We explain what work is and why it is so important in societies. Also, what are its characteristics and objectives.

What is the work?

Work, in a literal sense, is "human effort applied to the production of wealth . " Work is an activity contrary to leisure, and pursues a generally economic, productive and/or social purpose.

Employment is a cornerstone of our societies , and has accompanied man throughout the history of mankind.

Work characteristics :

  1. It is a conscious activity

It is a conscious activity

It is a set of activities that the person performs consciously, applying effort , for which he applies his skills, abilities and knowledge with a degree of logic and adequacy.

  1. Has a goal

It pursues an explicit goal, usually economic (money or goods) , but it can also seek status, appreciation, and under certain conditions also freedoms , resources , capabilities or others that are necessary to satisfy basic human needs.

  1. Model life and reality

The work models the nature and environment of the person , transforming it and transforming the person according to the set of resources necessary for its execution.

  1. Dignifies and gives meaning

Dignifies and gives meaning

It is dignified, it gives people a daily purpose , and inserts them into social and sociable environments in which the human being is recognized as such. Progress at work also brings emotional satisfaction and gratification to each person.

  1. Is ruled

In order to avoid slavery and immoral , forced or other work, work is governed by norms , agreements, laws and rules that seek the greatest satisfaction for the two parties involved: the employer and the worker .

  1. Identify

It gives each person a kind of title that places him in a very defined sector of his society , and works in conjunction with all his other characteristics in each environment.

  1. It has levels and parts

It has levels and parts

It has levels, typologies and characteristics that distinguish it. It can be physical or intellectual , hierarchical or fundamental, individual or group, and many other definitions regarding your field of application and methodologies.

  1. it's organic

It is not fixed and eternal, but constantly changes, advances, develops and adapts to the environment and to the new intervening resources.

  1. It is defined

It is defined

All work needs to be well defined before starting. The scope of responsibilities and obligations , goals to be met, and establishing the final objective of a predetermined day, after which the expected gratification will be received, must be indicated.

  1. Requires your counterpart

Work is not work without its counterpart: leisure . It can be rest, recreation, activity without pursuing an end or profit or others, thus forming the two sides of the same coin .

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