The precision of Apple Watches for HIIT Workouts

The Apple Watch would one say one of the most reliable smartwatches on the planet. However, the present inquiry is: How Exactly is the Apple Watch for HIIT Exercise? We should figure it out.

Apple Watch HIIT Exercise

HIIT or Intense cardio exercise is a well-known type of interval training, and it accompanies huge loads of medical advantages. Like most smartwatches, Apple Watch is additionally fit for following HIIT exercise; however, very much like the others, the Apple watch is likewise not exceptionally precise. However, is there a method for fixing it? We should figure it out.

Apple watch hiit workout

How Exactly is the Apple Watch for HIIT Exercise? Will I be able to Trust It?

Apple Watch is one of the most reliable smartwatches on the planet, and it has been demonstrated in many events. As per a review by Stanford College, the Apple watch was the most exact smartwatch in their exploration as far as Pulse tracking was concerned.

As indicated by the review, the Apple watch topped the group with a median mistake pace of just 2% in Heart-rate tracking, which is exact. Nonetheless, the scientists just checked the performance of the watches for cycling and walking on the treadmill. While regarding HIIT, you will do a ton of unpredictable movements, which will make it hard for the watch to precisely track your Pulse.

Apple watch hiit workout

How would you do HIIT on Apple Watch?

Apple’s actual page likewise expresses that “A portion of the irregular movements in HIIT exercises could forestall a pulse estimation.” This assertion says that relying upon the HIIT exercise you are doing, it may very well be hard for the Apple Watch to track your Pulse.

For instance, assuming you are doing a HIIT exercise, for example, Hikers, where your arms stay fixed, for this situation, the watch will want to get the exact readings. In any case, if you are doing an exercise, for example, Burpees, Hop squats, or different activities, which include a ton of movements, it will be challenging for the watch to track your Pulse.

Considering this large number of facts, I can presume that the Apple Watch isn’t extremely exact for HIIT exercise. Most smartwatches aren’t dependable regarding HIIT because this exercise includes a lot of irregularities and sudden movements and quick picks of pulse pace, which make it challenging for the Pulse sensor to track it on your wrist.

Apple watch hiit workout

Presently the inquiry is: How to work on the precision of the Apple Look for HIIT exercise? The response to this question is straightforward. To ensure that your HIIT gets followed precisely, then, at that point, you should invest in a chest strap.

The motivation behind why I’m suggesting the chest strap is that since it sits right close to your Heart, so regardless of whether you have unpredictable movements, it will be more straightforward for the Pulse sensor to monitor your Pulse.

You can get a decent Bluetooth Chest strap that Apple Watch supports. There are a ton of good chest straps out there. Here I am listing the best chest straps for the Apple watch.

  • Wahoo TICKR X
  • Polar H10
  • Polar T31
  • Garmin HRM-Swim

Apple watch hiit workout

These are the absolute best Chest straps for the Apple watch, and every one of them functions admirably with the Apple watch.

How would you do HIIT on Apple Watch?

Apple Watch supports the HIIT exercise, and it accompanies a dedicated exercise profile that you can use for HIIT. Just press the HIIT Symbol on your Apple Watch, and the watch will begin following your exercise.

How Lengthy Should HIIT Stretches be?

There is no rigid rule about the spans, so it will fundamentally rely upon your endurance. By and large, individuals do the HIIT for around 45 seconds and afterward require 30 seconds for resting, and they repeat this interval for a more extended periods.

Apple watch hiit workout

The ideal length of HIIT is likewise not characterized; however, to improve shape you should attempt to do 30 minutes to an hour of HIIT exercise. You likewise don’t need to begin with 30 minutes or an hour; all things considered, you can begin with a 5 or 10 minutes HIIT exercise.

HIIT Intervals

When you begin feeling that you can complete 10 minutes of HIIT exercise without much effort, you can increase the length, etc. This process will boost your endurance, and it will be more straightforward for you to accomplish your goals.


That is all, people. Most fitness trackers out there function admirably for tracking regular exercises. However, regarding High-intensity workouts(HIIT), it turns out to be exceptionally trying to track the Pulse precisely. Presently you realize how exact the apple watch is for HIIT Exercise.

Apple watch hiit workout

Along these lines, to precisely track your Pulse in HIIT exercises, then, at that point, you ought to invest in a decent Chest strap. I trust that this guide assisted you with tracking down the solution to your inquiry, and assuming you have any further inquiries, kindly let me know in the comment section below. I hope all your queries have been cleared in this discussion.

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