Zepp Health Has Announced A New Smartwatch Chip As Well As The Ability To Measure Blood Pressure From The Wrist

Zepp Health Has Announced A New Smartwatch Chip As Well As The Ability To Measure Blood Pressure From The Wrist

Today, Zepp Health, which is known as Huami in China, made an announcement on an updated version of the operating system and chipset that are used in its smartwatches. Measurements of blood pressure that are taken from the wrist will be available by the end of this year, which is an even more exciting development.

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A calm start to the year so far

According to the criteria used by Zepp Health, the first half of this year has been quite uneventful in terms of Amazfit watches. A few months ago, Amazfit brought out the T-Rex Pro and the GTS 2 Mini, but other than that, the company hasn’t released any new hardware.

The second modification was the worldwide rebranding of Huami as Zepp Health, which was an obvious choice. The idea that Zepp is a name that is “easier to recall, spanning languages, cultures, and countries” was the driving force behind this choice. Despite this change, the firm continues to do business in China under the Huami brand name.

In 2021, there were not only a small number of newly released smartwatches, but there were also relatively few plans for the near future. If you check out the website for the US FCC, you won’t find anything there other than an updated version of the Amazfit buds called Buds Pro. This was released earlier today, and it comes with a full suite of health monitoring capabilities, including tracking for posture and heart rate, as well as for hearing health and reminders to walk about.

Now we may have a better understanding of the circumstances behind Zepp Health’s silence over the last several months. It’s because even more significant shifts are on the horizon!

An event hosted by Zepp Health titled “The Future of Health.”

It would seem that Zepp Health has been hard at work on a new edition of its operating system for quite some time now. In case you forgot, the name of the business’s smartphone app for watches has also been updated to reflect the new rebranding of the company. However, the Amazfit and Zepp devices continue to use the same operating system in their daily operations.

The present moment is as good a time as any to implement more important changes. Earlier today, during an event titled “The Future of Health,” hosted by Zepp Health, the specifics of this were discussed in further detail.

Over the years, we have evaluated a large number of Zepp and Amazfit watches, and we have to declare that we are big admirers of the most recent operating system, which is called Amazfit OS. It functions well, reacts promptly to touches and swipes, and provides a simple navigation experience. Additionally, it does not need a significant amount of resources, and Amazfit and Zepp watches often have outstanding battery lives.

This is partially because the operating system is built on RTOS, which contributes to the problem (Real Time Operating System). For the benefit of those who are unaware, the operating system has been in existence for quite some time.

In the beginning, it was used for powering things like cardiac pacemakers, travel booking systems, and other similar applications. In more recent years, a variant known as FreeRTOS has been included in smartwatches. As a result of the reduced need for hardware, it offers advantageous performance, longer battery life, and lower overall costs. RTOS is the operating system that is used by the OnePlus watch, as well as the Amazfit and Zepp watches.

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New hardware and software for the operating system

A few days ago, Huang Wang, the CEO of Huami, posted something on Weibo that provided some insights about the future operating system. He believes that it will be more suitable for watches and will be able to better take advantage of the many health elements that are available in wearables.

There is a little video on Huami’s social feed on Weibo that demonstrates the updated user interface for the heart rate monitor. You may see an example of a screenshot down below. Follow this link to see the video in its entirety.

Today, some further information came to light.

To get things started, Zepp Health presented the Huangshan 2S chip. RISC-V is the architecture that this chipset, which has two cores, is based on. It will have its own dedicated graphics processing unit.

The next iteration of Zepp and Amazfit watches will ship with this technology. The chip has a power consumption that is 56% lower than the current generation (which is the Huangshan 2 that was released in the previous year), a power consumption that is 93% lower while it is inactive, and a graphics performance that is 67% higher. The cumulative effect of all of this is a display that is of higher quality and a longer battery life.

Zepp OS is the name that has been decided upon for the next computer operating system. It will be 55MB in size, one-tenth the size of the Amazfit OS, and will consume 65 percent less power.This will make it possible to create some more dynamic visual effects, such as those that are seen in the movie that is linked above.

According to the manufacturer, the operating system was developed “with a focus on health, user experience, and privacy protection with three important characteristics: being light, smooth, and practical.” It will also support 4G/5G modules as well as TCP/IP network protocols, allowing it to connect to the cloud independently of a smartphone.

The ability to tap into this and construct one’s own applications will be available to third-party developers. In preparation for this endeavor, Zepp Health is launching a mini-program structure.

Wang Huang, Chief Executive Officer of Zepp, stated that “we envision the Zepp OS to be an OS comprised of thousands of developers with tens of thousands of mini smart watch applications that form an ecosystem to help our users better manage their health and enjoy better lives.” “We envision the Zepp OS to be an OS comprised of thousands of developers with tens of thousands of mini smart watch applications that form an ecosystem to help our

Expect the debut of Zepp OS in the fourth quarter of 2021. It is not apparent what this entails for the crop watches that are now being conducted. Users’ ability to transition to the new software should hopefully not be limited. On the other hand, Zepp Health may do something very much like Samsung. They said that their already available watches would not be compatible with Wear OS 3.0, but that Samsung would continue to provide support for the Tizen operating system for a further three years.

Measurements of blood pressure taken from the wrist

This is not the last piece of news for today.

The next topic of attention for many different firms is blood pressure, and Zepp Health is not an exception to this trend. They have been discreetly working on a solution for such measures that is non-invasive and does not require wearing sleeves for the last five years. Today, the announcement was made in an official capacity.

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Zepp de la Santé Pumper

By making use of the watch’s optical sensors located on the wrist, the algorithm known as Beats is able to calculate the wearer’s blood pressure reading. Tests carried out by a third party and carried out at the First Hospital of Peking University demonstrated an accuracy of less than 4.88 mmHg for diastolic pressure and within 5.14 mmHg for systolic pressure.

This feature will also debut on watches of the next generation in the fourth quarter. Only measurements on demand will initially be available via this service. In the not-too-distant future, this is going to be expanded to include continuous blood pressure monitoring.

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