The recently crowdfunded wristwatch known as mim X incorporates a cutting-edge display technology known as transparent levitation display or TLD for short. It was developed by a new company with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

The most significant innovation brought about by the hybrid is that all of the information is presented on the glass, yet it is completely hidden when it is not being used. This is undoubtedly the case that results in the most ideal mix of contemporary intelligence and traditional beauty. You will only see an analogue dial on the face of the watch as long as you do not require any high-tech functions. However, the clock is about more than simply its appearance.

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To begin with, it uses vibration to alert you to incoming calls and alerts on linked iOS or Android mobile phones. This may be done on both iOS and Android devices. You won't even need to remove your phone from your pocket to check your emails, text messages, or notifications from third parties because they will all be displayed on the TLD. The mobile app that goes along with it gives you the ability to select which alerts are allowed through.

In addition to that, the mim X includes both an accelerometer and a heart rate monitor (HRM) so that it can provide a comprehensive analysis of your fitness. The water-resistant device interfaces with Apple Health, giving you the ability to save all of your activity and health information in one location for easy access.

You also get support for two different time zones, and the two will automatically sync with each other. The display and the hands work in tandem to show the current time in two different time zones.

The design of the mim X is understated and sophisticated, and it is available in three distinct colourways: active stealth black, classic stealth brown, and modern silver steel. In the majority of iterations, the strap is constructed from a tough material called thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).

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To finance the development of mim X, the business is presently soliciting funds through Kickstarter. Despite the fact that we are still in the early stages of the campaign, sufficient cash has already been raised. The watch is anticipated to be delivered in the month of September.


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