Can I Use Fitbit To Track My Child Location?

Can I Use Fitbit To Track My Child Location?

Fitbit gadgets accompany a lot of sensors and highlights that can follow step counts, rest, pulse, and different measurements; however, would I be able to track my Child with a Fitbit? How about we find out!

Fitbit offers an assortment of wellness gadgets, some of them accompany a worked-in GPS tracker, and some don’t. Fitbit gadgets that accompany GPS trackers can permit you to be aware of the area history on the off chance that your Child empowers it and sync it with the gadget.

It is impossible to track the live area with Fitbit gadgets as they don’t uphold the Live Tracking highlight. Notwithstanding, there are alternate ways that you can use to track your Child. How about we investigate them.

Can I Track my Child with a Fitbit?

It’s a convoluted inquiry, and there is no basic response to it, so let me clarify.

On the off chance that you are contemplating the uninvolved following, indeed, you can utilize the Fitbit to track your Child utilizing the planned course. Whenever your youngster goes out for a run and empowers the following on the Fitbit and afterward return home, the Fitbit will create the course of the run.

Whenever your child matches up the Fitbit with the cell phone, then, at that point, you will want to see the planned course on the Fitbit App.

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In any case, to track your Child continuously, then, at that point, it is unimaginable with the Fitbit. Along these lines, if you wish to track your Child, you will require a devoted GPS tracker.

Can I Track my Child with a Fitbit?

Would I be able to utilize the Fitbit Ace to track my Child?

Fitbit Ace is the new wellness tracker by the organization, which is intended for the Childs. The fundamental thought of the Fitbit Ace is to permit the guardians to track the exercises of their children utilizing the family account choice. The tracker permits the guardians to follow exercises, for example, steps, calories, rest patterns, and different measurements.

It likewise accompanies the moving objective of an hour, which is 30 minutes more than for grown-up clients. The organization has laid out the moving objects to an hour following the everyday active work proposal. Taking everything into account, Fitbit Ace accompanies no GPS tracker, so you will not have the option to track your Child’s place with this tracker.

Is there a GPS beacon for Kids?

Indeed, there are some magnificent GPS beacons out there that you can use to track your children. These are probably the best GPS beacons for youngsters.

  • Trax
  • iTraq
  • AngelSense

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Trax is probably the best GP GPS beacon for Kids. The best thing about Trax is that it accompanies a live following component, and it communicates a sign like clockwork, which permits you to track your Child continuously. One more extraordinary component of Trax is that it utilizes Augmented Reality Tracking, which you can use to observe the tracker utilizing your cell phone camera.


iTraq is another convenient GPS beacon that will assist you in following your Child. It accompanies an extremely smaller size, so you can place it in your Child’s pocket and track the area. You can likewise set up the geo-fencing, and the application will tell you when your children leave the fenced region. Likewise, it accompanies a committed SOS button, which can utilize to find support.


AngelSense is a renowned organization known for its following gadgets. It offers a gadget which you can use to track your children. The gadget offers live following highlights, which will assist you with knowing the specific area of your Child. It likewise accompanies elements, for example, Intelligent Alerts, timetable-based area history, and numerous other valuable elements.



At present, Fitbit doesn’t offer the live following component for its gadgets; however, the interest for this element is on the ascent. Along these lines, there is an extraordinary chance that Fitbit could present this highlight soon. If Fitbit begins supporting this component, later on, I will cover it for you all. Meanwhile, you can utilize the GPS beacons recorded above to track your children. Assuming you have any inquiries, kindly let me know in the remark segment beneath. Likewise, on the off chance that you are keen on more valuable aides, make a point to visit the site. Continue To help!

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