If you're a rowing fan, you might be wondering if smartwatches for rowing can help you improve your training and performance. It's critical to understand what qualities to seek for in a watch designed exclusively for rowing when looking for one. The ability to track your rowing data allows you to see exactly where you are in your session. After you've finished training, it gives you a great overview of your performance. Rowing-specific Smartwatches were not available until recently. Because the smartwatch and fitness tracker markets are so competitive, the necessity for innovation has brought this niche industry to light. The Smartwatches reviewed in this article are suitable for both indoor and outdoor rowing.

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What does a good rowing watch look like?

There are many wearables and smartwatches designed exclusively for athletes. Typically, they're used for jogging, swimming, and general fitness. They almost always come with a specialized app as well. Rowing has gotten a lot of attention lately. The aspects that should be examined while selecting a rowing-friendly watch will be discussed in this article.

Importance of data

Tracking your data during a rowing practice provides a detailed overview that aids in improvement. It can measure heart rate, strength, speed, and stroke rate, among other things. Without this information, you'll be going through your workouts blindly, unsure of where you need to improve.

Indoor rowing

You should be able to know your exact stroke rate and count, timing, and heart rate when indoor rowing or erging. For the best data experience, you'll be able to locate an app that connects your smartwatch to the rowing machine you're using.

Outdoor rowing

When it comes to outside rowing, you'll want something with a GPS function that displays your heart rate, distance, and pace. The device must, of course, be waterproof.

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Heart Rate

Possibly the most important item for keeping track of your training. For the most precise measurement, many sports watches come with a chest strap that must be worn around the torso. Fortunately, firms have developed this, and you'll most likely find it in a wrist wearable. They provide the same level of precision as their predecessors while also allowing your torso to move freely during your ride.


This isn't a necessary feature for all sports watches, especially those that are used indoors. If you enjoy outside rowing, it is well worth the money. This means you can keep track of your swimming distance. It's also great for getting instructions.

Stroke rate

This is a very important aspect for rowers because it tells you how effective you are at rowing. This information will show you how to increase or maintain your peak performance. It will also keep track of your strength.

Let's have a look at some amazing rowing watches without further ado.

Garmin Vivioactive Heart Rate version

If you're looking for a watch that gives you more bang for your buck, this is a great option. The huge display is quite clear, which is ideal for rowing. It's slim, yet not to the point of getting caught up in your sleeve.

A clasp on the wristband ensures a secure fit on your wrist. This is ideal if you want to row quickly. It comes with a heart rate monitor and a waterproof certification of up to 165 feet under water pressure. It will track your steps and distance, as well as your sleep quality.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

We'll get right to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, which is a much newer device. Advanced workout monitoring is included on the Watch 4, which identifies a variety of popular activities, including rowing.

To help manage and track your heart and lung endurance, this GPS watch has a heart rate monitor, ECG monitoring, and VO2 Max readings.

You can also stay motivated by joining live coaching sessions on your smartphone or participating in group challenges with your friends.

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro

While rowing is the major focus here, the Garmin Fenix 6 Pro is a premium multisport watch that can be used for almost any sport you can think of. This device has one of the most accurate heart rate monitors on the market today, as well as your VO2 Max Reading, which shows how efficiently your body uses oxygen when exercising. If you're rowing outdoors, the numerous navigational capabilities will come in handy, and being able to support Garmin's rowing app means you can better measure your stroke frequency, recovery time, stroke length, and other metrics.

If money isn't an issue, this is one of the best watches available.

Fitbit Charge 5

In the realm of rowing watches, Garmin does not have a monopoly. Fitbit is also a good competitor, particularly if you prefer a more modest fitness tracker than a smartwatch with all the bells and whistles. On outdoor rowing workouts, the built-in GPS is useful, and the integrated heart rate monitor provides Active Zone Minutes, so you know when you're getting the most out of your workout.

Although the Fitbit Charge 5 lacks a specialized rowing mode, it may be added to the app. We included it since it is one of the best all-around fitness trackers on the market, so if you have a more varied workout routine than just rowing, you should consider it.


We recognise that this is a short list of smartwatches for rowing; nonetheless, these wearables have grown over time, and the technology involved is still being developed for specific sports, such as rowing. Because companies compete with one another, the products that hit the market are improving all the time.

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Are there alternatives?

There are rowing watches that aren't smartwatches. A keen rower might wish to consider a GPS watch because of the vital characteristics described above. Take a look at our guide to the finest GPS watches to assist you with your decision.


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