25 Examples of Funny Jokes and its Types

25 Examples of Funny Jokes and its Types

Funny jokes are characterized by genuinely making their audience laugh, thanks to their wit and creativity . For example: Where do fleas go when they die?  to the pulgatory.

Jokes are short stories that are intended to make their recipients laugh . They usually consist of puns , anecdotes, or comments. The jokes use different resources to capture the attention of the audience and make them laugh. Among them: irony , mockery, puns, and parody .

Types of jokes

According to the resources that the narrative has, the following types of jokes can be identified:

  • Whites: They are the most harmless. They are designed for all kinds of audiences, including children.
  • Green or red: They are designed for an adult audience since their content, directly or suggested, is erotic or sexual.
  • Blacks: Its content is cruel. Through ironic or sarcastic narrations, they make fun of characters who suffer from an illness or who are in a disadvantageous situation.

Examples of funny jokes

Joke 1

A boy arrives at the park, a friend approaches him and says in his ear:
- You have one brown shoe on and one black!
And the boy answers:
- And that’s nothing, in my house I have another pair just like it.

Joke 2

Two friends are walking down the street and one asks the other:
- What time is it?
- Twelve o’clock.
- Oops, what a late!
“You should have asked me before.”

Joke 3

— What car does Santa use?
— A kidney.

Joke 4

— What does an iguana say to its twin sister?
- We are iguanas.

Joke 5

— What did a mosquito say to a group of people?
—Don’t clap because my birthday is still missing.

Joke 6

— What is the funniest fruit?
— The orange ha ha ha.

Joke 7

- How do you say mirror in Chinese?

Joke 8

— Why did the computer go to the doctor?
— Because he had a virus.

Joke 9

A girl says to her friend:
- Do you like my new glasses?
— The truth is that not much.
They are progressive.
- Oh ok! Then I’ll like them.

Joke 10

— Jaimito, which is the cleanest mountain?
- The volcano.
- The volcano? Because?
- Clear. Because he first casts ashes and then washes.

Joke 11

— What is the height of a bald man?
— Having crazy ideas.

Joke 12

- What does a traffic light say to another?
— Don’t look at me, I’m changing!

Joke 13

— Manolito, why is your essay on milk so short?
— Because I’m talking about condensed milk!

Joke 14

— Mom, mom, I got a 10!
- Oh yeah! In what subject?
- In several. A 3 in Mathematics, a 2 in Language, a 3 in English and a 2 in History.

Joke 15

— What does one loaf of bread say to another?
— Shall I introduce you to a crumb?

Joke 16

— What is the height of a short person?
— That the police stop him on the street shouting: “Stop!!!”

Joke 17

- What is the height of a thief?
— His name is Stephen Dido.

Joke 18

They gave Juanito a bicycle and he went out to test it:
— Look, dad! Without a hand!
After a while:
— Look dad! Without both hands!
A few minutes later:
— Look dad! Without teeth!

Joke 19

— What is the height of an electrician?
— Let his wife be called Luz and her children play along with her.

Joke 20

A boy who was doing his homework asks his father:
- Dad, how do you spell “bell”?
- How it sounds.
— Ah… So I write “tolon, tolon”?

Joke 21

— What is the height of a one-eyed man?
— Named Casimiro.

Joke 22

— Why did the TV cross the road?
— Because I wanted to be a flat screen.

Joke 23

— Pepito, why do you give the chickens chocolate?
— To lay Easter eggs.

Joke 24

— How do you say handkerchief in Japanese?
- Take out.

Joke 25

The teacher asks in class:
- Laurita, what planet is after Mars?
- Wednesday.

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