Characteristics Of The Indians

Although each indigenous nation has its own culture with its own habits and customs, there are some customs that are common to practically all indigenous peoples.

Characteristics of the Indians

  • The Indians feed exclusively on food taken from nature (fish, animal meat, fruits, vegetables, tubers).
  • They usually take a bath several times a day in rivers, lakes and streams.
  • The men go hunting in groups.
  • They do ceremonies and rituals with a lot of dance and music. They usually paint their bodies at these events.
  • From an early age, children are trained for the activities they will have to perform in adult life.
  • They perform rituals between the child phase and the adult phase.
  • They live in houses made of natural elements (tree trunks and branches, straw, dry leaves, mud).
  • They make art objects (pots and ceramic pots, masks, necklaces) with materials from nature. This activity is carried out by the women of the tribes.
  • They treat illnesses with herbs from nature and often perform healing rituals, led by a chief.
  • They have the habit of dividing almost everything they own, mainly food.
  • They have a religion based on the existence of forces and spirits of nature.
  • The best known weapon of the indigenous people is the bow and arrow. However, they make and use other types of weapons, such as the chuzo (wood with a sharp iron tip), the clava (wooden stick), and the blowpipe (tubes made of bamboo used to shoot darts or arrows at through the breath).

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