Would you purchase an Apple Watch Series 5 in (PRODUCT) Red if it were available to you?

According to information that was spotted in an Apple database for a brief moment, a Series 5 Watch in the color (RED) may be released as part of a spring refresh. On-the-ground HIV/AIDS initiatives in sub-Saharan Africa would be eligible to receive some of the funding that would result from the sale of the devices.

For quite some time, the Cupertino Outfit has been active in the charitable event known as PRODUCT (RED). When a company gives a product or service the RED designation, they make it easy for customers like you to donate to programs that provide assistance to the millions of individuals across the world who are afflicted with HIV/AIDS.

Through the sale of (PRODUCT) RED products and accessories, Apple has been able to generate approximately $200 million for the cause in the thirteen years since it first became involved. This includes (RED) iPhones, cases, and Apple Watch bands, as well as iPods, iPad accessories, and other electronic devices.

There has never been a red Apple Watch released; the only ones that have been seen thus far are silver, gold, and space gray. However, evidence found in a database owned by Apple suggests that this might be changing in the near future. A post on the French blog WatchGeneration found a reference to a (RED) Apple Watch Series 5, which was quickly erased from the database after the product was announced.

The fact that the model emerged under a different reference number than the one for (RED) Apple Watch bands lends credence to the rumor. WatchGeneration speculates that this product will have a case made of aluminum and that its color will be comparable to the light shade of red that is featured on the iPod touch.

WatchGeneration has published some mockup photos, which may be seen here.

 If the reports about the (RED) Apple Watch prove out to be genuine, it is possible that it will be released as soon as the spring of next year. Taking into consideration that the watch will be benefiting a charitable organization, it has the potential to be a best-seller, particularly now that Apple is selling the iPhone 11 in China (RED). There is a slim possibility that the price of the watch will be different from the standard edition.

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