We explain what love is, the types of love that exist between people and what its main characteristics are.

What is love?

Love is a feeling inherent to the human condition , a biological, psychological and social need for most people.

Love, in its broadest sense, is genuine affection between people , the desire to give and receive, to share, to project and to believe that it is possible and worth having the other. In short, it is deeply feeling our condition as brothers, which is what allows us to give transcendent meaning to life .

Love manifests itself with different characteristics depending on the case , for example, one can think of love for one's neighbor, love for children or parents, love for one's partner, love for God . And in each case special characteristics could be mentioned. In any case, some characteristics are basic and common to all these forms in which this noble feeling is manifested.

Characteristics of love :

  1. Mutual trust

Mutual trust

When there is love, you trust the other, one can open his mind and his heart , and show himself in front of the other as he is, without fear of reproach. One knows that the other will always be willing to support and accompany us.

  1. I respect

It should never be forgotten that the loved one is an autonomous subject, who deserves all respect and consideration, and even though coexistence tends to create particular routines or ways of interacting, respect must prevail over all things .

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  1. Communion

Love links us with the other from the depths , it melts us, it makes us feel that no matter the distance that separates us, the other is there to contain us, to understand us, to accompany us, even to disagree with us.

  1. Dialogue

When there is love there is dialogue, since dialogue is communication , and communication is essential to stay connected with the feelings and needs of the other.

  1. time for each other

time for each other

Giving love is giving time , not necessarily a lot of time, but quality time . We see this very often in the case of filial love. In addition to traditional protection and care, parents must be aware that their children need to spend time with them, a time of tranquility, calm and play, or relaxed dialogue.

  1. Increase

True love comforts the being , gives it energy and enthusiasm, which is always positive, and leads to the path of overcoming.

  1. Patience

Not every day is a good day, and sometimes moodiness dominates us and we overreact to small details. It is necessary to avoid falling into a spiral of aggression , for this a good dose of patience is necessary, where counting to ten and "letting go" can be great advice.

  1. Shared projects

Shared projects

Love occurs within the framework of the union of feelings, emotions and also of projects for which to work every day. These projects nourish and sustain love relationships to a great extent.

  1. Generosity and delivery

To love is to share, stop thinking from a single place to see yourself projected in the other , that installs a chain of attitudes where generosity and dedication are essential links.

  1. Nothing is expected in return

True love does not expect retribution, it does not demand anything in return , in the happiness and emotional strength that love gives is everything comforting.

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