own online business.

For this reason, you basically need two things: register a domain of your own and hire a good hosting for your sites.


The double WordPress + quality hosting is one of the secrets of many successful websites that are currently published. And the quality hosting options are growing, as well as the number of worshipers of this powerful content management tool.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or anything to add about hosting WordPress website, Leave a comment here in comments section and let’s talk!

  • Craig Caron

    Is WordPress a good choice for a coupon site? Are responsive themes really efficient for mobile viewing, agility? Thank you!

    Team CRG Soft

    Hello Craig! Yes, WordPress can be a good choice for a coupon site. Responsive themes, in general, are prepared for fast loading on mobile devices, such as mobile. However, it's important to be aware of some information about the theme before you buy it: check what other users talk about the theme, and if it has a demo version, access it through various devices to test it on practice. Good luck with the site!

    Nicolas Figueira

    Hello, I purchased a WordPress plan Managed by godaddy for 5 sites, I also registered a .com domain with enom. I plan to launch a platform with several blogs and online courses. I would like to get suggestions for a strategy to register these different sites with WordPress. Should I use subdomains pointing to each site? Should I make standalone WordPress installations for each course / blog? Thank you!

    Team CRG Soft

    Hello Nicolas! As you may have noticed, there are several possibilities for setting up WordPress. Choosing the best option in your case will depend on some factors that only you, knowing your project, can evaluate. We will try to help you with some information. In the managed WordPress plan of GoDaddy you will need to install WordPress separately for each site. Thus, you will be able to have a subdomain for each course (eg .:, etc.) or organize the folders on courses within the same domain (ex .:, course2, etc.). Another possibility is to have a domain for each WordPress site (,, etc.). In that case, you should register the new domains and point them individually to your proper installation of WordPress. There is also another alternative, which would be to use the "Multisite" mode of WordPress, where you could, with only one installation of WordPress, manage multiple sites. The sites could be accessed via subdomain or directory, as exemplified above. But be careful: the Multisite installation mode is not allowed in the GoDaddy managed WordPress plan. Instead, you would have to hire Linux hosting (Deluxe or Ultimate plans) and then install WordPress Multisite. We hope we have helped! If you still have questions, feel free to contact us!

    Cristiano Zanca

    Good afternoon! A question to anyone who is starting in the WordPress world: if I used a plugin, such as WooCommerce in development on my computer, should these same plugins also be installed on the hosting server? Thank you (sorry if the question is too obvious, at least for those who already know). Hugs!

    Team CRG Soft

    Hello Cristiano ! No need to apologize! The answer to your question is: yes, if you are developing a WordPress site locally on your computer, you will need to have the same settings on the server that will host it in the future. This includes plugins and themes. In addition, any locally published content or configuration should also be played back in WordPress installed on the server. There is a very handy way to migrate WordPress hosting, in which you will not have to worry about reproducing specific content or settings you have made locally. In short, you only need to copy all files from the root of your WordPress, export the database and import into the new hosting. Before accessing the site, however, you must make a substitution in the database to change the URL of your local WordPress to the final URL of your site (for example, change localhost / site to ). We intend to make an article about it (WordPress migration with domain change), but for now, these tips should help. If you still have questions, please contact us and we will do our best to help you. A hug and good luck!


    Thanks for the article. You clarified my doubts and left me with others. If possible, I'd like to hear your opinion on one of them. I am starting now in the blog world and I have seen that it is not worth keeping it in a free hosting. So then my great doubt arose. My blog is about travel and I'm using the WordPress platform. I would like to know, in your opinion, if the basic Hostgator package is a good choice for someone like me who is starting, It has the following characteristics: Site and Single Domain 25 GB of Storage UNLIMITED Transfer UNLIMITED E-mail Accounts Free Shared Site Builder SSL Share Godaddy's plan also seemed good, but if you want to renew after the first year, the value increases a lot. I will be very grateful if you can help me.

    Team CRG Soft

    Hello Matt! Thanks, we're glad to hear that we've helped you in some way. I believe that HostGator hosting will suit you perfectly. This site is actually hosted on an M plan by HostGator. We opted for the M for allowing more than one site in the hosting, but the plan P would also give the message if there were no other sites. Likewise, GoDaddy would also suit you, but it really gets a little more expensive than HostGator on renewal. If you have any further questions, just get in touch. A hug and good luck!

    Mark Rabey

    Hello! Firstly, I want to congratulate you for working with this site, which has helped me a lot and is still helping me! I already own a site, currently in Wix, but I have a great project for this site (with restricted access to different areas of the site, videos, store, etc) that made me search a lot to finally choose the best hosting company and the best plan for this project. I opted for Hostgator, and the Business Shared Hosting plan, while I build the site and then, as needed, migrate to another plan. I am learning about the WordPress hosting and I thought of hiring the JumpStart service from Hostgator to help me in this beginning, as I still have many doubts. As you read this article, I was left with a tremendous doubt whether to proceed with Hostgator or opt for GoDaddy. As I'm really liking what I'm finding out about WordPress, my question right now is just this! As you tested the GoDaddy WordPress hosting, what would be the best option in my case? Thank you!

    Team CRG Soft

    Hello Mark! We are very grateful and happy to know that we are helping. We hope to help you with this question too. First, I think your choice of plan on HostGator was right since you’re starting with the site and plan to have a store in the future (free SSL and dedicated IP are an advantage in this plan). JumpStart is useful for those who do not know where to start, because in it you will have the initial initial settings made by a technical person, and then you can do your theme and content customizations. On the other hand, GoDaddy has the specific WordPress plan, which also has its advantages. As the two hosting plans have differences, we will detail the main ones below, so you can evaluate what is most important and then make the best choice. Main differences between Business Plan (HostGator) and WordPress Plan (GoDaddy): 1. HostGator offers e-mail service included, while in GoDaddy you only have 1 year free in Microsoft Office (only an advantage if you want to use e- mail); 2. GoDaddy offers free domain in the annual plan (only an advantage if you need a new domain); 3. The installation of WordPress is much easier and more intuitive in GoDaddy (just a few clicks, as we show in this post). In HostGator you need to follow a step by step, but that is available in their FAQ and also in our blog; 4. In GoDaddy the site backup is daily and can be restored with one click. HostGator has weekly backup of the entire account (website, email, database) via the control panel, but you have the freedom to do external backup any way you want; 5. Both offer automatic updating of WordPress, but if for some reason you prefer to update manually, this can only be done in the HostGator plan; 6. In this GoDaddy WordPress plan you do not have the cPanel control panel, but this is not a problem because the features are available in the client panel or in the WordPress panel itself. If cPanel is important, you have the possibility to hire the hosting of GoDaddy sites, which comes with this control panel; 7. In this GoDaddy plan it is not possible to perform multisite installation of WordPress (for those who want to have multiple sites within the same WP panel). In HostGator there is no such impediment. In summary, HostGator’s plan is more flexible because it is a multi-language hosting service and has other services, such as email. Already the GoDaddy WordPress hosting was “designed” to meet the specific needs of this language, and so it is more user friendly and easy to use. The downside is that it only has 1 year of e-mail and has the limitations mentioned above. We hope we have helped and wish to succeed with the site! If you have more questions, you can write to us!

    Mark Rabey

    Your response helped a lot! Thank you very much and I will continue to access your website, which is excellent!

    Team CRG Soft

    That's good Mark! Thank you!

    Allister Thompson

    There are number of companies that provide WordPress hosting but I experience of temok hosting company that provide outstanding hosting on very low cost and outstanding quality. They also offer hosting on free of cost with one year money back guaranty they also provide window and Linux base hosting there are unlimited feature 24x7 Support, Reliable Service. Free WordPress Cleanup · 99.9% Uptime Guarantee · Free Migration Service · Price Lock Guarantee. Technical support team of temok is very professional and committed to customer service. Flexible, Easy to Use Control Panel Unlimited Sub Domains, FTP Accounts, and Email Accounts 99.9% Uptime Guarantee No Contract with a 15 Day Money Back Guarantee

    Veneric Flores

    I know a Wordpress Hosting provider, that will give yourself a satisfaction in a less cost service. It does not mean that cheap Wordpress Hosting will have also a crappy service but No, they charge less on there Wordpress Hosting Plan so that many people could afford it, and those dreams of having to own website will come true. There Wordpress Hosting Plan have this Advantages: FREE domain registration FREE search engine marketing credits UNLIMITED Storage space available Pre-Installed Themes and Plugins Scalable Bandwith for Web Traffic More advantages: Super Speed - Experience increased load speeds up to 2.5 times faster with adaptable architecture, low-density servers, CDN, and multiple caching layers. Enhance Security- We've teamed up with experts of SiteLock to deliver a deluxe security bundle that actively eliminates malware providing peace of mind for you and your site visitors. In addition, we've included a firewall that will defend against annoying issues like comment spam. Wordpress Expert Support - You'll get access to a team of support agents who are specially–trained in all things WP Essential. You'll be taken care of efficiently and effectively by people who really know what they're talking about.

    Abhishek Deshpande

    SKT Themes Hosting is one of the best and Cheap WordPress hosting. Features:- SSD Storage Devices perform much much more faster than traditional HDD and thus experience faster page speeds with 100% SSD disks Get unlimited space and unmetered bandwidth along with each of our hosting cPanel plan and remain worryless with your website size and traffic Get as many FTP accounts you want and as many email accounts because business websites might need more email accounts for their business Use as many sub domains per account and as many databases to have website with several sub domains Nagpur Web Hosting is best and Cheap WordPress Hosting if you are Located in India. Features:- SSD Storage devices are much much more faster in terms and read and write and are better than traditional hard drives. Get unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth along with each of our hosting cPanel plan and remain worryless with your website size and traffic. Many businesses rely too much on emails and hence get as many email addresses as needed using the cpanel platform and as many FTP accounts to upload files to your website One can have as many subdomains as needed for separating other child sites like job, members etc and similarly have as many databases as needed Daily backups are being taken regularly by the cpanel which is automated but we also suggest clients to have backups using WordPress plugins regularly in their desktops. Regards, Abhishek SKT Themes

    Leo Leone

    A best plan always inlcude good service, full protection, no extra costs and cheapest deals. I can suggest you which has all. 1&1 Web Hosting – Packages starting at $0.99 per Year with FREE Email Address and Private Registration · Free domain, with up to unlimited domains, emails, and storage · Drag-and-drop site builder and 1&1 Click-and-Build Apps available · Easily create an online store and gain exposure with $50-worth of ad credits · Wide variety of packages catering to businesses, personal use, and more · 1&1's custom SEO and marketing tools quickly gain visibility for your site · Money Back Guarantee – 30 days · Disk Space – Unlimited · Domain Name: Free for Life. CHEAP · Free domain included, plus unlimited websites and email accounts · 140+ 1&1 Click-and-Build Apps with support from app experts available · 1&1 Website Builder, with optional 1&1 Mobile Website Builder available · SEO and marketing tools available with $50 in free ad credits · 24/7 support with performance and security extras available DEDICATED · Full root access and Parallels® Plesk 12 management software included · Server services monitoring within the browser or from your mobile device · Recovery tool and server access available even during network downtime · 1&1 SEO Spotlight and marketing tools available for gaining exposure · Code with PHP 5, Perl, or Python, with MySQL 5 database suppport VPS · An easy-to-use and affordable, yet powerful and flexible, cloud solution · Unlimited traffic, with SAN storage for security and SSDs for amazing speed · Independently configure CPU, RAM, and disk, and alter at any time · Prepared templates for popular CMSs and web apps with easy installations · Billing by the minute, no minimum contract term, and 24/7 support WORDPRESS · Free domain name with options to host unlimited WordPress sites · Guided installation of WP with Setup Assistant for plugins and design · Popular WP plugins and themes curated and expert-recommended · Backups conducted daily and website recovery protection included · Malware scanning with SiteLock and DDoS defense with CDN available SITE BUILDERS · No coding skills necessary with 1&1 MyWebsite · Free domain name included, or transfer your existing site · Quickly build a site equipped for online sales with PayPal · $50-worth of free paid ad credits and 1&1 SEO Spotlight · Measure and track your success with 1&1 SiteAnalytics

    Jacob Bowl

    I personally use GetLark and I am very satisfied. For a period of 3 months the account is free of charge later only $5 per month. The longer the contract, the cheaper the subscription. Additionally, you can earn money on the affiliate program by recommending their services. The WordPress installation is available with a single click. Pages load very quickly, thanks to proper configuration and LiteSpeed server and SSDs. If you do not like the terms of service, they provide you with a 30-day refund.

    Jason Mathes

    Do your research. Before choosing a solution figure out what you need then look at the reviews. Do you need a turnkey solution where the hosting manages everything? Or do you want to have more control with your hosting? Personally I would stay away from the big name cheap hosting solutions. Youll get what you pay for. A slow website with dubious support. I chose a smaller host provider. They are a bit more expensive but worth every penny. Its exactly what I needed. And since they are centrally located in the US Im guaranteed fast loading sites. And their support is awesome. Do your research and you should be all set!

    Nirajan Bom Malla

    There are many different things you should figure out before selecting hosting for your WordPress blog. Here are few important things you should consider before choosing random WordPress hosting provider. Web Server Location If you choose the USA as web server location, it will take a longer time to load the site from India. If your most of your visitors are from the USA, you should choose the USA as the server location for your WordPress blog. In addition, search engines sometimes use the location of the web server to make presumptions about the location of the business behind the website. If you know where your visitors come from, it's better to choose the server location there or near. Technical Support Technical support is a must-have especially when you are a non-tech person. Tech support can be your savior when needed to perform server tasks like software updates, module installation, backup, server load and many more. Some web hosting company only offer email support. This can take more time to get you a response. When you have a serious technical problem, you need an immediate response from support team. Choose a web host that offers phone support, Skype support, as you will be getting the faster response. Find out at what times technical support is available. For this reason, 24x7x365 technical support can be a good selling point. Backup Service If your WordPress blog does not generate revenue or traffic, you can backup yourself rather than spending money on this. You can start using WordPress Plugins for Backup, there are already many. If your blog starts to grow, Backup service on Hosting Service is Highly recommended. Depending on how much you are paying for the service, the web host will have one or more backup strategies to deal with faults. It's up to you on how much you want to spend on backup service. Webhosting Speed When you start to get more hits on your website, the server becomes busy affecting the load speed of all websites hosted on it. 1 Second is always ahead of 2 seconds. It doesn't matter how fast you experience when you browse your website on your device but, it matters a lot for the search engine robots. WordPress Hosting Price WordPress hosting can cost anything from $8 per month to $500 per month. Cost depends on the server configuration, bandwidth, and the services. Start from minimum price whatever hosting company you select, but make sure they have the flexible pricing model. Pay as you go hosting providers is recommended. Most of my WordPress blogs or websites are hosting on Nestify, they have pay as you go model. You can use Nestify to create a WordPress Cloud Server, they provide One-Click Install &; Deploy service.

    Evelyn King

    Based on Speed, Reliability, less downtime, 24*7 customer and technical support, multi-domain hosting option, plan upgrade options, free website builder Bluehost is the preferred web-hosting brand to go with I have been developing web and mobile application for various of my clients from various country across the globe including , USA, Canada, China, Europe, Australia for the past 10 years and when it comes to choose the web-hosting service for applications I use this checklist to decide : 24*7 customer and technical support, multidomain/Multi website hosting option, Free website builder inbuilt, One click installation of powerful application like WordPress, Joomla etc.. value for money, very less to no down times of servers, option of upgrade to higher end pans anytime. I have worked with many webhosting services out there some of the big names but after using them I found some or the other missing piece from the puzzle, none providing me all the benefits under one system. Which I feel is the basic necessity of any individual looking for buying a web hosting service. Why I concluded this checklist is because with the experience over the last 10-15 years working with web applications I found: Reliability and uptime: Plays a very important role when your website is up live, when users come to the site they want to see or use the features of application without any interruption and it should deliver results very fast to them that’s the basic customer requirement so I keep it as the top criteria, this feature can only be analyzed with experience the webhosting service. So from the experience I found I mostly found a higher speed in all the times with Bluehost compared to its competitors. 24*7 technical supports: You might need this anytime so it’s very important that the company provides you a 24*7 service both customer service and technical supports as anytime your site goes down or the server does not respond which happens all the time with other webhosts, you might need their help to resolve the issue very quickly, don’t worry they do the heavy lifting you just need to report any issue to them and they will fix it for you. Easy Upgrade Options: Money saver technique, If you are starting fresh I would recommend you to take the starter plains in bluehost eg : shared hosting plans to start with as initially they would be less visitors and as your site grows so will the users and thus move to upper and higher end services for better performance. So this easy upgrade feature is very handy if you are planning to grow your audience in future. Just call customer care and they will do it when needed. Multi domain hosting : This is a cost saver if you are planning to host many website for various niche , then multi domain / multi website hosting would be a good to have feature in your webhosting plan and you can literally host unlimited websites in one hosting with bluehost which is a ton of money saver if you are looking for this. Free domain name: More to money saving, its good to save an extra $10 if your domain name comes free along with the webhosting service. Bluehost provides this feature also to save you that extra money. Which could be invested in other aspects like marketing etc. you can get this through Coupon free domain name and 65% off on hosting coupon (Auto applied during sign out page of payment, automatically show the discount) it looks like limited period offer by Bluehost. Free Website builder: You understand why this is a cost saver as the development cost of a website is quite high and having a free website builder would give you a kick start and save a lot of development money over the website and get your ball rolling. Free WordPress/web templates to use : One click free installation of Powerful Content management systems like WordPress, Joomla etc.. can also be a time and both cost saver if you are not technical expert in setting this up and would spend money to get someone to do it for you. With this one click installation feature you can do it by yourself and save that money also.

    Mohammed Iqbal

    I believe Wordpress is different ballgame altogether for hosting companies. Because wordpress involves whole wordpress files to be hosted whether they are required or not, unlike html which can use specific files for the purpose. Wordpress is best CMS when compared to any but for easier understanding of files of wordpress I would like to relate it to Old Televisions which are bulky and HTML to new LCDs and LEDs which are slim. Though performance and ease of use Wordpress is best. It needs a specialized hosting for sure, so that it gives better user experience for your site visitors. In my view Managed WordPress Hosting plans from WP Engine is specialized for hosting wordpress sites.

    Sam Keating

    You need to weigh up the values that are most important to you in a WordPress hosting company. How important is customer support? How many sites are you likely to need? What sort of security do you need? Would you prefer for the host to take care of technical maintenance for you? Price is also a key factor. Many Hosting platforms will advertise very low prices, be careful with this as they will make their money from you another way. Some will sell your info online and auction off your freshly-expired domain (GoDaddy). Others will claim they have unlimited bandwidth and disk space, which is purely a marketing ploy and you’ll quickly find yourself being cut off for having exceeding (what your host considers to be) your maximum monthly visitor allowance. What you pay for is what you get and companies with bottom-dollar entry prices will get their money through higher renewal fees or charging for extra services (like email, security, and SSL)! SSL should not cost anything from your hosting provider! Be careful of the biggest name companies out there, their services are often sub-par and charge more than they’re worth. The best advice I can give is to check out WPX Hosting; they offer so many additional services for free (like the ones mentioned above) and do not overcharge to compensate. I would also highly recommend looking up independent reviews and seeing what experiences the customers themselves have had! I hope that helped and you find what you’re looking for. :)

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