Clothing, accessories, electronics... Chinese shops proliferate on the internet. Discover the complete list of the best Chinese online stores, which ones are cheaper and what to take into account when buying in this type of business...

When it comes to shopping, there are those who opt for Chinese stores on the internet. There are a large number of stores of this style with proposals that are very attractive. What usually attracts the most attention is its competitive price, which guarantees that the customer will save some money on their purchase.

The largest stores offer numerous categories with such a wide variety of products that it is very likely that you will get exactly what you are looking for. Others specialize in sectors such as clothing, accessories, toys or electronic gadgets.

Below we will tell you which are the best online Chinese stores and the commercial proposal of each one of them.

1. AliExpress

AliExpress Chinese e-commerce site

More than a store, it is an online platform that seeks to unite sellers with consumers.

AliExpress was created in 2009 as a support tool for Chinese exporters, entrepreneurs or manufacturers who wanted to sell their products internationally.

You can get various types of goods, such as clothing, electronics, beauty products, watches, jewelry and much more.

It is one of the best known Chinese online stores and receives about 43.3 million visits per month . It is part of the Alibaba group.

2. Zaful

Zaful chinese store near me

It is an online clothing store. Zaful is also a brand and all the products sold through his store are his own brand.

It specializes in “fast fashion” (the complete opposite of “ slow fashion ”) and in the making of bikinis. What is most striking are its competitive prices and the quality of the garments.

3. DX

DX Chinese online shopping site

It is one of the Chinese online stores specialized in technology and electronics. You can find mobile devices, tablets, cameras and more. All of them from Chinese brand .

It is important that the user carefully evaluate the description, benefits and what each product includes, as it will be exactly what they will receive. Shipping is free if the purchase exceeds $15.

4. Light in the box

Light in the box chinese store

It has 11 years in the market. It is a Chinese online store specializing in the sale of clothing, but also offers accessories, such as watches and jewelry.

It has more than 60,000 products and is one of the favorites due to the discounts it usually offers. Some reach 90%, achieving prices so cheap that it is difficult to ignore them.


ROMWE chinese stores near me

It is one of the best-known and most popular women's clothing stores. Like others in the sector, it also offers accessories and shoes.

It is quite cheap and has a variety of payment methods. It stands out because it offers models that are in trends and with good quality . If the purchase is over $59, shipping is free.

6. Play Asia

Play Asia shopping websites

It is a cheap online Chinese store, specialized in the sale of video games, music and gadgets.

It offers variety in its video game offerings, including some developed by major Chinese brands. It has competitive prices in the market and various forms of payment.

It offers two types of shipping, one is free and the other includes a payment but allows tracking of the package.

7. GearBest

GearBest shopping sites

It is one of the online Chinese stores where you can get a large number of products. In fact, it has more than 100,000 references. This includes tablets, mobiles, laptops, personal hygiene products, household items, watches and much more.

In addition, it has a variety of brands. But the most striking thing is that it has warehouses in various parts of Europe , including Chinese warehouses. So you don't need to worry about customs problems or formalities.

8. Banggood


It is one of the Chinese websites where you can find various products, from electronic devices and accessories for them, to toys.

One of the advantages of this site is that it offers the products at a lower price, but with a similar or higher quality than other places. In addition, its shipping service is fast and does not have a weight limit.

9. DressWe

DressWe best clothing websites

It is an online Chinese clothing store that allows both wholesale and retail purchases.

Sells fashionable wedding dresses and special occasion dresses . Its customers classify it as a reliable store. 

10. RoseWholeSale

RoseWholeSale Best Chinese website for online shopping

Like DressWe, it is one of the Chinese online clothing stores.

It stands out for its offer, of good quality, modern designs and in line with the current trend.

11. TomTop


This is one of the Chinese online shopping sites that offers products within specific industries.

Here you can get accessories for motorcycles or mobile phones, electronic tools for cars , sports products and other similar items.

12. ChicNico

ChicNico China online shopping sites list

It is a good option to obtain quality Chinese clothing online for women, men and children. It also has swimsuits, shoes and sportswear.

They sell their designs as “ trendy” and “ casual” . All at cheap prices.

13. Miniinthebox


As one of the oldest Chinese online stores, it has earned a reputation for reliability. It has a wide variety of categories, so you can make purchases of any kind. Like sportswear, toys, accessories for mobile devices and more.

14. Milano

It is an online Chinese clothing store they has both clothes for daily use and dresses for special occasions . This includes dress shoes, party dresses, and even wedding dresses. Their designs are very attractive.

15. Cafago

In this Chinese online sales site you can get slightly more specialized products. This includes toys, accessories for technological devices or even components of cars or motorcycles.

It is one of the Chinese stores with a warehouse, but it also has various warehouses in the world. These include the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and China, which means that shipments take much less time to reach the customer.

16. Ericdress

Ericdress chinese store

It is a clothing store to buy in China online. Mainly used when looking for clothing for special occasions.

It has wedding dresses, men's clothing and a variety of footwear.

17. Fashionmia

Fashionmia shopping websites

It is one of the reliable online stores that specializes in women's clothing. This includes casual clothing, blouses, daily and party dresses.

It has a variety of sizes, including large sizes and maxi dresses . It also has accessories.

18. Rosegal


In addition to its price, this is one of the Chinese online pages that stands out for the style of the clothes it sells.

It is quite versatile and alternative. The styles are unique and have a loyal audience.

19. Geekbuying

Geekbuying chinese online store

One of the Chinese online stores dedicated to those who enjoy electronic gadgets.

Here you will find a large number of products related to electronics and mobile devices .

20. Panda Hall

It is one of the online Chinese stores specialized in jewelry.

It has jewelery and accessories, but it also offers the necessary tools to make your own jewelery products.

21. DHgate


It is one of the favorites for Chinese purchases of mobile phones or smartphones from Asian brands .

But it also offers other electronic devices and wholesales clothing. It has shipping services all over the world.

22. Shein

It is among the cheap Chinese stores specializing in the sale of clothing.

It has versatile products that fit different types of occasions . This includes casual clothing, dresses of various lengths, underwear and children's clothing. It also has jewelry items.

23. Twinkle Deals

Twinkle Deals chinese clothes websites

For those who want to buy clothes at a low price. It offers good quality clothing at an affordable price . In addition, it has free shipping.

24. Sunsky

Sunsky chinese website for online shopping

It is among the best Chinese online stores for those who shop for electronic devices.

This includes mobile phones, computer tools, video games or accessories for mobile phones and tablets.

Their prices are usually much cheaper than other reliable Chinese online stores.

25. Tiny Deal

This is one of the most organized online Chinese stores. Despite offering a wide variety of products, it has categories and subcategories to quickly locate what you are looking for.

Although the prices vary according to what is sought, it even has products below 5 euros.

26. Mart of China

Mart of China

This online Chinese store is specialized in women's clothing. It has products that are in trend and its prices are competitive.

In addition, they usually get many offers and discounts that make the proposal much more attractive.

27. Happy shopping

This online store of Chinese products is much smaller than others of the same style, but it has a variety and users who continue to trust its proposal.

It stands out mainly for its offer of Chinese brand mobiles and other similar electronic devices, such as tablets.

28. coolcool

coolcool chinese online stores

It is also widely used for purchases of electronic devices.

It has good prices, but the quality of its products is not always the highest on the market, which represents a drawback for some users.

29. Geeklife

It is another of the Asian online stores specializing in the sale of electronic products: from Chinese brand smartphones to accessories for mobile devices or computers.

30. Hobbyreal

It is one of the reliable Chinese pages that offers electronic products, such as mobile phones and even drones.

It has great reliability on the part of users, especially thanks to its customer service. Many consider that it is one of the best and that, in case of factory failures, they take care of all the inconveniences and that the buyer obtains a functional unit.

What is the cheapest online Chinese store?

It is impossible to select an option as the best Chinese store or as the cheapest of its kind, because prices often vary from one product to another. Some offer more competitive prices on electronic devices, while others do on jewelry.

In addition, most of them offer attractive discounts and others play with the low (or non-existent) prices associated with shipping.

Taking this into account, AliExpress, Light in the box and DX stand out as cheaper, although in the first you can get various types of products, the second is specialized in clothing, while the third is the preferred one to purchase electronic devices or gadgets .

Chinese stores with warehouse

Chinese stores with warehouse

There are many cheap and reliable online stores that have warehouses. This represents an advantage, because the shipping time is less and the costs are also reduced. In addition, you should not carry out any type of customs-related procedure.

Among them is AliExpress , which is one of the best known and used. Gearbest also has its own warehouses in the country. And DX , in addition to leading costs in the sale of electronic gadgets, also offers convenience in shipping by having a warehouse within US.

Some of the lesser known companies also present this advantage in their proposal. This is the case of Cafago, TomTop and Geekbuying . Other names of Chinese stores with warehouses are AlegreCompra, Coolicool, Geekvida, and Hobbyreal.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying from Chinese online stores

Advantages and disadvantages of buying from Chinese online stores

Advantages of buying from Chinese online stores

An indisputable advantage of using Chinese online stores is the price. The products are obtained at a much cheaper price than in other portals or even physical stores. Hence, many prefer to resort to this option.

This becomes very relevant in the case of electronic devices. Especially, those that are from Chinese brands or white brands. They may offer similar functionality to others on the market, but their price is much lower.

Others opt for this option thanks to the wide variety of products to which they have access. In some Chinese online stores you can choose from around 100 million products. This breadth in the catalogs increases the chances of getting exactly what you are looking for.

There are those who also highlight the shipping service. Especially when purchasing small products. In many cases, it is completely free. In other places, the shipping depends on the weight, but it is not that expensive. This represents an advantage over other online stores in other locations.

Not everything is very good, but this type of purchase also has disadvantages and can be numerous...

Disadvantages of buying from Chinese online stores

The main thing is the lack of trust in some portals, especially the risk of meeting a bad seller. This risk remains latent because, in cases like AliExpress, it deals with business models that function as an intermediary between the user and the retailer.

To combat this, some portals have chosen to offer seller ratings, so buyers can see firsthand the reputation that seller has within the community.

On the other hand, some stores hold payments until the user issues a confirmation for the seller to receive the money.

The lack of customer service in many of these stores is another disadvantage for users. In most cases, the large amount of daily activity carried out on these portals and the high number of active users they have makes it difficult to have a customer service area.

This means that customer complaints or inquiries are silenced. All types of communication are made directly with the seller or the retailer responsible for the sale.

Another not so good side of this type of purchase is that fake versions of certain products abound. It is very easy to fall into buying a fake, especially for the low prices they offer.

Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate the original products from the counterfeit ones, however, in general, the sellers do not tend to deceive and offer these products to people who are interested in making purchases of this type. In the event of an actual hoax, some portals make sure to refund the buyer.

One of the most important disadvantages are the problems that may arise with customs, especially if there are restrictive policies that affect the purchase.

In the particular case, it is not common for problems related to small packages to occur, which is why many make clothing purchases without facing any type of inconvenience.

This type of purchase also generates problems in terms of making returns . It can be very slow due to the remoteness of the place of origin. In the event that the responsibility for the return falls on the buyer, it can also be expensive, because it is the buyer who bears the shipping costs.

In the event that the responsibility corresponds to the seller, the situation is less conflictive for the user. In general, the refund is simply made and the return of the product is not requested. In other cases, instead of the refund, a new unit of the product is sent.

Either way, it all depends on the goal the buyer has in mind. In some cases it can be very beneficial, while in others it can be very harmful. That is why there are those who only make very specific purchases in these portals, while those who prefer a good quality product at a lower cost manage to get the most out of these online stores.

The most important thing is to find out in advance, check the reputation or qualification of the seller to make sure that you will receive what you have paid for.


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