Once we have done the Jailbreak, Cydia comes with the most important sources installed, but there are a handful of sources (repositories or repos) that are very interesting because they contain exclusive applications that are very useful. Sometimes they are repositories of the best-known developers in which they include their tweaks before anywhere else, or even in beta, or simply applications that you will not find in others. We have selected the ones we like the most so that you can add them to your devices.

NameSource Content
TeamXBMC mirrors.xbmc.org/apt/iosThe popular XBMC media player
iCleaner Pro exile90software.com/cydia  iCleaner is a powerful cleaning application for iOS
BiteSMS  test-cydia.bitesms.comBiteSMS is a perfect substitute for the iOS Messages app
iLEX Rat cydia.myrepospace.com/iLEXiNFO iLEX Rat is an application that allows you to restore your device while maintaining the Jailbreak
Apple Watch Repo cydia.myrepospace.com/lamerz Do you want to test the Apple Watch interface on your device?
Ryan Petrich Repo  rpetri.ch/repoDeveloper Ryan Petrich's official repo with Betas from his tweaks
Elias Limenos Repolimneos.net/repo Official developer repo Elias Limeos where we will find CallRecorder among others
Karen's Pineapple  cydia.angelxwind.net AppSync Unified emulators and others

Adding a repository is very easy . Just go to the "Sources" tab of Cydia, click on the "Edit" button in the upper right, and then "Add" in the upper left. In the window that appears, you must write the full address of the repo you want to add, and click OK. After loading the content of the repo, you can already find your tweaks within it.

Surely you have many more, we invite you to share them with us . What we do ask you is to refrain from sharing those that include pirated applications, we will delete them from the comments immediately.


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