Also known as discursive , grammatical connectors , markers or textual or discourse operators, they are the words that make ideas integrate better, the information clearer and more understandable for the reader.

It should be noted that textual connectors are not the same as links or links, also called logical connectors . The latter are purely grammatical elements, which fulfill a conjunction function within complex or compound sentences, and link the propositions , phrases or other minor structures that make them up.

However, some connectors can be logical or textual, depending on how they are used in the text.

Characteristics of textual connectors

Some characteristics of the textual connectors are the following:

  • They collaborate in the construction of a cohesive text .
  • They strengthen the relationships between the paragraphs , so the links between ideas are more evident.
  • They facilitate the introduction of new ideas, which allows preserving textual coherence.
  • They are usually located at the beginning of the sentence or paragraph.

Examples of text connectors

  • Additive Connectors . They express information from the same hierarchy, and add ideas. For example:in addition, also, likewise, in addition, likewise, above, is more, even more, even, up to, to top it off, in the same way, adding to the above, in the same way, likewise, in the same way, in that same line , in the same way, in addition, even more.
  • Contrast or opposition connectors . They express contrasting relationships between statements. The concessions are those that express a difficulty in fulfilling the initially expressed idea. For example:with everything, in spite of everything, even so, now well, in any way, at the same time although, even when, despite the fact that. The restrictive express contrary positions. For example: but, however, nevertheless, in a certain way, to a certain extent, to a certain extent, on the other hand, but instead, on the contrary.
  • Cause - consequence connectors . They establish cause or consequence relationships between statements. For example:because, then, since, since, because(cause connectors), therefore, hence, consequently, thus, consequently, therefore, therefore, for what follows, for this reason, then, then it turns out that, so that, then, so, in that sense , in such a way, in effect, that is, in other words, on the other hand, for example, in a few words(consequence connectors).
  • Comparative Connectors . They emphasize the similarities or points of contact between the statements. For example:in the same way, similarly, similarly, similarly, as, as well as, more... than, less... than, just... than, as... as.
  • Reframing Connectors . They indicate the total or partial reproduction of what is written in one or more previous statements. For example:that is, that is, that is, namely, in other words, so that, in order that, with the purpose that(explanation connectors),in summary, in short, in sum, total, in a word, in other words, in other words, briefly, in summary (recap connectors),for example, like this, as well as, eg, for example, particularly, specifically, incidentally, to illustrate(instantiation connectors),rather, that is, well(correction connectors).
  • Computer connectors . They indicate the different parts of a text. For example:well, well, first of all, to begin with, first of all, in the first place, in principle, first (speech start connectors),in short, lastly, in short, finally, ending, to sum up, to conclude, at the end, in conclusion, to conclude(speech closing connectors),on the other hand, on the other hand, in another order of things, then, immediately afterwards, later, then, now (transition connectors),by the way, by the way, to all this, with respect to, in regards to(disgression connectors).
  • temporary connectors . They refer to a chronological organization or temporal location of what is expressed. For example:after (of), after (that), then, since (that), since (then), from..., before, before, until, as soon as, at the beginning, in the beginning, immediately, temporarily, currently, when, not well, barely.
  • Spatial connectors . They offer spatial or place references. For example:to the side, above, below, to the left, in the middle, in the background.
  • Conditional Connectors . They mark a condition relationship between statements. For example:if, whenever, if, while, unless, according to, as long as, yes, as long as.
  • Certainty Connectors . They reinforce that the statement is true. For example:undoubtedly, of course, it is evident, in reality, as no one is unaware, as it is known by many, certainly, effectively, truly, with certainty, with certainty, really.
  • Purpose Connectors . They make clear the intent or purpose of the statement. For example:in order, in order to, with the aim of, with the purpose of, with the intention of, so that, in such a way that, so that, for, so that.

Sentences with connectors

  1. Marisa had a lot of homework to do that weekend. With the intention of organizing and not overlooking anything, she put together a list and ordered everything she had pending according to its relevance.
  2. The researchers carried out a research work to understand the causes of the contamination of the rivers in the area. For this purpose , they took samples and analyzed their components in the laboratory.
  3. With all the evidence gathered during the field work, interesting conclusions were reached. Undoubtedly , the ecosystem had been altered by the use of pesticides.
  4. The educational establishment decided to advance the start of classes. Certainly , the students were not happy.
  5. I'm not going to give you another plant this year. Unless you start watering them and treating them more lovingly, I won't be giving you one again.
  6. I decided to stay late and finish all the pending work. As long as I had the weekend off, I did it willingly.
  7. In the museum, they placed the most famous paintings in the main room. To the left , in a smaller room, were paintings from the same period, by lesser-known artists.
  8. Humberto took the stage to receive the award. In the middle of the stage, the members of the jury were waiting for him to congratulate him and give him the diploma.
  9. The doctor gave her strict instructions to organize her routine and avoid stress. From then on , she led a healthy life and her quality of life improved.
  10. The guests enjoyed an exquisite dinner in the moonlight. When the newlyweds arrived, the music started and everyone began to dance.
  11. In the cooking class we learned dishes from many countries. By the way , when will dinner be ready?
  12. As a girl, my best friend, Irina, and I were inseparable. By the way , she has been living in Europe for ten years and she is doing great working in engineering.
  13. This paper will first describe the reasons that led to the creation of that prestigious university. Next , the details related to its organization and characteristics will be developed.
  14. In a few more minutes we will start this act in commemoration of Book Day. In principle , poems by various authors will be read.
  15. First of all , I would like to apologize for my absence at the last meeting. On the other hand , I would like to take this opportunity to clarify the reasons that justify this fact.
  16. Finally , I want to thank you for the hospitality and the good treatment that we have received during the event in this city.
  17. The vehicle collided due to a driver's distraction. The drinks we were taking for a picnic spilled on the food and the children were very scared. In short , everything went wrong.
  18. For the development of the first computer, scientists worked night and day. Finally , they presented to the community the huge hulk that offered support to technicians to solve complex calculations.
  19. Pablo is a graduate of Dentistry. I mean , he's a dentist.
  20. Mariela learned to play the violin with tutorials she found on the internet. In other words , she is an autodidact.
  21. The specialist examined the sample in detail. In the same way , he analyzed the original and was able to verify that the signature had been forged.
  22. Silvia carefully studied the steps the ballet teacher was taking. Similarly , she went through the motions, trying to be precise and careful.
  23. A cat entered our house for the weekend and made outrages in the kitchen and in the room. Therefore , the first thing we did when we arrived was to clean and arrange everything.
  24. The social worker found that the couple led a normal lifestyle. Consequently , she considered that they could advance in the process of adopting the girl.


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