You can withstand the most extreme conditions with the Coros VERTIX Adventure Watch


The brand-new Coros VERTIX is a GPS watch for explorers and adventurers that is incredibly tough. It features low temperature performance, a 45-day battery life, and 150-meter water resistance.

Coros, a developer of smart bike helmets, is a recent entrant into the GPS sports watch market. PACE and APEX, gadgets designed for runners and triathletes, were introduced over the past year.

With VERTIX, the outfit has returned. This one is aimed at devices like the Suunto 9 and Garmin Fenix 5X Plus. It does, however, have a few benefits:

The watch can run for more than 60 hours in full GPS mode and 45 days in ordinary mode, nearly doubling the battery life. It can run for as long as 150 hours while using UltraMax GPS mode. More than any other watch in its category, that is. Less than two hours pass during charging.

Using a pulse oximeter to assess blood oxygen levels in real time, this is assistance in altitude acclimatization. For accurate altitude readings, there is also an integrated barometer altimeter.

The timepiece’s operating range is -4 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 to 60 degrees Celsius). Battery performance depreciates by less than 30% at extremely low temperatures.

With a 15-meter water resistance rating, just one GPS watch exists (150 meters).

With the Coros VERTIX GPS Adventure Watch, you can withstand the weather.

Thanks to a frame made of corrosion-free titanium and a body made of fiber-reinforced polymer, extreme durability is guaranteed. Scratch-resistant sapphire glass covers the 1.2 inch, 240x240 pixel, 64-color display. This has navigation via the wrist. It has touch-screen capabilities.

One of the lightest timepieces in its class, thanks to the combination of materials (76 grams). It’s really large, though, so people with small wrists might not find it appealing. The watch is 48.74 x 48.74 x 16.75 mm in size.

The Coros VERTIX sensor package includes an optical pulse oximeter, an optical heart rate monitor, a barometer, an accelerometer, a compass, a gyroscope, and a thermometer. The watch has a specific triathlon mode and monitors swimming, cycling, and running.

With the Coros VERTIX GPS Adventure Watch, you can withstand the weather.

Navigation is done via GPS and GLONASS, with Beidou and Galileo coming in a later firmware upgrade. The watch has BT4.2 BLE connectivity for smartphones and ANT+ connectivity for accessories.

With the Coros VERTIX GPS Adventure Watch, you can withstand the weather.

Lewis Wu, CEO of COROS, said, “As someone who personally enjoys trail running and climbing and who hopes to train for huge mountain excursions, I could not be more delighted to provide VERTIX to others who share my love for the outdoors.”

The VERTIX GPS watch will make all explorers’ expeditions safer and more productive because it is the most durable, powerful, and fantastic GPS watch ever created.

The watch will be offered beginning on June 4 for those prepared to face the most extreme conditions. A few color variations are available, including the $599 Dark Rock, Fire Dragon, and Mountain Hunter models. The Ice Breaker model is an intriguing variant. It costs $699 and includes a clear, see-through shell. Later in the month, you can have this one.


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