We explain what a good employee is and how their attitude affects decisions. Also, what are its features and capabilities.

What is a good employee?

A good employee is not only someone who benefits themselves by their good work but is also a valuable resource of a company .

Therefore, its characteristics not only refer to the way you carry out your work but also to the way you interact with your colleagues and respond to the demands of your company .

An employee is always part of something bigger , which includes all the hierarchies of the company, its products and services. Each member of that set affects the others.

A good employee is aware of the role they play and how their actions and attitudes affect their environment.

Characteristics of a good employee :

  1. Effectiveness, efficiency and effort.

Efficiency is achieving the objectives and results with the least effort (financial, time , resources , etc.). However, a good employee does not spare efforts, but seeks to achieve greater results from the same effort.

  1. Agility


An employee can benefit from two types of agility : to make decisions and to take action. Making decisions quickly and correctly requires a mental response.

This does not mean being reckless but rather that when making a decision all the various factors that affect the decision will be taken into account.

Once the decision has been made or when he is informed of the decision by a superior, the agility of an employee will lead him to act towards the objectives set without wasting time and without unnecessarily postponing tasks.

  1. Responsibility and organization

A good employee fulfills the assigned tasks . One of the keys to responsibility is not accepting more tasks than those that can be fulfilled within the deadlines and with the required quality.

Having a sense of organization to meet priorities first allows you to carry out various tasks with maximum efficiency . An employee also complies with the company's instructions , such as punctuality and formal treatment with his superiors.

  1. Ability to learn and adapt

Ability to learn and adapt

A good employee adapts quickly to the changes that are part of the job in any company. There are policy changes that simply require different behavior and others that require learning.

In both cases it is important to ask all the necessary questions to be able to carry out the requested change.

While it can be difficult to change the routines you are used to, adopting a positive attitude not only looks good but also makes it easier to learn.

To adapt to the requirements of a company, the employee must know his bosses and understand what they expect of him.

  1. creativity and initiative

They not only follow orders and instructions but also take initiative in the face of difficulties and look for creative ways to increase efficiency.

This implies that a good employee is part of the solution and not part of the problem , he does not bring complaints to his bosses but proposals.

  1. interpersonal skills

interpersonal skills

A good employee not only has a good relationship with their bosses but also with their colleagues. This requires communication skills and empathy.

However, professionalism should never be neglected in order to please . For example, a good employee always takes into account what kind of jokes or pranks are appropriate to make in the workplace and which are not.

  1. emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the way in which a person relates to his environment . Emotional intelligence includes motivation , empathy, self-control and cunning among other characteristics, which is why it is closely related to a person 's ability to relate .

In the workplace, emotional intelligence not only helps the employee to develop his interpersonal skills but also allows him to organize his work and rest periods , as well as facilitates negotiation .

  1. Ability to stand out and direct

Ability to stand out and direct

Not content with being one of the crowd, he looks for ways to stand out through a job well done.

In addition, he is not afraid to put himself in front of a team of colleagues when necessary . A good employee demonstrates enough ambition to improve their work and diversify their functions.

  1. openness to criticism

A good employee knows that, even despite their efforts, they are not perfect . For this reason, he is available to listen to criticism of his work.

Even if you disagree with the criticism received , listen respectfully and patiently, respecting the opinion of others.

In cases where criticism comes from your superiors , you will not hesitate to make the necessary changes to fix the problem.

  1. Ability to work in a team

Ability to work in a team

Despite being ambitious, a good employee knows how to collaborate with the team , based not only on effort but also on solidarity.

An employee's organization collaborates in teamwork since it will know how to distinguish how tasks should be distributed . On the other hand, their interpersonal skills will guarantee a good working environment .

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