Both Orient and Seiko are well-known watchmakers that were founded in Japan. These companies are renowned for producing high-quality Smartwatches. Although Seiko is the parent company of Orient, both companies maintain their own distinct identities in business practices and are managed as independent brands.

In this piece, we will discuss the most important distinction that can be made between Orient and Seiko. In addition to this, we will analyze some of the most prominent watches and discuss the particular characteristics of these Smartwatches. But before we get into the correlations, let's take a look at the histories of both companies and the things they've accomplished in the past.

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Orient Background

Orient is a well-known and highly regarded Japanese watch manufacturer. Shogoro Yoshida opened the company's first location in 1901 as a retail shop that specializes in time-keepers. The Yoshida Watch shop, which specialized in the sale of imported pocket watches, was the establishment that introduced the world to Orient.

The following year, in 1912, Yoshida broadened their product offering by introducing wristwatches to its catalog of goods. Toyo Tolkien Manufacturing was the new business name under which the Yoshida Watch Shop initially operated in the market. During this time, they began making their own gauges and clocks in-house. Later, in 1934, the company began producing wristwatches in large-scale sales.

After the end of World War II, Japan's economy saw a significant decline, and the aftershocks lingered for some time. Unfortunately, the company was unable to swim against the tide and was forced to close its doors in 1949 as a result of the economic crisis. After some time had passed, they gave it another shot, this time operating under the name Tama Keiki Company. In 1951, the company was given its current name, the Orient Watch Company.

After that, Orient worked its way back up to become one of the most successful watchmaking companies in the world over the course of time. The expansion of the company was consistent over the course of time. Additionally, Orient has won the trust of the sports community and has emerged as the most dependable and consistent brand of dive watches that are now on the market.

The year 2001 marked the beginning of Orient's membership in the Seiko Group family of companies. Seiko took over Orient in 2009. However, Orient has steadfastly preserved its own individualized product lineup up to this point. Even in the modern era, Orient remains one of the most well-known watchmaking brands for swimming watches.

Both Orient and Seiko uphold the notion that Japanese clocks are renowned for the artistry of their designs, and they do it in similar ways. We will determine which brand is the absolute best by examining some of the quality artifacts produced by eac.

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Seiko Background

In 1881, the city of Tokyo, which is the capital of Japan, is where the first Seiko location opened its doors as a jewelry store. A decade later, Seiko entered the watchmaking industry with its Seikosha brand of clocks. Seiko was the first company to market wristwatches in 1924.

Seiko is known for championing ideas that are genuinely cutting edge. Seiko was the first company to market Smartwatches powered by quartz movements in 1969 when they did so. Their Astron watch line was fundamentally revolutionary for the watchmaking industry because it was the first wristwatch that was ever manufactured. The quartz mechanisms found inside the Astron watches are responsible for the extremely precise timekeeping featured in these Smartwatches.

Solar power in watches technology was an additional ground-breaking watch invention that Seiko initially invented in 1977. This innovation lifted the standard yet again. Because of this technological advancement, Seiko's watch chain now has an effective processing capacity that is nearly unbounded.

1999 arrived, and Seiko unveiled its in-house developed Spring Drive mechanism at that time. This demonstrated the company's emphasis on the development of innovative products. Now, astronauts were the ones who were able to benefit from this ground-breaking system as it was structured to preserve precision even while in orbit.

Seiko never stops attempting to think of something original, even up to this very moment. It is not really a long trip to forecast that Seiko may yet make various changes to the world of watchmaking in the coming years. This is something that can be anticipated with relative ease.

Dive Watches

As their name suggests, dive watches are designed to be used primarily for activities that take place underwater. The Japanese watch brands Orient and Seiko, in particular, are considered to be among the most reputable in this sector of the industry.

Prospex Solar Dive Watch by Seiko, a PADI Special Edition

The Seiko SNE499 is a watch that is resistant to water and was created specifically for divers to provide the greatest performance possible while they are underwater. Inside of it is a Japanese solar quartz movement, and the display features hands that glow in the dark.

It sports a traditional analog display with a double-toned bezel that only goes in one direction. This particular kind of watch comes with a casing that is 47 millimeters in diameter and is made of stainless steel. The back case of its crown is secured with screws.

The water resistance of the Seiko Solar Dive edition watch is quite outstanding, reaching an astonishing 200 meters. It is possible to utilize it for a variety of various sorts of water sports in addition to deep scuba diving. Because of its outstanding resistance to water, athletes consistently choose it as their go-to option.

The precision of this watch is enhanced by the use of a Japanese quartz movement mechanism, which contributes to its dependability.

Additionally, it is a very reasonably priced watch considering that it is a limited edition. All of these features may be yours for an extremely reasonable price of approximately $430.

A dive watch from Orient named the Mako II

The Mako II is another dive watch that features a Japanese movement. It is the most technologically advanced dive watch that Orient watches have ever developed in the area of dive watches. Despite this, it exudes an understated elegance in terms of its overall appearance. The watch can efficiently include all of the characteristics associated with a contemporary diving watch.

In its construction, the Mako II makes use of the Orient's own Cal.F6922 movement, which also features a hand-winding option. The Orient Mako II boasts a more compact design than the Seiko dive watch, with a casing that measures just 41 millimeters in thickness. A unidirectional bezel with 120 clicks may be found on the watch.

As was mentioned earlier, the Mako II has a straightforward structure. The dial is beautifully flowing and intricate. Arabic numerals are exclusively displayed on its dial at the 12, 6, and 9 o'clock positions. Additionally, it offers luminosity, even when exposed to very low levels of light (underwater).

The Mako II has a water resistance rating of around 200 meters. The Mako II, much like the Seiko watch, is suitable for usage in a wide variety of water-based activities, with the exception of scuba diving. As a result, it is one of the better choices available for diving at depths that are somewhere in the middle. However, Orient has also released a new model specifically designed for diving, and it is called the "Mako XL." Additionally, it is one of the best dive watches available.

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Who Has the Best Dive Watch, and Why

Both Seiko and Orient are known for producing exceptional watches within their respective flagship collections. Compared to Seiko's offerings, the cost of Orient diving watches is far lower, making them one of the most attractive options. In addition, compared to Seiko watches, Orient Smartwatches offer a more limited selection of features. On the other hand, Seiko watches are more abundant and offer greater customization in their features.

Your criteria and preferences are the most important factors in determining who comes out on top.


The fact that Seiko watches are known for their dependability and versatility has contributed to the brand's widespread popularity. Chronograph watches were first created so that watch collectors could satisfy their need for a wide variety of functions in a single timepiece.

Let's take a look at how Orient stacks up against its primary competitor.

Watch for Men by Seiko Features a Classic Black Leather Band and a Black Chronograph Dial

A prominent model of the Seiko brand is the SNDC33. The watch has a case that is 40 millimeters in diameter and is made of stainless steel. The strap is made of the highest quality black leather. It is one of the few watches that is priced exactly where its value lies, which is at around $110, making it a rare find. Because of this particular feature, watch enthusiasts from all over the world adore this timepiece.

A dark ring surrounds the face of the dial. There are three dials within the main dial. In addition to that, it has two buttons and a crown attached to it.

Quartz that is both very accurate and technologically advanced is used in the SNDC33 watch's movement system, just as it is in the movement systems of all other Seiko watches. This results in a huge increase in the accuracy of the watch. It has been carefully crafted to withstand shallow seas all the way up to a depth of 100 meters. Consequently, it is completely hassle-free to utilize it both while swimming and while showering.

Orient Classic

It is common knowledge that chronograph watches can be complicated, cumbersome, and of a rather large size. On the other hand, the Orient Classic is a design and aesthetic masterpiece in its own right. It features a sleek and orderly design, which contributes to its impeccable overall presentation and helps it stand out. This watch can be worn in a more relaxed setting or dressed up for a more formal occasion.

It has a crystal that is resistant to being scratched and a case that measures 42 millimeters in diameter and is made of stainless steel. As a consequence of this, the overall appearance is quite glossy. Under the hands of the watch are three smaller dials called sub-dials. These dials show the day of the week and the date. This piece of handicraft is a testament to the Orient's outstanding artisanship and valuable addition to anyone's wardrobe.

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Which Chronograph Is the Best? Who comes out on top

Both Seiko and Orient make interesting chronograph watches in their respective lines of Smartwatches. But this time, Seiko comes out on top, albeit barely. There is no denying that the Orient chronographs are dainty and feature a svelte profile. Nevertheless, the watches made by Seiko have a more fashionable look, superior functionality, and a higher caliber. As a result, they are also the market leaders in chronograph watches.

Which brand, Orient or Seiko, is superior and why

In a nutshell, it is not possible to definitively state that either Seiko or Orient is the superior brand. Seiko watches are typically more accurate than those made by Orient, despite the fact that Orient watches have a highly elegant appearance. On the other hand, in comparison to its competitor, Seiko has produced a greater number of high-quality Smartwatches. There is no question that Seiko controls the entirety of the Japanese market. Despite the fact that Orient is a Seiko subsidiary, the company has managed to stay in business because of its unique design aesthetic.

The name Seiko is synonymous with high-quality Smartwatches all throughout the world. Nevertheless, one cannot deny the superior craftsmanship of Eastern countries. Watch enthusiasts have a quiet space in their hearts for Seiko.

Therefore, we are unable to choose for you, but we do hope that the information presented here has provided you with some food for thought.


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