We explain what good communication is, the factors that are needed to carry it out and what its general characteristics are.

What is good communication like?

The communication is a very important tool when we interact with others. In areas as different as the family or the workplace, good communication can be the difference between success and failure . Good communication is necessary for a healthy exchange of ideas and thoughts .

It is a dynamic process in which two or more people exchange messages , and in many cases the message to be transmitted is as important as the way we choose to do it. In addition, the communication can be oral or written but in any case it must follow some guidelines to be of quality.

Good communication must have a basic structure that makes it easier for listeners to understand . Topics should be dealt with in an orderly manner, relating ideas when necessary but avoiding thematic jumps that may hinder global understanding.

Characteristics of good communication :



It is very important that when you try to communicate something, it is done clearly, that is, that the person who receives the message can easily grasp it . That the ideas are understood without requiring a great effort of interpretation on the part of the interlocutor.


Knowing the length that must be devoted to explaining a specific topic can be the most important point of a communication. Include enough information to highlight all the key points , but it should not be so much that you tire or lose other people's attention.


Good communication must have a basic structure that makes it easier for listeners to understand. Topics should be dealt with in an orderly manner , relating ideas when necessary but avoiding thematic jumps that may hinder global understanding.

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In many cases, the easiest way to communicate clearly and concisely is by choosing the words and expressions to use correctly. It is not necessary to demonstrate our culture , but that the interlocutor understands the ideas easily . For this, a simple vocabulary, although rigorous, may be the key.


Good communication is one in which the communicator is capable of transmitting his message in a natural way, without artifice or elaborate forms . It should not be noted that a talk has been prepared and rehearsed in advance, although many times the only way to achieve such a degree of naturalness is precisely by rehearsing repeatedly.


The number one goal of any communication is to keep the interlocutor expectant and attentive . To do this, one of the most practical and useful ways is by interacting with him. Involve him in some way, asking questions, raising various questions or letting him express his opinion.


In good communication, the form is very important, but also the content . You may have a gift for communication but absolutely everything that is said must be true and rigorous. It is not necessary to be an expert in absolutely everything, but if a communication is made on a subject, it must be known thoroughly.

Nonverbal language

Nonverbal language

It is often difficult to control, but non-verbal language can be key in conveying a message effectively . It can denote insecurity, lack of knowledge or nerves, but it can also be useful to establish a bond with the interlocutor or to show closeness to him.


A quality communication should treat the issues as a unit . You have to give a global meaning to the presentation and not talk about the different topics in isolation. You must follow a common thread and relate the concepts to each other.


Nobody likes to waste time reading a text or listening to a presentation on a topic in which they have no interest. We must know the recipients of our message and adapt it so that the information given is relevant to them.

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