10 Characteristics Of The Trapezoid

Top 10 Characteristics And Features Of The Trapezoid

We explain what a trapezoid is and how this geometric figure is classified. Also, what are its main characteristics.

What is a Trapezoid?

A trapezoid is a type of quadrilateral , which is a polygon that has four sides . Quadrilaterals have different shapes, as long as they have four vertices and two diagonals. In them the sum of the interior angles will be equal to 360º.

Quadrilaterals are cataloged by the parallelism of their sides. We can mention that there are parallelogram quadrilaterals (whose opposite sides are parallel two by two), trapezoids (without parallel sides) and trapezoids (they have only two opposite parallel sides) .

Consequently, a trapezoid is a quadrilateral with two opposite parallel sides, with interior angles that add up to 360º .

Trapeze Features :

  1. Geometry

Trapezoids are quadrilaterals with two sides parallel and two that are not.

In geometry, they are quadrilaterals with two parallel sides and two that are not .

  1. Median

The median length (m) of a trapezoid is similar to the semi-sum of the length of its bases (ac). This is equivalent to the fragment that the midpoints of the non-parallel sides have at the ends.

  1. Bases and height

The parallel sides are designated the bases of the trapezoid and the distance between them is the height.

  1. Classification

Within quadrilaterals, they belong to the group of non-parallelograms.

  1. Angles

The sum of its internal angles of a trapezoid is 360º.

The sum of its internal angles is 360º, while the angles on the non-parallel sides are supplementary (they add up to 180º).

  1. Area

The area of a trapezoid corresponds to the semi-sum of the bases times the height .

  1. Barycenter

The center of gravity of a trapezoid is located in the segment that connects the center of gravity of the triangles that compose it, determining a diagonal that is closer to the center of the triangle with the largest area.

  1. Rectangular trapezoid

Rectangular trapezoid
The right trapezoid has a side perpendicular to its bases.

It has one side perpendicular to its bases.

  1. Trapezium isosceles

It has its non-parallel sides with the same measure.

  1. Scalene trapezoid

It is not a rectangle or isosceles , with different measurements both on its sides and in its four internal angles.

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