We explain what teamwork is and its general characteristics. Also, what are the five "Cs" of teamwork.

What is teamwork?

Teamwork enhances individual human capabilities in pursuit of goals . To work as a team it is necessary to make a commitment, there must also be creativity , responsibility, harmony and an overcoming spirit. It is essential that there is a leading figure in the team , in charge of combining criteria, coordinating activities and making sure that everyone is walking in the same direction.

Working as a team  always implies the existence of a work team , that is, a human group that, although it has individuals with diverse capacities and motivations, has a clear common objective .

Characteristics of teamwork :

  1. Clear and well-defined objectives

It is essential that all members of the work team know what the objective is to be achieved and within what period (if any). Only in this way will efforts be productive and lead to the success of the group.

  1. Sense of belonging

Sense of belonging

The feeling of belonging is very mobilizing for the human being ; It is good for most of us to feel part of something , which is why a decisive aspect of teamwork is to generate a common identity and ensure that values and vision are shared.

  1. It is enriched with diversity

A work team made up of different people, who can contribute multiple experiences and perspectives on the same problem, becomes a very valuable source of creativity , from which the group as a whole can generally take advantage.

  1. It is oriented to the solution of the problems

As in any team, in a work team sometimes things do not go according to expectations. It is essential that in these cases all effort is directed towards solving the problems, and not looking for the culprits. In this sense, the attitude taken by the team leader is very important .

  1. Open the doors to participation

Open the doors to participation

It is never convenient for decisions to be made unilaterally; A fundamental part of teamwork will be to discuss ideas and make everyone participate in the direction that is being taken , as this feeds back commitment and belonging. The people who make up the work team, even when they have specific tasks to accomplish, must feel involved in the overall project.

  1. Requires careful planning

The planning is essential, a plan involves pointing out the objectives and design the strategy for achieving that goal; For this, it is necessary to gather means, organize them, foresee risks, etc .; planning is generally the responsibility of the team leader, but it is important that the entire human group knows it and considers it appropriate and possible to fulfill.

  1. Generate motivation

The team must provide feedback on the positive stimulus that must prevail among all, making the group's objectives perceived in tune with personal objectives , and in this sense, the role of the leader and fluid communication at all times is very important . Maintaining a pleasant work environment, offering growth opportunities and rewarding effort are pillars of motivation .

  1. Share and celebrate achievements

Share and celebrate achievements

Teamwork has a central fuel, which is the permanent and public recognition of the successes that are being achieved. It is important in this sense that everyone feels part of the achievement , since, if there was indeed teamwork, the result would have been impossible without everyone's participation and drive.

The five "C's" are often spoken of; these are:

  1. Communication

To work as a team it is necessary to always keep the communication channels active ; It is essential to listen to yourself and be willing to admit rethinking and changes, since the team will work to the extent that the strategies are clearly and jointly assumed.

  1. Commitment

The commitment is not seen but it is perceived, the members of the team are aware that only if each one puts his or her best and is willing to give their time and energy to the group, the goals can become successes. People who make up work teams are truly committed when they believe in what they do and see it as something transcendent, and especially when they see that others do it too, because commitment is part of the value of the group.

  1. Trust

Trusting others, having the assurance that interests and responsibilities are shared is a central and decisive aspect that cannot be lacking in teamwork. Each member of the team must generate not only trust, but also permanently cultivate it from their sayings and actions .

  1. Coordination

The work group is human capital, and to get the most out of this valuable capital, coordination is key. Whoever coordinates must be very clear about the work plan and know what the skills and abilities of each team member are, since coordinating is integrating towards the goal.

  1. Complementarity

It is undeniable that only with the collaboration and complementation of different people can we grow as a team, in an increasingly complex and changing environment. Each member of the team needs the other to achieve the proposed objective together, the set forms a kind of puzzle where each piece is perfectly complemented by all the others to form a harmonious and effective whole.

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