Indications for the use of Numerical Sequences of Grigori Grabovoi codes for health and weight loss!

Piloting of reality and conscious restoration of psychophysical well-being

1. Initial Invocation (required to allow the healing information to depart from the soul, to pass from the spirit and to reach the conscience, to modify the information field that translates into result in the environment): “I am in my soul, I wish global salvation and harmonic development and all I want is… .. [view what you want normalize and harmonize]....

2. Mentally imagine a sphere of white light with a diameter of one meter inside the which you will put the sequence you intend to use.

3. Compress this ball until it is as small as a tennis ball e place it in a point on your body where it intuitively feels most suitable.

4a. For psychophysical illnesses: once you have inserted the sphere with the sequence inside yours body, imagine that the vibration of the number sequence (specific to your disease) begins floor plan to bring your organism back to the norm, to the balance established by the Creator.

4b. For everyday situations (e.g. improvement of the financial situation) imagine putting the sequence on a scene where you feel rich. Repeat all steps as above but without sending the "photo" into infinity.

5. Light up the result (i.e. your hologram with the sphere inside, for example) imagining that a white ray starts from the solar plexus and comes out of the third eye.

6. Illuminate with the Light of the Creator, with a dazzling light that comes from in front of you, on background of the Creator's soul, imagining an immense panorama as you like best.

The words to be pronounced are: “I illuminate this result with my light and with the light of Creator, against the background of the soul of the Creator and fixed this result with the light of the Creator." [Imagine a vertical light that "fizzes" the image making it become one photo.

7. Stamp the date and time on this image (for normalization to occur from now).

8. Send this image into infinity (for example you can blow it away into the cosmos)

9. Give thanks.

More about Grabovoi Codes and Numbers Indications:

Some Grabovoi number sequences to be used periodically:

Eternal Personal Development:

  • 9888772988.

View the number sequence within a sphere that turns from blue to gold. This piloting opens up to continuous evolution of the individual.

More about this source text

Transformation of a negative situation into a positive:

  • 1888948

For immediate answers:

  • 417584217888

This sequence is the Source of Information Eternal. Imagine that this sequence shines with a silver light passing over you after asking for something. A thought that is there should come to you right after that answer to your question.

Transformation of negative information into positive:

  • 19751

  1. When piloting for other people or for the planet, (the latter is recommended to do so periodically for the global salvation and harmonious development of the whole Earth) pronounce always the command: "I move to the macro level ..."
  2. Numerical sequence, according to the teachings of G. Grabovoi, to bring me and everyone back on the path of the Creator and HARMONIZE every physical, emotional and informative event of every field and at every level.
  3. Numerical sequence, according to the teachings of G. Grabovoi, which represents the absolute NORM of health. Total recovery and recovery of HEALTH.
  4. Numerical sequence, according to G. Grabovoi, for the normalization of one's own FINANCIAL SITUATION. Benefits and economic improvements.
  5. Numerical sequence, according to G. Grabovoi, for the HEALTH of the whole human race. Trust and joy.
  6. Numerical sequence, according to G. Grabovoi, for the transformation of a negative situation into a positive one.
  7. Numerical sequence, according to G. Gravoboi, to reach one's own CENTERING, inner balance.
  8. Number sequences according to Grabovoi to quit smoking (and bring all of us smokers back to integrity and the Creator's Standard!)


Here is a very easy Grabovoi exercise that brings enormous results. I got through food intolerances with just one exercise. It is called the double cone technique. The creator communicated to Grabovoi that we human beings work very well with the use of geometric shapes in the transmission of energy so I propose it below.

For convenience I write the sequence directly so whoever wants to can learn it immediately. It can also be done for others, of course, as long as you remember to move to the macro level or you risk getting bothered by that person. I learned this exercise in the second advanced level and is in a Russian book that I am trying to have translated. The Yellow book.

I enter my soul and see and act as the creator sees and acts.

To bring me back to my center

  • 71381921

Global salvation and harmonious development and prevention of global disasters

  • 1784121

To bring me and everyone back on the path of the creator and harmonize every emotional and informative physical event of every field and at every level

  • 14111963

My wish is .... bringing the situation back to normal I do the piloting for (this person) And then I move to the macro level and for this desire I use a double cone that I mentally create in front of me.

(Create two mirror cones with an opening in contact between them equal to the diameter obtained by joining thumb and index finger)

On the connection point of the two cones I write an 8 made of silver white light (it serves to transmute information)

Now I rotate the double cone clockwise so that the opening on the right comes in front of my solar plexus (or of the person to be piloted for)

I insert into this opening the negative information that I wish to bring back to the norm of the creator and mentally accompany it to the point of connection where it will meet the 8 E I pronounce:

Reconstitution of ... to the creator's norm

(Try to see how the information changes as it comes out of the opposite cone. This is personal, each mind takes the path it wants)

When the information of the same density as the previous one comes out of the opposite transmuted cone, you flood it with your light, with the light of the creator, against the background of the soul of the creator and fix everything with the light of the creator.


I illuminate this result:

With my light

With the creator's light in the background of the creator's soul

And I fix this result with the light of the creator

Let's put the date and time

And only if we have piloted the body, do we send the information into infinity.

Thank you

Good recovery

  • This technique can be used for everything. From diseases to economic situations.
  • Numerical sequence, according to G. Grabovoi, to reach PROSPERITY.
  • Self-regeneration of the organism.

A small summary of important sequences for one's own spiritual evolution, however harmonization and for the spirit 881881881 expansion of extrasensory perception 12370744 to connect with your spirit and with the Creator 35968 expansion of one's intuition consciousness expansion 1888888 ... 9 ... 1 (dots are for pauses) 14854232190 universal harmonization !!!!!!!

212309909 solution to problems and general questions on any topic 14111963 harmonization of events and connection with the creator, as well as the environment ideal business prosperity 71427321893 (this sequence works a lot)

  • Here is a really nice, immediate and decisive exercise. In the photo you see two spheres above this person's head. Every problem we may have has its greatest point of concentration in this small sphere two centimeters in front of the third eye. In this sphere is the information relating to the problem, practically its root. But luckily the human being has on his head above the head chakra, another sphere with a radius of 5 cm, which allows him to influence the problem.
  • This sphere of resolutions, we call it that, contains seven segments. The first of the seven segments goes directly towards the nose. When you create an imaginary connection between the two spheres through the line of the segment that goes to the nose, the problem solves itself without your rational or logical influence. Grabovoi recommends using this mental technology when you have a major problem and need immediate answers and solutions. This technique not only solves the problem, but also manages to make you deeply understand why you have never had it. Making you change your perspective for the next few times. I recommend it. Always inner smile, trust in your ability to create events, and never put yourself in a challenging situation like "now I just want to see if it works" because that energy stops manifestation 100%. Good recovery dear ...
  • Global salvation and harmonious development and prevention from global disasters Here is a new technology to restore back health especially in the presence of hernias. It is a very simple technology because it is only necessary to visualize these four spheres that rotate around the point of the back where the psychophysical disorder exists.

Once the initial setup is done (I enter my soul and see and act as the creator, global salvation and harmonic development) formulate your intention. Back according to the creator's norm. As soon as you are able to visualize the clockwise rotation, say the piloting:

  • Total restoration of the cellular structure of my spine into the creator's norm.
  • Then illuminate with your light, with the light of the creator, against the background of the soul of the creator and fix everything with the light of the creator.
  • Put the date and time and send the information into infinity.
  • Give thanks
  • Numerical sequence, according to the teachings of G. Grabovoi, to connect with one's own Spirit and with the Creator.


Global first aid card to put on your phone display or to print and take with you. This postcard is enough to look at it every now and then. Inside there is:

  • Rejuvenation
  • Global salvation
  • Harmonization of events of all kinds
  • Take yourself to the level of the creator E = VS is the energy formula that transmutes any negative event and frees us from any external manipulation

Standard of absolute health for everyone and for ourselves.

  • Sinusitis 1800 124
  • Headache 4818543

Digestive tracts:

  • Digestive system 541928741588
  • Esophagus 598381698711
  • Stomach 898898478213
  • Fraction of the stomach arriving in the duodenum 598513998719
  • Descending colon 248389428999
  • Sigmoid colon 319812519427
  • Caecum 519489319788
  • Duodenum 589608488914
  • Small intestine 528317428717
  • Liver pancreas duodenum219214319714
  • Large intestine 591488898217
  • Abdomen and peritoneum 598123098719
  • Spine nervous system (nerves) 314218814719
  • Spine 219317888847
  • Cervical segment 2188 2820 4217
  • Thoracic segment 234891019217
  • Lumbar segment 219004489668
  • Sacral segment 229317916021
  • Coccyx segment 834219918715
  • Spine bone 328488994012

These are those of Paolo Marzin: osseo

  • column 214 217 000 819,
  • cervical 312 218 212 918,
  • thoracic 214 217 814 717,
  • lumbar 498 217 218 227,
  • sacred 213 819 222 218,
  • coccyx 218 312 248 228
  • vert.cervical 219 213 319 721,
  • articular process sup. 519 317 819 217,
  • vertebral arch 519 312 919 212,
  • vert. foramen 514 312 214 712,
  • proc. spiny 548 312 848 212,
  • arch peduncle vert. 517 218 317 918,
  • 517 919 217 398,
  • post tubercle. 514 317 814 917,
  • spinal nerve groove 219 317 819 218,
  • foramen proc.transverse 514 318 218 214,
  • tubercle ant.proc.transverse 519 218 218 914,
  • vert body 317 689 318 918,
  • uncinate process 519 312 819 212,
  • transverse process 514 312 814 912

To get the best match bone / nerve

  • The Sacred Divine Mantra 3 3 9 6 8 1 5

My beloved spiritual father and teacher, Dr. Chen Zhi Guo, was meditating early one morning in the year 1974 when he received the Divine Numeric Code:

  • 3396815 (in Chinese it is pronounced: szhan, szhan, jiu, liu, bah, yao, wu) from the Divine.

This divine code is the sacred key to bringing out the language of yours soul and to obtain divine healing, blessing and transformation of the

your life.

This sacred Grabovoi code has power beyond comprehension because:

- It was created by the Divine, in fact, when you chant this sacred code, the Divine comes to the aid;

- The Sacred Code has the power of the Divine call, in fact, when this code is chanted sacred, Buddha (God), countless saints, angels of healing, archangels, i ascended masters, lamas, gurus, Kahunase and all other types of fathers and mothers spiritual respond;

- It plays a special vibration to stimulate the sacred pattern in the body. The sound of each number vibrates and stimulates the cells in a certain area of ??the body:

  • San - 3: stimulates the chest
  • Jiu - 9: stimulates the lower abdomen
  • Liu - 6: stimulates the ribs
  • Ba - 8: stimulates the navel
  • Yao - 1: stimulates the head
  • Wu - 5: stimulates the stomach

When singing San San Jiu Liu Ba Yao Wu (3396815) the energy flows into the body are released and circulate as shown in the figure:

The energy begins to vibrate in the chest and then flows down the abdomen. From there, yes moves to the ribs and then goes to the navel.

Forward radiates up to the head. Finally, moves up to the stomach.

This movement of energy in the body occurs according to a sacred healthy pattern.

To make the energy move according to this model, it is enough to sing San San Jiu Liu Ba Yao Wu. It provides sacred divine healing and rejuvenation.

I have shared the Divine Sacred Code 3396815 in almost all my books and there are thousands of moving and extraordinary healing stories, brought about by singing

San San Jiu Liu Ba Yao Wu (3396815).

An acupuncturist I taught during a workshop at the Omega Institute of New York and that he had learned San San Jiu Liu Ba Yao Wu from mine book "Healing Power", he told me that a patient of his was strong overweight.

The acupuncturist suggested that the patient use the divine sequence to lose weight.

He suggested making the following statement aloud in the morning:

“Hello, power of my Spirit, dear mind, body and soul of San San Jiu Liu Ba Yao Wu, I love you. You have the power to help me lose weight.

Please help me lose weight. I am very grateful for your help. Thank you."

Then, the lady had to sing (aloud or just mentally) the San San Jiu Liu

Ba Yao Wu, several times a day for a couple of minutes each time. After five her days she had lost five pounds (2,250 gr.). She was thrilled and shared i results of her with her husband.

Her husband also started singing in the San San Jiu Liu Ba Yao Wu, to lose weight. After five days he got a result similar to that of his wife.

The two they shared this simple soul healing practice and theirs experience with friends. Even some of their friends have received great

results singing San San Jiu Ba Liu Yao Wu to lose weight.

How does the San San Jiu Liu Ba Yao Wu sequence work, to lose weight?

San San Jiu Liu Ba Yao Wu (3396815) is a divine and sacred mantra code that can remove the mental blocks of the soul and physical cells of our organism.

It promotes the flow of energy throughout the body and this increases the metabolism to help you lose weight.

San San Jiu Liu Ba Yao Wu can remove the blockages of the soul and mind for any health problems. What you need to do is apply it.

An ancient Chinese sage says: Zhou Li kou bu. The word "zhou" means mantra; "bu" means not; "li" means to leave and "kou" means mouth. Hence, "Zhou Li kou bu "means that the mantra must never leave the mouth, that is, it must be sung non-stop. You can chant a mantra aloud or silently.

Sung aloud, the yang (active, warm) energy of the body is released. It does vibrate the largest cells and the spaces between the organs of the body.

Mentally chanted, the yin (passive, cold) energy of the body is released. It makes smaller cells and smaller spaces vibrate. Both methods work, but during the day it is best to sing silently. When practicing in silence the chanting the mantra can become a habit.

When chanting the sacred and divine mantra incessantly becomes a habit, i benefits are enormous. Words are not enough to express the benefits of singing a non-stop mantra.

Sing San San Jiu Liu Ba Yao Wu, again and again! Every moment you are by singing you receive benefits for healing, for rejuvenation, for

longevity, the transformation of relationships, finances and every aspect of life, because this sacred mantra carries the frequency of the Divine and the vibration of Divine Love, forgiveness, compassion, light for humanity, Mother Earth, countless planets, stars, galaxies and universes.

Dr. Zhi Gang Sha

Today I would like to share a very important Grabovoi exercise. An exercise for energy awareness.

When we are born our soul is reflected in a body that has a previous experience but basically the timeline could be governable. During the course of the personal growth, the environment in which we live, like the macro_environment, exerts on us a very intense level of influence that is reflected in our beliefs, in ours choices, fueling feelings and emotions that convince us to be in a certain way rather than in another.

Very often it happens to think good or bad about something, or about someone.

Our idiosyncrasies guide our daily lives when we are not at a point of awareness so intense as to identify all the interferences that we present in our morphogenetic field. The sphere of our soul includes one on the outside five-meter sphere. Our auric field extends more and more as we go our ascension continues. The attachment field is 50 meters wide, so you can imagine how much contamination can enter us if we are not perfectly present to ourselves. We currently live on a planet where the interference on humans are billions. Conditioning on the thought that the media create continually to make us believe this world sucks, pharmaceutical companies.

They want us to get sick so they can sell us medicines, and they make us live with the fear of getting sick. The news with politics want us to believe that they are not there money, completely eliminating our faith in the concept of abundance. The project haarp you have heard it. It serves to manipulate our thinking in view of a need global population control. Grigori grabovoi, after a long elaboration of physics that I will not let you read, he created the formula of the energy that is used to clean the field.

The formula is E = VS

Energy is the result of the volume of information, due to our ability to perceive that volume in space. The more this capacity increases, the more energy you get perceives to be created and to create. But above all this perception reports energy to a primary state of purity, freeing us from any type of conditioning, interference, negative information.

This exercise removes from our field any deviation from our state of norm.

This also applies to all negative emotions, thought forms, egregores, and entities, shadow governments, people who have manipulation projects, to take away negative energy in a family or couple relationship, and of course it can be done too for others. Just remember to move to the macro level, outside the sphere of five meters of the soul.

Then once you've done the exercise, you can write the formula on your skin or on a piece of paper. IS take it with you. For now I have written it on a small stone and I always carry it with me.

Here is the exercise

E = VS restoration of the person and removal of negative energies

Here's the technology:

I enter my soul and see and act as the creator

  • 71381921

Global salvation and harmonious development and prevention of global disasters

  • 1784121

To protect me from any danger anywhere and at any level

  • 71931

To return to the path of the creator

  • 19712893

For immediate help in this piloting

  • 938179

For eternal personal development (blue sequence that immediately transforms into


  • 9888772988

My desire is to transform this situation, to change this energy, to clean up mine field, eliminate this negative information, free myself from any conditioning

Change the state of this energy (whatever you want)

And for this I insert the formula E = VS in the solar plexus

And I pronounce:


I illuminate this result with my light

With the light of the creator

Against the backdrop of the creator's soul

And I fix the result with the light of the creator

I put the date

It's time

Thank you

Grabovoi numerical sequence for the regeneration of all organs as a whole.

Here are some frequently asked questions about Grabovoi codes:

What are Grabovoi codes?

Grabovoi codes are sequences of numbers that are believed to have a specific vibrational frequency that can affect the body, mind, or external circumstances.

How do I use Grabovoi codes?

You can use Grabovoi codes by visualizing or meditating on the code, writing it down on paper, or speaking it out loud.

What can Grabovoi codes be used for?

Grabovoi codes are believed to be useful for a wide range of purposes, including healing physical and emotional ailments, improving relationships, increasing prosperity, and enhancing spiritual growth.

Are Grabovoi codes backed by scientific evidence?

There is no scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of Grabovoi codes, and they are not recognized by mainstream medical or scientific communities.

Do I need to be trained to use Grabovoi codes?

While some people believe that formal training is necessary to use Grabovoi codes effectively, others believe that anyone can use them with intention and belief.

Can Grabovoi codes be harmful?

There is no evidence to suggest that Grabovoi codes are harmful, but as with any spiritual or energy-based practice, it's important to approach them with caution and common sense.

Can Grabovoi codes replace medical treatment?

Grabovoi codes should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment or advice from a licensed healthcare professional.


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