Features Of Sustainable Development and Top 10 Characteristics!

Features Of Sustainable Development and Top 10 Characteristics!

We explain what sustainable development is, how it intends to take care of natural resources and what its main characteristics are.

What is sustainable development?

The concept of sustainable development (or sustainable development) refers to the idea of improving production models in order to meet current needs, but without compromising the welfare of future generations due to inadequate or irresponsible management of existing resources.

Interest in sustainable development, it is worth mentioning, had as a precedent the report “ Our Common Future ”, published in 1987 , which served as the basis for the United Nations World Conference on Environment and Development, in Rio de Janeiro ( Brazil ). , in 1992. Let us remember that sustainability is based on three fundamental aspects: the ecological, the economic and the social.

What Are the Main Features And Characteristics of Sustainable Development?

  1. Responsible and efficient use of resources

Responsible and efficient use of resources Sustainable development primarily cares for non-renewable resources.

Sustainable development is concerned with the efficient use of resources , especially when it comes to non-renewable resources (such as fossil fuels).

  1. Clean technologies

It tries to incorporate clean technologies in its production processes, to try to reduce pollution levels .

  1. Biodiversity protection

It is concerned with the conservation of biodiversity . This is a key element in the current context, with great challenges to face, such as climate change, the thinning of the ozone layer or the emergence of pathogens that cause serious diseases.

  1. Recycling

Recycling Sustainable development promotes the recycling and reuse of waste.

Promotes recycling and reuse of materials for mass use (examples: wrapping paper and cardboard, plastic bottles, caps plastic , container glass ), coupled to this classified waste disposal.

  1. Environmental damage repair

He cares about restoring damaged ecosystems . The first step for this is to know very well the dynamics of these ecosystems , for which it has specialists who study them with scientific rigor.

  1. Prediction of environmental impacts

Sustainable development seeks to maintain intense communication between the economic, technological and environmental areas , in order to predict the impacts of the measures that are adopted, especially in the medium and long term.

  1. Improves the quality of life of society

Improves the quality of life of society All citizens have the right to live in a healthy environment.

It is aware that the improvement in the quality of life should be for everyone , all citizens have the right to live in a healthy environment.

  1. Ecosystem protection

Respects and cares for all communities living creatures , including fish , birds and insects pollinators, to mention a few examples.

  1. Water care

Water care Sustainable development takes special care of water reservoirs.

It places great value on the water resource , taking special care of its reservoirs.

  1. Regional communities

Sustainable development encourages regional communities to get involved in caring for the natural resources that exist in their areas of influence.

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