We explain what basketball is, the positions of the players and the duration of a match. In addition, its general characteristics and more.

What is the basketball?

Basketball, also known by the name of basketball or basketball, is a sport that is played as a team, mostly on an indoor court, although there are also modalities that are practiced on an open court. It was created at the end of 1891 by the physical education teacher James Naismith , with the need to be able to carry out an athletic activity in winter times.

In basketball, two teams with five players each compete during 4 time periods or quarters. When the second quarter ends, a break is taken that will last approximately between 15 to 20 minutes, according to the regulation of the championship.

This sport has achieved great development and popularity throughout the planet , and is currently one of the most influential and relevant sports practices on a global level . Leagues such as the North American one or those developed in several European countries concentrate important economic investments and many of the matches become massive events.

An inclusive modality of basketball for people with mobility problems has also been created , which is played in a wheelchair with rules that are practically identical to those of the conventional version.

basketball positions

basketball positions

Players are positioned as follows:

  • Base or playmaker. He counterattacks with the ball to the opposite sector, protecting the attacking game of his own team. They have great ball control, vision of the game, etc. They do not need to be very tall.
  • Escort or help-base. Player regularly shorter, faster and faster than the rest. Collaborate with the base in coordinating the attack.
  • Wing or wing. It is generally of medium height. His game is equal between the impulse and the shot. It occupies a significant place thanks to its ability to integrate height quickly and because it manages to break the opposing defense.
  • Power forward. They are a great help for the pivot. They try to suppress the inside game of the opposing team by closing the rebound. They must have a considerable height.
  • Pivot. They are the tallest and most physically built players on the team. They use these conditions at the rim, both offensively and defensively. Located on defense, they will aspire to pick up a short rebound, disable the opponent's game and intercept tackles. On offense, they tend to call the shots at the rim.

Duration in a basketball game

In the statute of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), it is stipulated that each game is made up of four periods of 10 minutes each .

According to the National Basketball Association (NBA), the time of each period will be 12 minutes and for the NCAA two periods of 20 minutes each will be established .

If the match ends in a tie between both teams, an extension of 5 more minutes must be executed, extend it and it will be repeated until one of the teams ends up taking advantage on the scoreboard.

basketball squads

basketball squads

Each team will be made up of a maximum of 12 players , 5 of them will constitute the starting team and the other 7 players will be substitutes.

The coach of each team will make all the changes you want in reference to the players, taking advantage of the interruptions of the game.

Particularly, in the collegiate and children's categories, all the players that belong to a team will have to play at least one time during the first three quarters , substitutions only being allowed in the last quarter.

so many in basketball

When the ball crosses the opponent's hoop, a score is produced . If the shot was taken on the occasion of a free throw after a foul, one point is awarded to the attacking team. If it is thrown inside the so-called triple zone and to the hoop in game action, two points will be scored. When the shot occurs outside the triple zone, the team will score three points.

Start of the game in basketball

At the beginning of the game, a player from each of the teams will be placed inside the central orbit with one of his feet near the line that separates the court into two halves, the rest of the players will be outside the circle.

The referee, from the center of the circle, throws the ball up and these two players will jump perpendicularly in order to try to deflect it into the hands of a teammate.

referees in basketball

referees in basketball

In most tournaments there are often two referees , who are authorized to direct the game. In other professional matches or leagues three referees can coexist, while in those with a lower budget there is only one.

scorers table

At the scorer's tables are the scorer, the assistant scorer, a timekeeper and operator of the 24-second rule. On some occasions there is also the presence of a commissioner, who inspects all incidents of the match (scoring, game and time-outs, fouls, player changes) and draws up a match report.



It is located approximately 3.05 meters from the ground . In the hoop there is a net, thus taking on the appearance of a basket or basket.

Basketball court

Basketball court

International courts have a standard measurement of 28 by 15 meters , that is approximately 92 by 49 feet.

Meanwhile, the courts of the North American league (NBA), have the following measurements: 29 by 15 meters (approximately 94 by 50 feet).

Infractions or fouls in basketball

Intentionally touching the ball or hitting it with a fist, carrying the ball more than one step, being inside the bounded area for more than three seconds while keeping the ball, knocking down or charging a player, and other game actions constitute violations, fouls, or offenses. infractions that give rise to a shot in favor of the opposing team , sometimes the recovery of control of the ball from their own area or the making of a direct shot at the hoop or free kick, from a line located 4.60 meters from the board that contains the ring.

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