Every new technology brings a slew of conspiracy theories, and smartwatches are no exception. Many people associate smartwatches with headaches and other health issues, but how true are these claims? Let us look into it.

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Can Smartwatches Cause Headaches?

Many individuals believe that wearing one causes headaches when it comes to smartwatches. Several users claimed on numerous forums that their headaches subsided after they stopped wearing the smartwatch.

Before we get into the legitimacy of these allegations, it's important to understand why they exist in the first place.

Like any other electronic device, smartwatches emit Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs), and all electronic gadgets, including computers, smartwatches, microwaves, and headphones, emit EMFs. On the other hand, the EMF's frequency changes depending on the size of the electrical device.

Many specialists believe that EMF is to blame for headaches, sleep disturbances, and other health issues.

Scientists have also conducted various experiments to establish strong linkages between EMF and headaches.

I found one scientific paper in which researchers investigated the relationship between Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields and Migraine headaches. In this study, 114 people took part, and the scientists tracked their exposure to low-frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

The scientists found that Low-Intensity EMFs do have a role in Migraine Headaches after closely monitoring the results.

However, this study only suggests Migraine headaches, and I could not discover any other credible study that backs up these findings.

Experts from the European Union did a similar study. "No Consistent Relationship between Extremely Low Frequency (Electromagnetic) Fields and Self-Reported Symptoms such as Fatigue, Headache, and Concentration Difficulties has been observed," they found.

Clearly, there is no conclusive link between EMFs and headaches. However, scientists have discovered a tenuous association between EMFs and disorders such as headaches.

Most studies primarily focus on high-level EMF exposure, which can certainly be hazardous to humans but is extremely unlikely to occur in your regular life.

And, because scientists have been unable to uncover a strong correlation between Low-level EMFs and Headaches, we can state for the time being that there is no supporting scientific evidence in favor of this allegation, and you can continue to use your smartwatch without issue.

If you still prefer an activity tracker that does not emit Bluetooth radiation, see my post on the Best 4 Fitness Trackers That Do Not Emit Bluetooth Radiation.

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Do Radio Frequency (RF) Fields cause Headache?

Like other electronic devices, smartwatches require radio waves for communication, and many people believe that the Radio Frequency (RF) Fields released by smartwatches induce headaches.

I couldn't find any studies in which scientists utilized the smartwatch directly for the experiment, but I did find one in which scientists investigated the RF Fields from a smartphone.

During this investigation, the scientists studied the RF Field exposure on 17 healthy people, and they employed 65 pairs of sham and mobile phone RF Exposures on these people.

During this investigation, the scientists kept track of the participants' levels of pain or discomfort and their heart rates. Scientists determined after the test that "the Study provided no evidence that RF fields from mobile phones may cause head pain or discomfort or impact physiological factors."

Furthermore, when it comes to gadgets in the US, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has particular exposure limitations that wearable devices must meet to be sold in the US. As a result, if you purchase the smartwatch in the United States, you will be exposed to significantly less RF radiation, which will not be detrimental to you.

Do Smartwatches give off Radiation?

When a current flows through any electronic device (including smartwatches), it generates an Electromagnetic Field (EMF). Hence smartwatches emit radiation. However, these radiations are not dangerous to humans.

These radiations are not confined to smartwatches; every electronic product emits them, including smartphones, wireless headphones, Smart TVs, laptops, and WiFi routers. All of these devices function at a safe frequency level for people. Furthermore, regulatory authorities such as the FCC and others have established exposure limits that these devices must meet to be sold in the United States.

Are Smartwatches dangerous to Health?

Several conspiracy theories suggest that smartwatches are harmful to human health, but no scientific study supports this allegation. Instead, smartwatches have proven to be extremely useful in health monitoring, and we now have smartwatches that track body temperature, ECG tests, and other health parameters.

While these are not a replacement for a medical examination, they can provide us with precise information about our health.

So, if you want to keep track of your health, having a smartwatch is a wonderful idea.

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Can the smartwatch cause nerve damage?

Smartwatches emit low-level electromagnetic radiation that is not strong enough to cause nerve damage.

However, if you wear your smartwatch on your wrist too firmly, it can compress the nerves at the wrist, resulting in nerve pain. So, make sure you don't tighten it too much, and you'll be fine.

Can Wear a smartwatch cause cancer?

It's an important topic, and many health organizations have researched it. Still, they have yet to discover a strong correlation between Electromagnetic Emissions and Cancer.

Electromagnetic Fields are "possibly harmful to humans," according to the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). However, the agency has yet to produce a reliable study to back up this assertion. So, for the time being, we can claim that there is no scientific study that demonstrates the link between cancer and smartwatches, and you can continue to use your smartwatch.


That's all for now, guys. Now that you know that smartwatches are detrimental to humans, we can use them until scientists prove otherwise, which could take years. I'll keep a tab on this subject and update this tutorial as soon as I acquire good information. Let us know what you think of smartwatches in the comments area below. Also, don't forget to check out the website for additional guides.


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