Your Amazfit GTS and GTR watches will soon be able to track naps

Amazfit GTR and GTS users will benefit from a firmware upgrade that adds a valuable nap tracking feature. This is a phased rollout that should be completed soon in all regions.

The two can already track sleep in great detail. Users receive data on deep sleep, light sleep, and awake time every morning. There’s also an overall score that tells you how well you slept at a glance.

Stats, on the other hand, are of limited utility on their own. And this is where the Amazfit app goes above and beyond. The timepieces provide some unusual perspectives. Last year, during my testing, I was advised that I slept “better than 65% of users” or that I “fell asleep too late” and that I should try going to bed at 22:00. Finally, the software generates a set of graphs that demonstrate how your sleep session compares to other users of comparable age and location.

However, the watches will now receive a firmware update that will enable them to track naps. Many watches are unable to do so. Fitbit devices can monitor naps, whereas Garmin wearables, for example, cannot. Such a feature is quite handy for those like myself who make up for a lack of sleep during the night with an afternoon nap or two.

I discovered that standalone sleep trackers are far superior to wrist wearables in this regard. The Withings Sleep Analyzer, in particular, is excellent at detecting naps of different lengths. even ones that are only a few minutes long.

A firmware upgrade – version for Amazfit GTR and for Amazfit GTS – will provide nappy monitoring capability. It has so far only affected Vietnam, but it is expected to spread to other parts of the world soon. Make sure you have the most recent version of the Amazfit smartphone app, which is 4.5.0. This should automatically detect that your watch requires a software upgrade and prompt you to install it.

A fast snooze will not be recorded because the feature only supports naps that last longer than 20 minutes. This is the first time Huami has implemented such a feature. If it turns out to be true, we could see it on other Amazfit watches like the Bip S and T-Rex. Both are now available for purchase in the United States.

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