Proparoxytone words are those whose stressed syllable (the one that is pronounced with greater emphasis ) is the penultimate. These types of words always have an accent . For example: I phone you, compass lula. Therefore, for a word to be proparoxytone, it must have at least three syllables . For example:page, label , bird .

When do proparoxytone words have an accent?

According to the regulations, proparoxytone words always have an orthographic accent or tilde, regardless of the letter they end with. For example: number , very bad .

Watch out:In the case of proparoxytone words that correspond to adverbs ending in -mente , the accentuation of the adjective that originates them is maintained and the rule of always placing a tilde is rejected. For example:happily minded , swiftly minded, fully minded.

Examples of proparoxytone words

to bacchus  is skeptical _stop thesis _
here de micoit 's cute priest _
to caustic _ this distic _film _ _
to phonic _ec stasy last _
scope _ fable _expensive pee
rich me _fanatical _ _ pyramid _ _
angle _ tico fan _gunpowder _
to anonymous _physics _ psychic _
anti biotic _ fo ra neochemistry _
Arabic _geo graphic _ chemical _
trees _ geo logical _fast _
area _graphics _ re con dito
magic ring _ he gnawsrectangle _ _
to the ticoheterogeneous _ _ re lam payment
broccoli _ hip hop dromelaugh say ass
warm _homogeneous _ _ roman tic _
cameras _ humanistic _ _saturday _
chaotic _ _rustic smoke _ sar cas tico
cover _ _ Here I callsa tan nico
ca tas trophydairy _ sa tea lites
 lebre tear _I know stick
cen ti meterli be lula yes laba
ceramic _ _ logic _nice guy _
circle _logical _ have asses _
classic _ magical _term _
comics _machine _ laughed at you
with yuge my limit _you unique
intercourse _na no meter last _
chronicles _ numbers _topic _
deficit _obs ta as go give it
of po sito or i winver tice
drastic _organ _ see you
echo logic _ ortho graph _i saw bora
echo nomic _or xy gen vo myth
army _ pale _so say here

Sentences with proparoxytone words

  1. The zoo is closed on Sundays.
  2. The new car has an automatic gearbox .
  3. The hiker lost his compass and no longer knew where to go.
  4. I called you on the phone , but you didn't answer.
  5. The man has a sarcastic humor that not everyone understands.
  6. The doctor told her to take an antibiotic .
  7. The film was acclaimed by the public .
  8. The young man bought a downtown apartment to live there during the week.
  9. The last he heard from his friend was that he left town.
  10. Many say that romantic love has gone out of style.
  11. We must urgently reduce the consumption of plastics .
  12. His reaction seemed completely logical to him .
  13. Natural disasters often cannot be prevented.
  14. The sailor went to live in a remote place .
  15. Proparoxytone words are always accented.
  16. The striker is the fastest player on his team.
  17. I notice you a little pale , do you feel okay?
  18. They found a warship at the bottom of the ocean .
  19. The crowd cheered the popular idol .
  20. The situation has become chaotic .

Sonority of proparoxytone words

The sonority of the proparoxytone words makes them used very frequently in poetry and music. Some poets, over time, have taken certain licenses to "play" with these kinds of words.

The song A tú , written and performed by the Catalan singer-songwriter Joan Manuel Serrat, is a clear example of this, since it presents a large number and variety of rhymes with these types of words. The first verses of this song are transcribed below with the proparoxytone words highlighted in bold:

To you who runs after success , movie

executive ,

aggressive and energetic man with political

ambitions .

To you who are a practical

man and live in a downtown apartment , watering plastic


and listening to the phone .

To you who know numbers

and appear on more than one payroll ,

who are already quite a fanatic ,

with a solid position .


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