We explain what an administrator is and what its characteristics are. In addition, what are its functions and the most valued qualities.

What is an administrator?

An administrator is a person responsible for managing the resources and activities carried out by an organization to ensure the proper functioning and performance of the institution, in addition to meeting its objectives .

The work of an administrator involves multiple tasks that must be performed alternately, such as controlling expenses and income, managing accounts, planning the available budget or negotiating with internal departments and staff. He is a professional trained to face processes of economic and social change.

The administrator is able to combine multiple skills to comply with the administrative process. It is responsible for planning , organization, direction and control.

Characteristics of an administrator

An administrator is characterized by:

  • Be a professional trained in business administration or related careers, or with a profile oriented to the management of an organization.
  • Understand and know the operation of a company from its legal, economic and strategic aspects.
  • Plan based on the objectives set, analyzing conflicts and business opportunities .
  • Have leadership skills to manage work teams .
  • Have criteria and be a strategist for decision making .
  • Be the one who represents the organization for accounting or tax matters, before the regulatory entities.
  • Be responsible for transmitting updated regulations, in accordance with current law, that govern the activity carried out by the organization.
  • Enjoy rights and have obligations to fulfill due to their role as administrator of the company.

Roles of an administrator

A professional administrator has the ability to perform in multiple scenarios, such as public or private sector organizations, companies that provide services or manufacture products, among others. In either scenario, an administrator typically has the following roles:

  • To plan. It consists of designing action plans or projections, based on information about the organization and its goals. The administrator must propose actions and anticipate possible problems.
  • Organize. It consists of coordinating the work force, which is the set of physical and intellectual capacities of the members of the organization, and the resources, such as supplies, capital and equipment, so that it can keep track of the multiple work flows. efficiently.
  • Steer. It consists of channeling management orders to execute them in the different areas. It is very important that the administrator has communication and leadership skills for the administrative management of the organization.
  • Organize. It consists of monitoring the main functions carried out in the organization to verify that they are fulfilled, to detect aspects to improve and to solve problems strategically.

Qualities of a good manager

Qualities of a good manager

A good administrator is considered to be someone who, in addition to fulfilling their assigned functions, stands out for certain qualities, such as the ability to solve problems , keep learning and training permanently, be able to respond to new scenarios and, one of the most important, being able to motivate the members of the organization, that is, having the soul of a leader .

The Austrian professor Peter Drucker (1909 – 2005) in his book Business Management established eight basic rules that efficient managers must take into account:

  • Ask what to do.
  • Ask if a certain decision is the right one for the company.
  • Design an action plan.
  • Take responsibility for the decisions made.
  • Take responsibility for communicating.
  • Focus on the opportunities.
  • Convene productive meetings.
  • Think as a group and talk about us , instead of just talking about me.

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