A police officer who protects you from the existence of evil. It is reliable and stable, so it is popular in the profession of the person you want to marry.

However, not everyone can marry a police officer. There is a background check to marry a police officer's boyfriend. There is a check to see if he is suitable as a police officer's wife.

Unlike office workers and self-employed men, love does not always mean that you can get married. So how far and what can a background check look like? I will explain what you should be careful about so that you do not have to worry.

Marriage with a police officer has a background check

If you have love, only the will of the two is important! However, it is inevitable that the other party will be a police officer and will be investigated. The wife of a police officer is subject to a background check so that she can be a police officer with peace of mind.

Let's see why there is a background check and how far it can be investigated.

Why there is a background check

Police officers have a highly confidential mission to investigate crimes and investigate victims and perpetrators. To become a police officer, you need to clear the background check in addition to your educational background.

If any of your relatives have a criminal record, the path to becoming a police officer will be difficult. Of course, people involved in antisocial forces that threaten human life cannot be police officers.

If you marry a police officer, of course, you too will be a police officer's family. Checking the background of who you are is to keep police officers safe . As long as you become a family member, you need to check your identity.

How to do a background check

How we are investigating the spouse of a police officer is done by self-reporting and database investigation.

Police officers submit a background check report to their boss when the relationship begins. Once the marriage is decided, a re-declaration is required to confirm the situation.

Based on the submitted information, check the criminal history etc. with the database managed by the National Police Agency. There, you can find out if you have a criminal record or if you have a dangerous idea.

This means that if you have a criminal history in the past, or if your relatives have a criminal history other than you, you can hide it.

How far can a background check be conducted?

When you marry a police officer, you can only be subject to a background check up to the third degree. The third degree is the person, parents, siblings, grandparents and uncle and aunt. However, if a relative of the third degree has already passed away, it will not be investigated.

Even if there is no problem with the background check of the spouse, if a problem is discovered with this relative, it can be a shackle to marriage .

I have no problem myself, but there are surprisingly many people who are worried that their relatives have a criminal record due to a misdemeanor in the past. Most minor crimes are not a problem, and the problems are organized crime and ideological problems, so there is no need to be overly anxious.

Explain that when you marry a police officer, you can be investigated by a background check

Marriage with a police officer - background check investigation

When marrying a police officer, it is often said that it is okay for the spouse and relatives to have a criminal record for misdemeanor. Don't ignore the signal! There is a rumor, but it's a hoax.

So what are you looking for in a background check? I will explain the contents that you are interested in.

Connection with antisocial forces

You and your relatives can be examined for connections with antisocial forces .

You can imagine that antisocial forces are "gangsters".

Of course, designated gangsters are antisocial forces. In addition, those who are considered to be related to gangsters, special intelligent gangsters who request money through stock price manipulation and insider trading against the background of gangsters, and hangure are equivalent.

It is undeniable that a company established by antisocial forces as a cover is funding the gangsters, and they come into contact with antisocial forces without realizing it.

Antisocial forces are not the only members of the gangsters.

Whether it is a dangerous idea

Thoughts that are said to have a dangerous impact on the survival of a nation or society are called dangerous thoughts or dangerous thoughts.

Those who belong to or are active in groups that promote their principles and ideals in radical ways are considered to be the owners of dangerous thoughts.

The group involved in the crime is considered a collection of dangerous thoughts. Of course, radical methods are violent and destructive behavior.

Police officers are in a position to protect the national system. If a family member who can be said to be an aide to that position has a dangerous idea, there is concern about brainwashing and leakage of inside information, so this is investigated.

Address and place of employment

As a basic information, the address can be looked up. Of course, you won't get caught up in a background check just by your address.

You can find out where you work to see if your place of business is doing illegal business or if you have been caught in the past.

A concern is that water traders may not be able to get married because of their profession. Rest assured that you will not be refused just because you are in the water business such as snacks and lounges. It becomes difficult if the management body is an antisocial force or if you work in a store that has been caught in the past.

Can you marry a police officer? Conditions that may get caught in a background check

marry a police officer - conditions

If you want to marry a police officer, don't ignore the signal in the past! It is said to be true, but most of them are rumored. A warning bell is sounding on the blog of a former police officer, saying "Don't believe me!".

So what are the possible conditions when you will definitely get caught in a background check?

There is a connection with antisocial forces

If you have a connection with antisocial forces within the third degree as well as yourself, you will be caught in a background check.

It is a connection with antisocial forces that is easy to understand when you become a member of a gangster. In addition, it corresponds to the involvement of crimes against the background of antisocial forces such as wire fraud and loan sharks, and the involvement with companies (front companies) funded by gangsters.

If you and someone in your third degree are self-employed, it would be wise to check if your business partner has a front company .

If you are a business owner and interact with multiple companies, some lawyers will recommend putting a sentence in the contract saying "If you are a front company, you can cancel the contract", so please refer to it.

There is a criminal record

Having a criminal record makes it easier for you to get caught up in a background check. Of course, not only you but also the third degree of kinship is the subject of the survey.

However, if you are taken care of by the police due to a misdemeanor or youthfulness, it is often taken into consideration, and you do not have to worry so much.

Many people who are worried about marrying a police officer are worried that even a misdemeanor is not good.

Specifically, a person who was once taken care of by the police by shoplifting when he was a teenager. However, shoplifting is a crime of theft, but it is said that it will be considered if you atone for the crime, so don't worry.

It is the criminal record of a serious crime that hinders marriage to a police officer. Even if you're paying for your sins, it's inevitable that you'll get caught in a background check.

Belongs to a cult religion

A cult is an enthusiastic worship or admiration of a particular object. The cult religion is different from the religion that has been the object of worship for a long time, and has the characteristics of mental control (mind control) and thorough group activities and obedience rather than individual personal life.

The affiliation of cult religions is caught in background checks because it is likely that some of the activities of cult groups are illegal and threaten national security.

Of course, police officers themselves have freedom of religion. Marriage does not stop in any particular religion, so you don't have to worry about being in a new religion rather than a traditional religion.

I have a debt

If your spouse has a large amount of debt, you may get caught in the judgment of your boss because of the risk of getting into financial trouble.

However, background checks do not look up personal financial credit information. There are some that are explained in a straightforward manner that a blacklist will be caught in a background check, but in reality it is not possible to know whether it is black or not because it does not look up financial credit information.

In addition, borrowing such as loans and scholarships when purchasing a car is also borrowing. But these loans are not a problem.

If you get caught up in a lot of debt, it's the image your boss feels about you.

Illegal work

Where the marriage partner works is important. If you work illegally, it will be difficult to get married.

Of course, it is a problem if there is a person in the third degree who works at an illegal place of employment or has an illegal occupation in the first place.

Some women are water traders who are worried about getting married, but the hostess profession is not a problem. I also hear examples of meeting and marrying police officers after working for many years in night towns such as snacks, lounges, and clubs.

However, it is a problem if the mother at work is connected to antisocial forces.

It is said that the background of work will not be investigated in the background check. If you are worried, change jobs immediately .

There is a problem with relatives, not the person

Even if you don't have anything to do with your background check, problems within your third degree can make marriage difficult.

It is said that if you are compensating for a crime with a misdemeanor, it will be taken into consideration, but the past that contributed to the serious crime, radical thoughts, connections with antisocial forces, etc. are matters that will be caught in the background investigation.

However, it is not publicly announced what kind of content can be investigated in the background check, and the judgment depends on the boss. Even if your relatives have something that might get caught, it's important that you don't feel depressed and decide on an answer.

If you feel uneasy about your relatives, talk to him in advance.

I want to marry a police officer, but what if I get caught in a background check?

marry a police officer - background check

For those who undergo a background check, waiting for the results is a very disturbing period. Even if you know it's okay, it's easy to imagine bad results.

What can happen if you get caught in a background check?

Likely to be opposed to marriage

If you get caught in a background check, your boyfriend's boss will oppose the marriage of the two.

I will not tell you the result of the background check. Only marriage is opposed without knowing why it went wrong. It seems unreasonable to be told that you can't get married without knowing the reason.

No matter how much you and your boyfriend want to get married, most of the time your boyfriend can't object to the NO from the police organization . It is possible that her boyfriend was also persuaded by her boss not to get married.

It is hard for my boyfriend to be refused.

Even if you can get married, it may affect your career

Even if you get caught in a background check, the chances of getting married are not zero. I don't know the standard, but I can hope because it will be the judgment of my boss at the time.

However, even if he can get married, he needs to be prepared to make his career difficult. It is highly likely that it will be difficult to decide on an undesired local assignment or even if you want to work in the desired department. Marriage can be a shackle if you want to become the profession you want to be and aim for the top.

If he doesn't want to get ahead, he can hope for a happy marriage even if he gets caught in a background check.

With a view to common-law marriage

If you want to prioritize his future, why not consider common-law marriage? Regardless of the form of marriage, we balance work and love.

He doesn't have to give up his career if he doesn't register.

Unfortunately, cohabitation may be difficult. Cohabitation with a fiancé is allowed, but just cohabitation is not considered good by a conservative police organization.

Separation does not mean that common-law marriage is not recognized. The definition is that the intention to marry, the same livelihood, and living together are recognized as common- law marriage, but if there are reasons for each , common- law marriage is permitted even if they are separated.

It is also an option to live next to each other in the condominium and wait for retirement before registering.

Give up marrying a police officer

If you get caught in a background check and feel that your existence has been denied, giving up on marrying a police officer is an option.

You can request a background check again, but if you get caught again, your heart will be deeply hurt. Also, even if you forcibly get married, if you are a man who has a desire to advance, that dream may be cut off.

Even if you are happy when you get married, if somewhere in your heart you give up on your career because of your marriage, it could be a reason for a fight later.

It's a tough choice for each other, but one day there will be men who will accept you as they are. Breaking up can be a positive step.

I want to marry a police officer! Explain the points to be careful in the background check

marry a police officer - points to be careful

Marriage with a police officer inevitably leads to a background check. Some people may be anxious and unavoidable because all the negative things come to their minds about what can be investigated.

Here are some points to keep in mind when taking a background check.

Tell first if there is a problem

Let me know if you have any concerns when the relationship becomes serious. Not to mention myself, it's all about being anxious within the third degree of kinship.

What you are worried about may actually be something you don't have to worry about . It should be easier for you to talk to him than to hold him alone.

Depending on the way of thinking of the boss, whether the background check will pass or not will change. He may also change the timing of the report by consulting.

If you feel uneasy, let us know first so that two people can solve it.

Don't lie

Even if you make a false declaration, you will get caught, so don't lie. Besides, if it is a lie later, the image will be worse if it is revealed.

Even if you can get married by telling a lie, it is unhealthy to spend your days wondering if you might get married.

If you are curious, why not ask each relative in the third degree about your work and ideological relationships in advance. And when the point of concern emerges, consult with your boyfriend rather than worrying about it alone. Let's be honest about any trivial matter.

If you are not satisfied with the result, please re-examine

Are you not satisfied with the results of the background check? Ask for  re-investigation. If you report him as a marriage partner again when his transfer or boss changes, the chances of getting different results are not zero.

Police officers are transferred once every few years.

However, the place of assignment does not always meet the wishes of the person. You may be forced into a long-distance relationship. Even if I follow him, I can't say that it will be OK in the re-investigation because I was caught in the background investigation once.

You need to be prepared to wait for a few years and seriously consider whether waiting is a disadvantage for you.

Don't be too anxious

It is said that there are many people who have been taken care of by the police in the past and are worried that they will be caught in a background check. However, it is not good for me to be anxious just thinking about the background check.

You can't make a false application in a background check, and even if you get caught, it won't tell you what went wrong.

Talk to him, who is actually a police officer, rather than deciding that you can't do it yourself . You may not have to feel anxious. Let's solve it together so that we can get better results instead of becoming anxious.

Marriage with a police officer has a background check, but you don't have to worry more than necessary

Marriage with a police officer - do not worry

Various information such as shoplifting past is not good and new religions are not good on the net, but most of them are said to be written by speculation. In reality, the views of the prefectures in which you work are different , and the judgments vary depending on your boss .

Your boyfriend, who is actually a police officer, is a strong ally in your background check, so talk to him rather than worry. It should come up with some solution.

Don't worry alone, consult. Believe that a happy ending is waiting for you, and spend your time with a smile.


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