A long-standing relationship ... Is there a childhood friend of the opposite sex? I think that few people understand what they have as a childhood friend, and their standards and definitions. This time, I will explain about that and what it is like to be a lover.

What is a childhood friend?

What is a childhood friend?

We've been together since we were little, and when we noticed, we're together ... Do you still have a relationship with the opposite sex, who can be called a childhood friend ?

It seems that there are quite a lot of patterns of getting married as it is when the relationship is such that it is natural to be there and it feels strange to not be there.

Well, if you notice it, you will be the same person, so it will be the opposite sex that is closest to you, so it is no wonder that it happens.

But I think the question arises here.

I think that there are surprisingly few people who know what a childhood friend is, what they have to be a childhood friend, and the criteria and definitions.

This time , I will introduce general standards and definitions that are said to be childhood friends, so let's compare them with people close to you.

After that, it may develop into a love affair, but what does it really look like to have a love affair with a childhood friend ?

I'm sure you'll be interested in that too, so I'd like to touch on my childhood friend as a lover in detail.

Homes next to each other or in the neighborhood

This is a situation that is commonly used as a definition of childhood friend, and is often used in dramas and manga, and I think that there are many people who think of this as the first thing that comes to mind.

Then, why is the definition of childhood friend that the homes are next to each other or in the neighborhood? This is because this situation is "naturally required" on the premise.

As I will explain later, there are other definitions of childhood friends, such as having a relationship with an elementary school student or sharing memories, but this item is often necessary.

Isn't it necessary to be "neighborhoods" because the elementary schools are the same, the school districts are the same, and sharing memories is so close to us?

Conversely, if your homes aren't in your neighborhood but other childhood friend definitions apply, you don't necessarily need this item separately.

However, in order to satisfy other conditions, the definition of this item is clearly indispensable, and it can be said that it is the minimum necessary, so it is treated as a definition of childhood friend.

Even if your homes are far away, you can live under the same roof while your relatives are in the neighborhood ... You can be a childhood friend, but this is rare.

So, the fact that each other's homes are next to each other or in the neighborhood fits the definition of a childhood friend.

It should be noted that since there is a word "familiarity" when it comes to childhood friendship, it is expected that the relationship will be appropriate.

It will take a huge amount of time for a person to become familiar with a person, even if it is a child's time, so it will be difficult if the place to live is not very close.

In the first place, most of them behave like strangers rather than childhood friends when they are neighbors, which is even more remarkable these days.

Given that fact, it seems valuable to be a childhood friend, even with the minimum requirements and assumptions.

Dating from elementary school or junior high school

Since childhood friends are premised on "being together when I noticed" or "being together forever", I can tell that the day I met was a certain time.

Then, when it comes to the specific time, when you first think about high school students and college students, it is hard to say that they are childhood friends.

Since my childhood friend has the word "young", I think it's a good time for the word "young", and at high school and university, it's probably less than a childhood friend.

Then, when it comes to when it would be appropriate to meet as a childhood friend , wouldn't it be the conclusion that at least junior high school students and elementary school students where there is no problem ?

"If you notice" or "forever" can be said to be a manifestation of the vague or uncertain memory of when you met, right?

Because, if you know the exact time, you can say "I met around XX", and that's why I can't do that and get an ambiguous response.

If you are a junior high school student, you may remember the exact time, but after you become an adult, when you reach middle age, that may become vague.

Including that meaning, a childhood friend is defined as an elementary school student or a junior high school student ... I think that's the way it is.

In addition, there are many childhood friends who have had an extremely long relationship with each other since they were born, and from kindergartens and nursery schools.

If you have met that area, you can say that if you have been together since you were born, you can judge it as a childhood friend without any problems.

On the other hand, if you get to know each other at high school, you will fall into the category of "friends" or "acquaintances" rather than your childhood friends.

Apart from that, my friends and acquaintances are not backward compatible with my childhood friend, so I think I shouldn't be too concerned about that.

A certain number of years have passed

This is not the time or place where you met , but the definition that focuses on "how long has passed" with the person .

Specifically, I think it's a little strange to be the same as a person who transferred to the 6th grade of elementary school, and to be a childhood friend of that person in the 1st grade of junior high school.

I understand the theory that I met in the first grade of junior high school and became a childhood friend in the first grade of high school, but I think there are some things that I can't understand.

In other words, to be a childhood friend, you need not only the time and place you met, but also a certain period of time.

Then, about how long it will take, considering the above, it can be seen that about 3 years is not a childhood friend.

However, since there is no basis for "a childhood friend if you stay together for more than 0 years" in the first place, it can be said that this is the subjectivity of the viewer.

I can't conclude that, but I think it will take about five years or more for the majority of people to objectively look at it and be a childhood friend .

This is also my subjectivity, but when I say "I've been with you for more than 5 years since elementary school," I think it's at least more convincing than the above example.

In addition, although I have been with him for more than 5 years, I think that there are many patterns in which he divorced in high school and resumed after he became an adult.

At that time, I am wondering if I can say that the other person is a childhood friend, but I think that there is no problem if I treat it as a childhood friend based on the above contents.

Well, it's a problem, as you can see from the contents so far, the subjective element of the viewer is strong, so if you think that they are childhood friends even if it is more than 3 years, that is probably the case.

It's a definition that doesn't give a clear answer, but it's better to think that it takes more than 5 years to reach a level that is not a problem for a childhood friend, and that is one of the criteria.

Sharing childhood memories

The part of sharing memories that I had when I was little is a very important element in the definition of being a childhood friend.

Because, as long as my childhood friend has a relationship of "I was with you when I noticed", it is natural that I have some common memory.

No matter how trivial it is or how small it is, it's important to "share your childhood memories."

If you haven't had any memories of being with you since you were little, it's probably just your classmates who were with you in elementary school, not your childhood friends.

Of course, this also applies to "memories that only two people know and have not experienced," which will also be treated as a definition of childhood friend.

Have you ever seen two childhood friends who are friends, and they have a memory story that only two people can understand, or a story that only two people can understand?

Somehow I envy it, or I feel like I'm in a friendly relationship, and that's exactly what my childhood friend is like.

So you can see that this item is a very important and indispensable part of defining a childhood friend.

However, childhood friends do not always share memories only with their childhood friends, and there are times when they are only known to their classmates at the time.

However, it is not that I was doing something only with my childhood friends because I have no special memories, and if the definitions of other items apply, it can be said that I am a childhood friend.

For this item, it is important to " share the memories of childhood", and "memories of only two people" is not the most important.

Relying on the memories they had when they were little, they bloom in their memories ... This is what they should be as a childhood friend, the most important part of a childhood friend, and the definition.

As a lover

By the way, I have explained various definitions of childhood friends so far, but I think that there are many difficult points because there are clear definitions and ambiguous ones.

However, apart from that, I am wondering what it will be like as a lover, whether it will be established as a lover, and whether it is okay as a lover .

In conclusion, if you don't mind having a relationship with each other, and if there is no problem, you can say that there is no problem with it .

The answer is that a lover relationship is established if the two agree, and if the two are good, everything is good.

Another thing that you want to know when your childhood friends become lovers is the core part.

Zubari That is, "What about childhood friends as a lover relationship?"

Regarding that, I will explain from "before dating", but it is very difficult for childhood friends to couple with each other.

The reason is that because of the relationship of "being together when you notice", each other does not reach a romantic feeling, or it is difficult to notice the romantic feeling.

It's natural to be together, so it's natural that it's hard to have a romantic feeling, and of course you don't even notice that feeling.

In other words, it's dark under the lighthouse and we know each other too much ...

However, once you start dating, you have the potential to be the best ... or the best partner.

Some people are concerned that the relationship will not progress any further because they know each other too much, but the fact that they started dating as a premise means that they "accept that too."

That means that we knew each other well and wanted to be together on top of that, so it will almost certainly work in the right direction.

There is no such thing as the usual "what will happen" or "should be like this ...", and in a good way there is no irregularity.

Therefore, it is possible to build an extremely stable relationship, and because we are familiar with each other, we can take a shortcut to something more than a general couple.

However, it seems that there are some harmful effects such as getting used to each other too much and making small parts cluttered and getting dressed appropriately.

Men are miscellaneous, women are not feminine, and so on.

If you don't tighten your mind firmly, one of them may get cold, so you have to be careful only in that area.

It's like a drama ...

My childhood friend, lover, and couple don't seem like a drama, and I envy those who weren't in that environment.

However, "too close" is also an unexpected problem, and in many cases it does not develop into a romantic feeling .

That should be the case, and as before, it takes a certain amount of time for a childhood friend to have a romantic feeling because he is too close.

However, in the meantime, I want to have a romance, that is, "I catch up with my childhood friend before I feel romance."

In some cases, after marrying someone else, the relationship gets worse, and it seems that I still remember, "By the way, I wonder if I got married."

Please re-recognize what kind of feelings you have for your childhood friend who is in front of you.

If you feel a little dear there, try to squeeze your courage.

It may be difficult to say that you have the courage to take a bite, but the fact that you have been with you all the time has the advantage.

So it's very likely that it's okay in most cases if the other person doesn't have a lover, but I don't think it's so wrong.

After squeezing courage, the best couple that transcends the boundaries of childhood friends will surely be born .


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