Funny jokes are characterized by genuinely making their audience laugh, thanks to their wit and creativity . For example: Where do fleas go when they die?  to the pulgatory.

Jokes are short stories that are intended to make their recipients laugh . They usually consist of puns , anecdotes, or comments. The jokes use different resources to capture the attention of the audience and make them laugh. Among them: irony , mockery, puns, and parody .

Types of jokes

According to the resources that the narrative has, the following types of jokes can be identified:

  • Whites: They are the most harmless. They are designed for all kinds of audiences, including children.
  • Green or red: They are designed for an adult audience since their content, directly or suggested, is erotic or sexual.
  • Blacks: Its content is cruel. Through ironic or sarcastic narrations, they make fun of characters who suffer from an illness or who are in a disadvantageous situation.

Examples of funny jokes

Joke 1

A boy arrives at the park, a friend approaches him and says in his ear:

- You have one brown shoe on and one black!

And the boy answers:

- And that's nothing, in my house I have another pair just like it.

Joke 2

Two friends are walking down the street and one asks the other:

- What time is it?

- Twelve o'clock.

- Oops, what a late!

"You should have asked me before."

Joke 3

— What car does Santa use?

— A kidney.

Joke 4

— What does an iguana say to its twin sister?

- We are iguanas.

Joke 5

— What did a mosquito say to a group of people?

—Don't clap because my birthday is still missing.

Joke 6

— What is the funniest fruit?

— The orange ha ha ha.

Joke 7

- How do you say mirror in Chinese?


Joke 8

— Why did the computer go to the doctor?

— Because he had a virus.

Joke 9

A girl says to her friend:

- Do you like my new glasses?

— The truth is that not much.

They are progressive.

- Oh ok! Then I'll like them.

Joke 10

— Jaimito, which is the cleanest mountain?

- The volcano.

- The volcano? Because?

- Clear. Because he first casts ashes and then washes.

Joke 11

— What is the height of a bald man?

— Having crazy ideas.

Joke 12

- What does a traffic light say to another?

— Don't look at me, I'm changing!

Joke 13

— Manolito, why is your essay on milk so short?

— Because I'm talking about condensed milk!

Joke 14

— Mom, mom, I got a 10!

- Oh yeah! In what subject?

- In several. A 3 in Mathematics, a 2 in Language, a 3 in English and a 2 in History.

Joke 15

— What does one loaf of bread say to another?

— Shall I introduce you to a crumb?

Joke 16

— What is the height of a short person?

— That the police stop him on the street shouting: “Stop!!!”

Joke 17

- What is the height of a thief?

— His name is Stephen Dido.

Joke 18

They gave Juanito a bicycle and he went out to test it:

— Look, dad! Without a hand!

After a while:

— Look dad! Without both hands!

A few minutes later:

— Look dad! Without teeth!

Joke 19

— What is the height of an electrician?

— Let his wife be called Luz and her children play along with her.

Joke 20

A boy who was doing his homework asks his father:

- Dad, how do you spell "bell"?

- How it sounds.

— Ah… So I write “tolon, tolon”?

Joke 21

— What is the height of a one-eyed man?

— Named Casimiro.

Joke 22

— Why did the TV cross the road?

— Because I wanted to be a flat screen.

Joke 23

— Pepito, why do you give the chickens chocolate?

— To lay Easter eggs.

Joke 24

— How do you say handkerchief in Japanese?

- Take out.

Joke 25

The teacher asks in class:

- Laurita, what planet is after Mars?

- Wednesday.


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