For quite some time, fitness wearables have been the most popular category in the market. With new technology and data continuously being updated, it's natural to become excited, especially when an industry veteran like Fitbit releases a new subscription service in September of 2019 called Fitbit Premium.

The Fitbit Premium service was released right before the pandemic began. It presently provides a monthly membership pricing similar to that of many other wearables currently available on the market. However, committing to a subscription takes a lot of courage, so to help you out, we will break down the services and what you can expect.

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Price Range as well as a Free Sample

Most evaluations will first convince you of the quality of the service and then surprise you with the cost at the very end. Because of this, we are going in a direct upward direction. Therefore there will be no kicker. The price is $9.99 per month or $80.00 per year, which results in a savings of about $40 for consumers who commit to the whole year.

However, when it comes to a brand-new service, customers might not want to commit for the full year or even just one month. Because of this, Fitbit provides the following services.

During the height of the epidemic, a free trial period of ninety days was made available, which continues to be the case today.

What Do You Get With the Fitbit Premium Subscription?

Now that we've covered the cost let's talk about what comes included with the Fitbit Premium plan.

  • Workouts
  • The Latest Statistics on Health and Fitness
  • Mindfulness Guides
  • Programs That Are Led
  • In-Depth Analysis and Exclusive Tests of Your Mettle

You might be thinking to yourself, wow, that's a lot right now. And there is indeed a substantial difference between simply purchasing a basic Fitbit and subscribing to their premium subscription service for tracking your activity and sleep.

Let's go down to what exactly is included in this offer.


If you don't know what you're doing, working out can be a real struggle. Even worse, you are aware of the solution but are sick and bored of carrying it out. This is something that Fitbit Premium takes into account, which is why you have access to a wide variety of workouts provided by its partners.

Do you feel like you would like to give barre a try for the first time? No worries, hop on over to barre3 and pick your level of difficulty there. Hanging out with Popsugar Dance teachers is another option for those who want to improve their dancing skills.

The following are some of their partners:

Studio for Barre3, Popsugar, and Daily Burn Yoga

Because of this, you can continuously switch up your workout and select the level of intensity you want, ensuring that you get exactly what you require—feeling like performing an ab workout? No problem! Is HIIT more up your alley? Easy. They also have everything organized according to categories.

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The Latest Statistics on Health and Fitness

Because statistics are of the utmost importance to users, we would be concerned if it did not provide access to a sufficient number of them. You can rely on Fitbit Premium to keep track of the activities you participate in, as well as your sleep quality, the number of calories you burn, the number of steps you take, and more.

One feature that is exclusive to the statistics provided by Premium is that it can even detect snoring while you are in different stages of sleep. This helps assess the quality of sleep because it is common for people to wake up at night.

Mindfulness Guides

Meditation and other mindful practices gained popularity due to the pandemic, which caused a great deal of unpredictability and worry. But it takes a lot of effort, which is why Fitbit also offers guidance on mindful eating, mindfulness with the body, and audio tracks for de-stressing and calming oneself down.

Programs That Are Led

Being healthy requires having a good mental state, engaging in physical activity, providing adequate nutrition, and obtaining adequate rest. Because of this, this program covers all of these topics and provides you with useful advice on enhancing the quality of your sleep and recognizing when your body requires nourishment.

Not only are you able to put in the work, but you also have a solid understanding of the theory behind how to enhance your health as a whole throughout your life, thanks to these programs.

In-Depth Analysis and Exclusive Tests of Your Mettle

The Fitbit Premium service offers access to all of the insights that were originally offered on the Fitbit bands. The Premium subscription, on the other hand, provides access to much more information. For example, rather than receiving an overall score for your sleep, you will receive a breakdown of the various aspects of your sleep activity.

Owners of the Fitbit Sense will be provided with a Stress Management score and suggestions on improving it based on the many other statistics such as sleep, activity, etc. They also consider diet and work with those with chronic illnesses to help them maintain or improve their health.


Fitbit Premium members have access to a select few additional challenges in addition to those normally made available to Fitbit users. For example, you may win a subscription to Fitbit Premium Bingo. These are more strategies to motivate yourself and ways to encourage your friends to achieve their objectives while you work towards your own.

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Family Arrangements

Regrettably, Fitbit Premium is only given per person; however, the company is mulling the possibility of introducing family subscriptions like those provided by Apple and Spotify.

What kinds of bands are compatible with the Fitbit Premium?

The Fitbit Premium subscription is compatible with each and every one of the Fitbit bands. You don't need a special Fitbit band to take advantage of the Premium Subscription because it works off of the app.

The app and your Fitbit band will automatically sync up with one another through Bluetooth, just as it does now. Said, the application will now provide you with superior insights than those it previously provided. However, for this to operate with the Fitbit app, you will need to have a Fitbit device.

It is not compatible with any wearable device, including an Apple Watch, and so cannot be paired with one.

What Is the Result?

Is it prudent to invest in a Fitbit Premium? Anyone who is already a fan of Fitbit should definitely consider upgrading to the Fitbit Versa because of all the additional information they will receive, including reports on the quality of their sleep, mindfulness guides, health guidelines, and more.

The most effective strategy would be to sign up for their free trial of 90 days as soon as possible. Choose the year if you are satisfied with what you are getting because doing so will save you a sizeable amount of money.


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