Xiaomi Mi Band is sold out on official store, new stock to arrive June 30th

On Xiaomi’s official store, the Mi Band 5 is already sold out. On June 30th, new units are expected to be available.

In fact, it’s been sold out since day one due to high demand. Last year’s launch saw the previous generation fly off the shelves in the weeks following its official release.

On June 11th, the updated edition was unveiled, and on June 18th, it became available for purchase. However, if you go to Xiaomi’s online store right now, you’ll notice that it’s temporarily sold out, with more supply expected on June 30th. This is true for both the NFC and non-NFC versions of the device.

The Xiaomi Mi Band is currently sold out on the official store; new stock will be available on June 30th.

The Mi Band 5 has a lot of improvements over its predecessor. The most crucial thing is to have a better screen. The one on the current generation is 1.1 inches wide, up from 0.95 inches on the previous iteration. It also has a greater resolution as a result of this.

There are roughly twice as many sports modes now, a barometer for measuring air pressure, and improved sleep tracking in terms of fitness and health tracking (it now keeps tabs on REM sleep). For the first time, Xiaomi has included female health tracking, as well as the PAI index. This last one allows you to measure your level of exercise by looking at how hard your heart rate worked throughout the day.

If you’re looking for a low-cost fitness band, the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is one of the best choices. Stocks on the official store may be sold out, but they are still available at other retailers. AliExpress is one of them, and you can get it for roughly $35. This is the Chinese version of the device, which lacks NFC functionality. Gearbest is another alternative, however it is significantly more expensive.

Most nations are eligible for free shipping, but you’ll have to wait until mid-late July for your gadget to arrive. This is also when the wearable will make its global premiere. The Mi Smart Band 5 will be the name of the worldwide edition, according to Xiaomi.

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